Sunday, February 13, 2005

Two Times Three

It was show time once more for Marla and me. This time, the lucky voyeur was a married man with a special request: he was bi curious and very inexperienced. Could he, perhaps, play with me?

We were game, and invited him to join us. He very kindly brought a bottle of pinot grigio for her, and bourbon for me.

He was cute, 32, slight and blonde. He had an easy way about him that belied the fact that he was so nervous. We had drinks and talked a bit; I massaged Marla’s feet as we sat.

Marla suggested we take this to the bedroom. I took her hand. He followed us.

She sat me on the bed, then sat on my lap, facing me. We kissed, slow and sensuous, her arms around my head, my hands on her face.

Our voyeur stripped to his underwear and t-shirt.

I pulled off her sweater, kissing the nape of her neck, her cleavage, her belly . . . she threw back her head and grinded her hips onto me.

“Oh, you are wearing too many clothes,” the voyeur complained. He pulled me back on the bed, and unfastened my belt. His hands were shaking as he tried my zipper. Marla helped him.

He kneeled on the floor and pulled down my pants. I don’t wear underwear, so he saw my hard cock in his face.

Marla has wriggled out of her clothes. I pulled off my shirt. The voyeur pulled off his t-shirt, still kneeling by my knees.

I looked at Marla. I pointed at her pussy, then to my lips. “That, here.”

She sat on my mouth, and bent to suck my cock. She gave me long slow plunges. I couldn’t see her face, but I knew she giving good eye contact to the other man in the room.

She took my cock in her hand and held it forward. “You want to try?” she offered him.

He leaned forward and licked my dick. Gingerly, as if it might burn his mouth. His tongue traced up and down my shaft.

Marla took it back. Again my cock was deep in her mouth, then just on her lips. I could easily imagine how she looked to him, taking my dick to her pretty face, turning her large brown eyes on him.

“You need to fuck me,” she told me. She stood off me and bent over the bed. I stood and reached for a condom.

“Having fun?” I asked the voyeur as I sheathed myself. He had shed his underwear, and was jerking himself.

“Oh yeah,” he smiled.

I slipped into Marla. She moaned. I took hold of her hips and gentled moved in and out of her. I built tempo, fucking harder.

The voyeur came into his cupped palm.

“Way to go . . ., “ I said, slowing my thrusts.

“You aren’t done here,” Marla reminded me.

I apologized, and grabbed her hair. I pulled back on those reins as I rode her hard. She came.

The voyeur was already getting dressed. He was very happy, though man, he wished he could fuck Marla.

“Take it home to your wife,” Marla suggested. He did, making the 8:30 train out to the ‘burbs.

Marla and I dressed. I asked if she wanted to stick around for dinner and a movie; I had rented Garden State.

“You know I can’t do that,” she demurred. She was back on with her local boy.

We poured drinks and sat on the couch, taking about her on again/off again relationship with him. I was getting hungry and offered to boil some shrimp. Soon we were gossiping as we peeled and chewed.

My cell rang. It was Donny. What’s up? he asked.

I told him I was hanging out with Marla. Is she cool? he asked, meaning: does she know you’re bi?

Yeah, she’s cool. You want to come over?

“Who’s that?” Marla asked silently. I held up a finger—one sec, I mouthed.

Yeah, I’m on my way, Donny said. I should be there in about twenty minutes.

I told Marla al about Donny. He’s a straight boy who likes me to fuck him, I said, and he is drop dead gorgeous. He’s tall, with a well-built body and a very handsome face. I know you have to get home soon, but if you stick around a bit, you can see a cute boy get fucked.

She was game. I warned her: you will want to fuck him, but he won’t be up for that.

“We’ll see about that,” she scoffed.

He arrived and I made introductions. I offered him a bourbon, and we talked for a bit. After a while, he excused himself to the restroom.

“Fuck!” Marla whispered. “He is a damned fine boy toy.”

We heard the shower. “It’s about that time,” I said.

Donny walked out wearing only a towel. His smooth muscular torso was pebbled with water. “You guys busy?” he asked.

“Not to busy for you,” I said. “Shall we?”

Marla and Donny kissed by the bed, as he took off her shirt. She was still braless from earlier. He dropped the towel and lay on the bed. Marla rubbed his body, and was soon sucking his thick cock.

I undressed and watched. I walked to the other side of the bed and took down Marla’s pants.

I put on a condom and entered her. I fucked her in time to her thrusts on his cock. Donny watched us.

“You got some of that for me?” he asked.

“God, let me see that,” Marla begged.

I withdrew, and tugged off the condom. I put on a fresh one as Donny lubed his ass. Marla sat back on her calves. We smiled at one another. Donny slicked my cock.

I knelt between Donny’s legs, and pushed them back on his torso. Marla squeezed his nipples.

I positioned my cock at his ass, and slowly pressed it forward. Deep, all the way, all at once. His shoulders pulled up, and he closed his eyes.

I quickly moved to pounding him. I like to overwhelm this manly boy. He gives himself over to it, his body going docile as I fucked, pressing his legs back.

Marla worked his body with her hands and mouth. I drew her to my mouth to kiss, and to watch.

I grabbed his hard on, using it as a lever to hold his body as I fucked. I massaged it. He moaned and twisted. I slowed my thrusts and jerked him.

He shot, so much, so much on his torso.

We were all breathless. I pulled out. Donny went to wash up.

I was exhausted. I lay down, Marla next to me. “I didn’t do much with him,” she said, “but this was about the hottest threesome I’ve ever had.”

We all talked for a while, then Donny began to dress. I encouraged him to walk Marla to the subway.

I kissed her goodbye and the door, and hugged him.

Let me know when you are over at his place, Donny said as they walked up the street.

I work very near here, she said. I can be there for you anytime.

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