Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Look Around

In the living room, I met Thomas’s date for the night, who had just arrived. Veronica was a pretty, light-skinned young black woman, with her hair in ringlets and a bright smile. She was wearing a corset that set off her hips and full bust.

Thomas and I also knew she was packing a nice cock.

Thomas has been a regular at my gatherings for over a year. He is a slender blonde fellow, 26, handsome and very funny. With his smooth skin and boyish face, he could easily pass for a teenager.

The girls all go for him, but he does have this annoying tick: he eventually winds up insisting to anyone who will listen that he is not really bi. He’s straight. He just happens to like playing with our gang.

We’ve all seen Thomas suck cock. He’s sucked me and all the boys. We’ve all sucked Thomas. And yet he sticks to his guns on this—despite the fact that we are all bi, and we like it that he’s bi.

It doesn’t bug me much, really, but it is the kind of thing that makes Dacia and Jane nuts.

“He’s just internalizing his own biphobia,” Jane huffs.

“It’s stupid and it makes me want to hit him,” Dacia concurs.

Still, Thomas freely admits that he is an aficionado for the she-males. He adores those chicks with dicks. At this party, at long last, he had his latest on his arm, and he was proud to show her off.

Veronica stripped to her corset and panties, and Thomas undressed. As they went back to one bedroom, Scarlet came from another and joined me on the couch. You doing okay, I asked?

Oh yes, she sighed. She had just had her first orgasm from “just fucking.” She had explained before how it was usually some combination of two or more things—fucking and nipple play, or fucking while she played with her clit—that got her off. Jake had relentlessly taken her over, and it had worked.

We were talking when Jake plopped himself next to us, his cock still hard. Like a hound on her trail, Scarlet was sucking him again.

“Hang on,” I said. “You can’t just suck one cock with so many around.” I gathered John, Thomas and Michael nearby. “Here you go, Scarlet, make the rounds.” She crinkled her brow, and then set to her task, moving from one to another, sucking each in turn.

I told her she needed to pick one as the next boy to fuck her.

“Hmmmm,” she pondered. “Well, I’ve never been with a black guy, so I guess its Michael.” He offered his hand, and she followed him to the bedroom.

I wondered if she did the right thing, picking such a big dick after having just had one, but that’s her choice.

Michael fell back on the bed, and Scarlet went back to sucking him. Jake joined her, the two of them trading Michael’s cock between their mouths. Michael made them stop, saying he wanted to fuck Scarlet before they made him come.

I wound up at the head of the bed, with Scarlet blowing me as Michael fucked her. He came instantly.

Scarlet kept her mouth on me, as the bed filled with boys. John sat to my left, wanking as he watched me and Scarlet. Randy, who was now nude and sucking Mark nicely, pushed on Mark back to the bed, next to my legs. Veronica sat on the edge of the bed, her back to me, as Thomas sucked her.

I pulled Scarlet up and whispered in her ears, “Look around you.” Her eyes were closed as she fell into kissing me. Mark took her place sucking my cock. “Look around you,” I repeated. Scarlet glanced around and returned to kissing me.

Her mouth, once started, takes over. I enjoyed it. I held her close.

Veronica turned and rubbed her hands on Mark’s hairy, tightly muscled chest. He touched her face. Veronica was on top of him, thrusting with her cock.

I think it was about this time that Scarlet first noticed Veronica’s cock—just before it vanished into Mark’s ass.

Later, as Todd fucked Scarlet, I found Veronica riding Thomas’s face, slow and steady. He had his hands on her soft hips, feeding himself on her cock. Thomas was hard, his cock stiff upright, his hands unable to reach it.

I took it in my mouth. He came in no time.

As the party ended, I put Veronica’s coat on her shoulders. She gave me her number, saying she would be back.

I put out candles and turned off the music. I put fresh sheets on my bed. John and Randy were talking in another bed. Scarlet was nude and huddled on the couch.

“Come on, baby,” I took her arms. “Time for bed.”

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Dacia said...

So much cock! And me, home with a fever! Next time, let me tell you, I will indulge in cock and watch it be indulged in. Mmmmm... cock.