Monday, June 13, 2005

Meg Says

When Meg first inquired about spending Memorial Day with me, my inner yenta thought of Nate.

I just bet they would hit it off, I thought.

Meg is a music teacher. Nate teaches kindergarten.

Meg is a novice to group sex. Nate was a novice when we met last summer.

Meg is submissive. Nate is submissive.

Meg is a mighty nice kisser. Nate’s kisses make me swoon.

Nate is the world’s sweetest straight boy.

He’s a cute fellow, with blue eyes, short reddish hair and a goatee, with cheeks that flush when he is drunk or excited.

He is generally drunk and excited when I see him.

He kisses me with his soft lips, caresses my face and says, “Jefferson, I really am straight. But I am just so into you, man. You are the exception.”

Bring me those kisses, sugar.

Nate says my name over and again when he talks to me. My name becomes a leitmotif as he speaks, jumping at me rhythmically as his ideas form into words and spill out in his excitable voice.

Say my name, baby.

Last summer, we enjoyed our crush on one another, drinking, talking and kissing until all hours.

Kindergarteners took him away most of the school year. He stopped in for the occasional sex party, but we shared no more late nights.

It’s Memorial Day.

It’s summer again.

And Nate is back, knocking on my door.

He leaned over to give me a kiss as familiar and complex as a Beach Boys song.

He wrapped me in his arms and pulled me close.

“Jefferson! Hmmmmm . . . I’ve missed you, man. How are you?”

“Yeah, baby.” I kissed his cheek. “Welcome.”

“Is Meg here? I’m sorry, but I have to go to the bathroom.”

“She’s here. Go, go.”

He ran into Meg in the hallway. He said hello and patted her shoulder in passing.

Meg stood near me.

“He’s . . . tall,” she smiled.

"Oh, didn't I mention that?"

Meg is tall.

Did I make a good match? Ask Meg.

jefferson jumps up from bed and tosses on a pair of pajama pants and a t-shirt. i pull my shirt back over my head as he goes to open the door for nate. as i peek my head out of the bedroom door, nate walks by in a tall blur, patting my shoulder and telling me he'll be back just as soon as he visits the bathroom.

apparently, nate has gotten a headstart on the evening's drinking.

nate returns and jefferson makes polite introductions. they pour themselves some bourbon as i grab the plate of oreos, a shot glass and the bottle of jose cuervo i've been eyeing all day. we head out to the balcony and settle in for relaxed conversation - jefferson and i secure the two chairs for ourselves at nate's insistence. he makes himself comfortable on the floor of the balcony, which is a lovely sight at night with a delicate tealight holder hanging from a small potted tree.

we talk about summer plans, music and drugs, among other things. nate makes us laugh with tales of his experiences. he and i share trade stories about our students. jefferson goes inside to tinker around with the stereo, trying to decide on what to listen to next. nate, who has moved to jefferson's vacated chair, lifts his legs and rests his feet on my thighs. suddenly, i realize something and yell to jefferson from the balcony.

"it's sunday - turn on the big broadcast!"

"oh, i keep thinking it's saturday!"

the voice of rich conaty begins to float through the night air. jefferson returns and settles down on the floor. the two of them continue to put a dent in the new bottle of bourbon jefferson and i picked up from the liquor store earlier that day while i down shots of tequila. nate wants in on the cuervo action and pours himself a shot, but i end up finishing it for him. in the process, i spill some down the front of my shirt. i excuse myself and change into a long tunic and a pair of shorts. jefferson gives me a puzzled look when i return.

"i'm sorry - did you happen to notice another girl in there? she was wearing something completely different."

nate excuses himself to the bathroom and i lift my legs to let him pass. when he returns, i rest my feet on his thighs and his hands begin to rub up and down my legs, occasionally slipping up under my shorts.

"i love your legs - they are so muscular."

he grabs my thighs to add emphasis to his words. we talk about charles mingus and i am struck by the passion with which he discusses every new topic we broach. his eyes sparkle and his hands move about as he talks. hets gets up to go inside again and jefferson and i whisper back and forth.

"i think we need to go"

he agrees and we head in to take nate with us to the bedroom. i sit down in one of the chairs next to the bed and watch as nate and jefferson lay down together. i've already mentioned to jefferson that this will be my first threesome with two men. until now, i've only ever done threesomes with other couples (and of course, my girls night with shelby and theresa). i haven't mentioned that this will be my first time viewing some hot boy-on-boy action in person.

i'm content to watch them as jefferson starts kissing nate softly, but he soon calls me over to the bed.

"come help me kiss this boy."

nate turns his face to mine and welcomes me with a hand on my shoulder as we kiss. he is a gentle, sweet kisser with soft full lips, just as jefferson described him. as i kiss nate, jefferson lowers his mouth to nate's neck. nate growls softly and that's all i need to hear - i lower my own mouth to his neck as the boys start kissing again.

nate begins to tug at my shirt, so i sit up and let him pull it off. jefferson and i shed our clothes and pull down nate's shorts for him. jefferson takes nate's cock in his hand, stroking him gently as the three of us continue to make out with each other. i feel nate's hand on the back of my head and i lower myself down his body, taking the head of his cock into my mouth and sucking gently before taking more of him deep into my mouth.

he moans and i settle myself between his legs, bent over his cock with my hair splayed out over his lower abdomen. jefferson is still laying close to nate, kissing him and holding him as i continue to suck him, up and down.

"oh, she's good at this."

jefferson says, "i know."

i hear jefferson get off the bed and he walks around behind me, rolling a condom over his cock and slipping it into my pussy from behind. i match my tempo up and down nate's cock to jefferson's thrusts. nate sits up, trapping my head and reaching under me to rub my clit as jefferson fucks me harder. i'm moaning loudly around nate's cock as jefferson speaks to me in his hot voice. i'm so close already.

"that's it, come on."

nate's fingers are moving hard and fast over my clit with total abandon. i manage to lift my head slightly from nate's cock, replacing my mouth with my hand as i bury my face into the mattress next to his hip as they two of them give me one of the fastest and most intese orgasms i've had in recent memory.

jefferson pulls his cock out of me and goes to wash up as i collapse over nate's body. he whispers "come here" to me as he rolls me onto my back with my neck cradled in his arm. with his free arm, he reaches down and presses a few fingers into my still tightened pussy and fucks me hard, his palm slapping against my clit with each thrust.

jefferson returns to find us in this position and sits in the other chair to watch. nate lets up long enough for jefferson to climb over my body. i smile up at him as he takes nate's cock in his hand. i look him in the eyes and then at nate's cock, biting my lower lip. i want to see jefferson's mouth around nate's cock.

"what are you looking at? that's my dick."

he moves over and takes nate's cock deep in his mouth. his cheeks cave in slightly as he sucks him hard, his lips a deep shade of red as he moves his mouth up and down slowly. i am snuggled up against nate's body and i watch with a smile as he reacts to jefferson's treatments. when i return my gaze below, jefferson has their two cocks wrapped tightly together in his fist.

"come suck both of us."

i take the tips of both of their heads into my mouth and swirl my tongue around. as i alternate between the two of them, jefferson tells nate, "i think you need to fuck her now."

"no, i want her mouth again. i think you need to fuck her again."

once again, i am settled between nate's legs but this time, i want my hair out of the way. jefferson goes to retrieve a hairtie and attempts putting my hair in a high ponytail on top of my head. i can feel all sorts of bumps on the top of my head - this is not the smooth ponytail i had in mind and while it is just the three of us, i'd rather not give a blowjob while looking quite so disheveled. i pull out the hairtie and securve my hair in a tight, tiny bun at the base of my scalp before lowering my mouth back onto nate's cock.

jefferson starts pulling on my hips, trying to get me closer to the edge of the bed.

"i want to fuck your ass."

"come on," i say to nate. "we need to move down here."

when jefferson is pleased, he rolls on another condom and starts pressing his cock into my ass slowly. he's fucked my ass before and i've loved it everytime. tonight, however, i'm not quite prepared for it. he is gentle, though, and soon pushes all the way inside. i moan loudly as he begins to push in and out, still slow and gentle. i can't take much of this tonight, though. he pulls out soon and i feel his fingers in both my pussy and ass as nate once again reaches down to my clit. this orgasm is more intense than the first and i am spent by the end of it.

it's time for nate to leave us and go play with some transvestites at a party he's been invited to. jefferson and i curl up together in bed and i do my best to play the part of a pouting sex kitten.

"he doesn't like us - he wants to leave us."

jefferson plays along.

"he hates us."

nate, looking visibly frustrated by not being able to stay with us, insists that he wishes he could stay. after dressing, he returns to the side of the bed for goodbye kisses and caresses.

and then jefferson and i find ourselves in bed alone again. he looks over at me.

"are you hungry?"

"i'm fucking starving."

"oh, good. let's order some bacon cheeseburgers."

no sooner has he placed the order than there is a call on his phone.

mitzi is on the other side of his door.


Meg said...

"He leaned over to give me a kiss as familiar and complex as a Beach Boys song."

i just love that so much.

now, which beach boys song shall we dedicate to dear nate? said...


am moving to boston

would like to know if you know anyone i could be in contact with in that city.

thanks! love the stories, as always

Viviane said...

'Don't Worry Baby'?

Well its been building up inside of me
For oh I don't know how long
I don't know why but I keep thinking
Something's bound to go wrong

But she looks in my eyes
And makes me realize
And she says "Don't worry baby"
Don't worry baby
Don't worry baby
Everything will turn out alright

Meg said...

i can't believe i didn't comment about how you used the word, "leitmotif". that's just so damn hot.

don't mind me - just reading a select few older entries...though i wish i was up there having a lot of fun with you and the party gang.