Wednesday, December 29, 2004


The first of my two invited guests to arrive was Tommy. He is a cute Asian twink, with a certain physical oddness, in his posture or something, that gives him the air of a space alien. It’s appealing, though he is a bit annoying.

He’s a bottom, and he really really wants me to give him a gang bang. He attended one I gave to a cool friend of mine—Tommy was the assigned fluffer—and he wants the same level of attention my friend received.

I’m not sure I want to set that up. The gang bang for my friend was arranged with a lot of care, as I like him. It’s not so easy to do that for just anyone. So I invited him to this group party. He was very excited to be here, hoping to score his own group of guys.

My other pal is John. We met when he applied to join my mixed boy/girl gatherings. We got together for drinks. He was bi and new to town, and having a hard time navigating things, as he was so busy with school and work. He was cute. Not exactly my type, but nice.

I didn’t really have space in the group for a single male at that time, but invited him to join my friend’s gang bang. He was a lot of fun to play with, and he made a great impression—perhaps helped by his thick nine-inch dick.

(That night I told John: the next time you want to get into a sex party, you might want to mention your monster cock.)

Tommy surrendered his clothes to Jimmy, and shyly made his way into the rooms of naked men. I lagged behind, talking with Jimmy and John. We were all dressed.

I made the rounds, and found a line at the bathroom. “Has the door been shut long?” I ask the first guy. It has. I knock and open it.

Tommy is bent over the sink, getting fucked by a really buff guy in a baseball cap. They look great by candlelight, but . . . “Sorry, guys, we need to keep this room open.”

“Looks like they wanted a little privacy,” laughs a guy in line, as the boys disengage.

“Fine and good,” I say. “If so, they should get a room. We don’t do privacy here.” I’m not at all miffed, just doing my job.

As I watch five guys go at it, a nice looking man walks over and puts his hand on my crotch. “Not playing tonight?” he asks.

“Perhaps I am.” I unzip and he plays with my cock. We are joined by another guy, and both are pretty hot. The first guy slips a condom onto me and sets to blowing the second guy.

I undress, and lube up. I slip into his ass easily, and fuck hard. He cums in moments.

I put a box of tissues near him. “Clean up your mess,” I direct him, and go to wash up.

Later, John and I are on a bed, getting blown by two guys. The man on John is really handsome: swimmer’s built, Latin, crew cut, brilliant smile (though I’m not seeing much of his teeth at the moment). His name is Trey.

The guy on me is cute too, a skinny white Goth kid with tattoos. I put my hand on the back of his neck as he blows me.

“Hmmmf,” he stops. “Say, don’t hold my head down, okay? I don’t know why but it messes with my gag reflex.”

Sure, I say, thinking: Mary, shut up and suck my cock.

A guy with a shaved head and a goatee was blowing Goth boy and overheard this exchange. Goth boy moved a bit to get at somebody else’s dick.

The bald guy was on me fast. He put my hand on the back of his neck.

Hotcha. Now we’re talking. I gave it to him hard and fast. He drooled like a baby.

Jimmy came by, making the rounds. “Jefferson, you look so cute when you’re getting your dick sucked.” Cute? Heck no, man, I am one bad mofo. I pop bald boy on the scalp and keep at it.

We go until he just can’t take anymore.

I get a drink of water, and run into Jimmy. “Your whole dom thing works, Jefferson, because it is so unexpected,” he opines. “You don’t come on like some butch leather boy, with a lot of bull. You seem like this nice friendly blonde boy, and then wham!” He added, “I get lots of good feedback on you.”

That’s such nice encouragement. My inner gay boy is still learning the ropes of reading types, and I don’t do anything to craft a persona. I appreciate hearing that somehow I manage to find my way.

Later, the bald guy and I recline on a bed and watch as Trey fucks Goth boy. He’s got Goth on his back, legs in the air, and he is pumping his ass. Goth moans and asks for more, harder, faster. Trey gives it to him, then pulls out. He looks like he may blow. He strips off the condom and strokes his long curved cock.

He seems to lose the trigger. Goth boy drops to his knees to blow Trey. I walk behind Trey, draping an arm over his neck, and another around his waist. I feel his tight torso, and kiss the back of his neck. I am hard against his ass.

He relaxes his body, leaning heavily against me. “I’ve got you,” I whisper. He puts his hand on my arm, and turns to look at me.

He bends over to suck bald boy, offering his ass to me. Goth shifts position to accommodate Trey.

Trey’s ass is small and firm. And inviting. I roll a condom onto my shaft.

I fuck him slowly, getting a feel for him as I feel him up. My hands roam his body, settling on his waist. It is so slender, I can nearly wrap my hands around him. I grab hold and fuck him fast and smooth.

He throws his body back, against me, knocking Goth off his cock. I wrap my arms around his torso. He cums on Goth’s chest.

Trey is washing up at the sink when I join him. As we soap our cocks, he asks if I had cum. No, I said. He looked a little disappointed. Not to worry, I say. You can add my notch to your belt. That was hot.

He smiles. “Hey,” he says. “Do you think we can use these towels?”

I laugh. “I like it that I just fucked you, and now you ask if it’s okay to use a towel. Be my guest!”

He had not realized it was my place. He asks if I throw many parties. I told him about the mixed bi boy/girl gatherings. I ask if he has been to many parties.

This was his first.

Say, I’m totally gay but I love to fuck girls, he said. Do you think I might fit into one of your parties?

Could be, I said. I’m told I need some more boy-on-boy action. I take his info.

A gay boy who fucks girls. Sounds like our kind of people.

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