Saturday, June 11, 2005

Sunday in the Park

Editor’s note: Meg’s accounts of the Memorial Day weekend begin here.

Meg stretched out her legs. “This is very nice.”

“Isn’t it?” My head rested on her hips as I read the Week in Review.

We were sprawled on a blanket in Sheep Meadow, digesting a picnic of Chinese food. It was Meg’s first visit to Central Park.

“The people watching is incredible,” she marveled.

“Yes. So many half-naked people. I like that jet-black soccer player—see him over there, in the red shorts? He looks pro compared to those guys he’s playing.”

“He’s hot all right. Do you see the long-haired blonde boy over there, with the Frisbee?”

“The one just past the topless woman sunning her back?”

“No, over here . . . see, he just threw it to that cute Asian girl? In the bikini?”

“Oh yeah. Hot hippie boy. She's cute too. Good eye. More wine?”

“I’m fine, thanks.”

Memorial Day weekend arrived with splendid weather. Not a cloud in the bright blue sky.

After a few hours of lazing in the grass, we packed up for a stroll through the park. I wanted Meg to see some of the sites.

We meandered past the disco skaters to the bandshell, where Meg the musician grooved on a drum circle. A large crowd gathered to dance.

She pointed out a few of the drums, referring to them by their proper names. “Are the drummers always here?”

“Here or somewhere nearby, on weekends,” I replied, talking over the layered beats.

Our stroll took us past Bethesda Fountain and along the Lake.

Near Bow Bridge, we ran into Todd.

“Hi, Todd,” Meg said, as if it were the most natural thing in the world to run into one of the few people she knew in New York on a path in the park.

“Here’s a pleasant surprise,” I said. “What are you doing?”

“Mushrooms,” he deadpanned. “Very ineffectual stuff. I was just going into the Ramble to top it off with some weed. How about you both?”

“We’re just enjoying the day.”

“Cool. Well, I heard from Shelby that she will be up tomorrow. Maybe we can get together at my place for a movie.”

Yipes! That was a secret!

Shelby had been having a bad week at work. She wanted to join me and Meg, proposing to work out her aggressions by offering her friend a sound beating.

Meg caught my eye.

“So give me a call tomorrow,” Todd continued. “I’m on with my walk. See you.” He kissed us each goodbye and crossed the bridge.

We continued on our way.

“Shelby?” Meg asked. “What was that about?”

I tried to put the cat back into the bag with some evasive gaslighting.

“Yeah, what was that about? Say, do you notice how many of those apartment buildings have two towers? It’s distinctive characteristic of the Central Park West skyline.”

“Jefferson . . .”

“Oh, we are near the monument to John Lennon at Strawberry Fields. Want to see some hippies?”

“Fine, I get it. Yes, let’s go look at hippies.”

In time, we were back at my place, lying in bed fully dressed, kissing.

Meg is a tender kisser, her mouth active and yet gentle. I caressed her wavy red hair, giving her my mouth the same way, nibbling her lips now and then to signal the hunger she can release.

She opened her eyes, so green. “I just love it when you do that.”

I smile. I raise her shirt to give her some firm bites. She reminds me not to leave marks in visible places—she is a teacher, and school is still in session.

“And when school is out?”

“Fuck it, I don’t care after that.”

I bit. She moaned, arching her back.

“Is your swimsuit a two-piece or one?” I asked.


Good. That pale belly, hidden from view, all summer.

I ravished it.

I shed my shorts as I licked and bit her, and pulled off my shirt.

My hand traveled under her light skirt. No underwear.

That rips it.

I pull up her skirt, roughly, and retrieve a condom from my nightstand.

I sit back on my heels.

Her eyes are on me as I put on the condom.

I push her legs apart, taking over, as she likes.

I lay on her, looking down into her eyes.

I enter her. I am deep in her, slowly.

My arms pin down her forearms. Her eyes close and her head turns to one side.

I pin her with all my weight, and fuck hard. My mind flashes back to all that bare skin in the park, ahead to the thought of Shelby taking her with me, and returns to the freckled flesh now given over to me.

I take her neck.

I pull back her legs and fuck, eyes trained on her face, silently daring her to look at me.

She cums loudly.


We slow. She smiles at me.

“I like fucking you,” I say.

“And I like it when you fuck me.”

We kiss.

I left to wash up, and returned with Oreos and water. She put a cookie in my teeth. I sucked it into my mouth.

“So,” I crunched. “You ‘bout ready for your first time with two men?”

Her incisors collected the icing from an Oreo’s center.

“I’ve really been looking forward to that, actually,” she said, licking her teeth clean.


~ Storm said...

I love your blog and I doubly love the fact that you are having such a great time since getting divorced. I was married for almost 17 years, and have two kids, and while I wanted my kids to grow up with two parents and the whole thing, it just wasn't to be, and wouldn't have been healthy for them. Or me. I never dreamed being single could be so much fun because I got married so young.

Jefferson said...

Thanks Storm. And I return the compliments to your blog!

What you write reminds of the chestnut about youth being wasted on the young . . .

Are the pleasures of being single sometimes overlooked by those who have never married?