Friday, February 18, 2005


I was typing away when I received an instant message introducing me to Tevin, a reader of my blog.

Tevin is twenty, a cute waif with smooth light-toned skin and long dreds. He told me he had been sexually active for a couple of years, having bedded about eight women and five men in that time. He had been with couples, and liked that. He was eager to add ass play to his repertoire.

At the moment, he is seeing a few women, with his eyes set on a bisexual hotie he hopes to make his girlfriend.

I liked his openness, and easy manner. And heck yeah, I liked that he was cute.

He asked about the gatherings. I thought he was a good candidate, and suggested he stop by before the next one to talk about it.

Mona arrived early that night. She had come early to her first party last time, and we liked having that time to talk. We chatted as we light candles. She was eager to reprise her role as “The Enabler,” empowered with the gift for making people do her sexual bidding.

She took on DJ duties, mixing in Martin Luther, Portishead and Barry White.

We were well settled when Tevin arrived. He had a mellow vibe, already at ease with this new situation. He wove into our conversation.

The place began to fill, and it was clear that this was going to be one of our larger parties, including fair number of newbies.

Tigger and her boyfriend arrived bearing gifts: I was presented with an official house dildo! It’s a very nice silicon number, solid black, about eight inches. “Fresh from my dishwasher to you,” Tigger smiled.

The dildo joined the toy chest.

Nate was very effusive. He was talking about art with me, interrupting himself now and then to touch or kiss me. This straight boy has an endearing jones for me; it’s a super turn on, being the one man he seems to feel comfortable with sexually.

He told me that he was moving in with his cool new girlfriend, but he made a point for reserving the right to play with me. Well gosh, thanks! I said.

Raven was coming late. She can be relied on to get people naked, and her absence left it to me to get the party going.

It helped that Nadia had already removed her shirt.

Tevin was happily chatting up Dacia. I targeted them.

“Dacia, I’m concerned that Tevin is not as fresh as he might be,” I said, regretfully.

“I’m not?”

“I think you may be right, Jefferson,” she agreed. “He could use a washing.”

We took him into the bathroom and had him strip, revealing a nice slender body with an outie navel and a big uncut cock.

I ran the shower. Dacia held his long hair aloft as I soaped his body. I paid special attention to soaping his ass, reaching around to massage his balls.

The boy had said he wanted ass play.

I rinsed him, accidentally splashing Dacia’s pants. Wet pants are no good, Dacia bemoaned. Nothing to do but remove them.

Dacia gave Tevin a good second washing.

Dacia toweled off the boy. I took away his clothes, and checked on my other guests.

As we had showered Tevin, people had undressed and started getting busy. A few of the new folks remained clothed, watching, taking it in. Mona tended to them, naturally assuming duties as co-host.

Mona is at ease for a novice. Her maternal instincts freed me to get naked and pour a bourbon.

Tevin was fucking Dacia as she blew Todd. Thomas stood over her, jerking his cock in her face. There bodies were silhouetted against the window blinds, warmed by soft candlelight.

Dacia was taking a hard fucking, surrounded by cock.

“Look,” Jake teased. “Alice is dressed, as usual.” I turned to see shy Alice standing behind me. She shrugged.

I have learned how to deal with her shyness.

I took Alice’s shoulders and pushed her backwards onto a bed. I climbed on the bed, crouching over her on my hands and knees. I kissed her hard. She gave in to my kisses, returning them.

I stood, my eyes locked on hers. I unzipped her short skirt and removed it. No panties.

I peeled off her shirt, and removed her bra. Jake kneeled next to her, bringing her mouth to his rhinoceros horn of a cock. She swallowed as much as she could.

I handed her ankles to Jake, who held them aloft so I could go to work on her pussy. I licked it wet and open, then slipped in two fingers. I pressed into her abdomen with my fist, and finger fucked her g-spot.

She was pinned by the two of us, and overwhelmed. Jake and I know that this gets her out of her mind and into her body. She came.

I removed my fingers and stood. I took a mouthful of bourbon. I opened her pussy, wrapped my lips tight on her labia, and streamed bourbon into her. My fingers followed, fucking it deeper into her body.

She tense and moaned with the intense burn. As the sensation subsided, her body relaxed into my thrusts.

When she came, she was exhausted. Wow, thanks, she said. We kissed.

Raven was sucking Tevin. I dropped my cock into his mouth. He sucked it casually, taking it out to contribute to a conversation, and then taking it back.

Raven made it clear that it was time for Tevin to fuck her. He went had it with the same energy and rhythm he had put into Dacia.

I toured the apartment, checking on the various combinations and the progress of the new folks. With a party this size, everyone can carve out their own path for an evening. Everyone would have different stories to tell afterwards.

I caught up with Tevin again later. He was fucking a girl friend of mine.

I moved my hands along his lean back, down to his palm-sized buttocks, between his cheeks, across his anus, his rock hard perineum, to his cock and her wet cunt. I massaged this trail back and forth, slow and steady.

Tevin asked for the house dildo.

“Are you sure?” I asked, knowing he is an ass virgin. “That thing is kind of big . . .”

“Let him try it,” she suggested.

I lubed the dildo. I fingered his tight, tight hole. Here goes . . .

He took part of the head. “No, no, too much, too much . . .”

“Do you want me to go further?”

“No, no, I can’t.”

His ass needs its own session. He wasn’t ready for a sudden eight inches.

But he was excited by it—to my girl's benefit.

A bourbon later, I sat on the couch next to Nadia.

As we chatted, she rolled a condom on me, and set to sucking my cock.

One of the newbies stood watching. She is a very pretty dark skinned woman, with a lovely long body. She had spent most of the evening in a jump suit but now—thanks to Mona the Enabler—she stood in black lace underwear. Her panties were cut like hot pants.


I signaled her closer.

I leaned my head off the side of the couch. I peeled away her panties at the crotch, and licked the soaked pussy she kept hidden from view.

Nadia was working my cock very well as I sucked this girl’s pussy.

A little of this, and I wanted that girl nude.

I stood. I looked her in the eyes. I told her the panties were mine.

I sat her on the couch, and took them from her. She covered herself with a pillow, laughing.

“Now where to hide them . . .”

“Please don’t hide my underwear!”

“Well, I can’t leave them laying about! You’ll only put them back on. What to do . . . oh, I know.”

I put on the panties.

When I was around fourteen—with a mind open to any and all information I could glean about sex—I read an interview in which Mick Jagger asserted that the proper way for a gentleman to wear panties was reversed, so that the rear covered his cock.

“Mo’ support, know whut I meayn?”

I followed Mick’s advice. I must have looked hot, because Mona just had to dance with me. She pushed her ass to my crotch. I held her hips and we grinded.

I took a break to go back for the bra. Mona put it on me, and we got back to dancing.

The naked girl held her pillow close as Jake moved in.

Natasha really liked the underwear scene. She took me into my bedroom, where we kissed and began to fuck.

I discarded my girly underwear under a chair, but the clever naked girl found them. And I was too busy to stop her.

Soon I was under Natasha, kissing her as Tevin fucked her from the back. Her eyes rolled back.

The next day, I asked Tevin what he thought of the gathering. I was impressed that in one night, he had increased by half the number of women he had slept with in his lifetime.

The party is chill, he said. Really cool people, really great sex.

Think you will be back?

I’m not sure, he said. He is busy courting his bisexual girl. He told her about the party, and she preferred that he not go for now.

Until they figure out their situation, he wants to respect her wishes.

Nice. He’s open with her, and takes her feelings to heart.

Hot bi boy, nice fuck, and a decent person.

Too bad he won’t be around more. He’s got the makings of a fine protégé.


The Bunny said...

What I wouldn't give to see you parading around in women's underwear... ha!

Nadia said...

He looked cute! The black lace bra and panties suited him somehow.