Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Hot Sheets

My apologies, gentle reader, that my posts have been slow in coming this past week. I will make amends in the coming days.

Work has slowed a tad and the kids were with their mom for the long weekend, so I took the opportunity to get in some fine sex.

As I sit down to fill you in, I realize that in the past week or so, I’ve been with sixteen partners—eight women, eight men.

Funny how that can happen.

And this without slutting for Fleet Week.

For the most part, I spent the time with friends. The numbers kind of add up when you throw in an orgy and a fistful of threesomes.

But some of this activity was inspired by my new project: to find a fun boyfriend for summer.

I get a fair share of time with the boys during our biweekly gatherings. It’s not hard to round that out with the occasional pick up.

Still, I think I want someone who puts out the sex but can also manage trading smart novels and spending languid afternoons in Sheep Meadow.

I’m open to what comes my way.

Ideally, I’d prefer someone who meets my standard criteria—it would be great to find someone better looking and smarter than I am, who can teach me to cook something I don’t already know how to make.

He should make me laugh, have at least one bad habit, and be a damn good kisser.

I’m meeting a good prospect for lunch. Chances are I’ll hit seventeen for the week.

We’ll see if it sticks.



Anonymous said...

Finding a great boyfriend.. always a challenge.. good luck :)

Bryan said...

Good luck on the hunt. Let me know if you are taking applications ;)

Meg said...

i was in nyc for fleet week and you didn't take me out to hunt for cute sailors?

Jefferson said...

It was for your own good, dear Meg.

Imagine how you would have felt to see sailors hitting on me as you sat nearby on a barstool, lonely and forelorn.

And about your offer, thatsinteresting, well . . . that's interesting.

Meg said...

as my sister would say -

"that's some cold shit, right there."

anonymous said...

i am hereby applying for the position of Boyfriend.

i promise you, i can put out the sex. i can also trade smart novels (a million little pieces, cad, the heart is deceitful above all things). and i have actually spent languid afternoons in Sheep Meadow, with someone who i think sounds just like you.

in addition, i believe i am smarter than you. and although i really suck at cooking, i am really good at sucking cock. sorry - er- i mean, although i really suck at cooking, i have traveled abroad enough that i am sure i can cook something you don’t already know how to make - perhaps you would like some ikan goreng?
i am confident that i can make you laugh. and (i have been told that) i am a damn good kisser.
my one bad habit? i like to fuck boys when they are sleeping.

Jessyka said...

I started a blog.

Good entry, by the way. I'm really enjoying your writing (as you well know).

Mitzi said...

Anonymous applicant, good pitch. You should know Jefferson is very accustomed to being fucked in his sleep. Dare I say, he's just as good, perhaps better whilst snoring? Though Meg will testify, it ain't no good for threesomes.

Jenna said...

How I would love to be a fly on the wall during the interview and selection process. You know how much I love to watch that "hot boy on boy action".

Shelby said...

if said boy is procured... i simply must meet him! perhaps give him more than one bad habit! teehee

Jefferson said...

Anonymous, you sound so perfect . . . but alas, a pale shadow of my bestest beau, faraway Marcus.

Mitzi honey, you gotta work those snoozing sex partners for all they are worth.

Welcome to the blogosphere, Jessyka! I have enjoyed our exchanges--can't wait to read more in your voice.

And Shelby . . . baby, the way my boys go for you, I may keep this one to myself!