Sunday, May 01, 2005


Thanks to everyone who participated in this week’s poll, and especially to those who went the extra step to make comments or send email. It really helps to know who is reading!

As the number of respondents approaches half the number of regular readers (roughly 200 regulars, and 95 responses to date), I will take a stab at extrapolating my reading of the results. The poll is still active—feel free to continue responding.

The numbers I use below are accurate as of midday on Sunday May 1, after three days of open polling. Numbers have been generally consistent after the first twenty or so respondents.

The emails and comments I receive suggested that the readership was largely comprised of young women. The poll confirmed this.

53% female
44% male
3% transgender

There was an early surge of female respondents, suggesting that they may be among the most diligent readers. The age breakdown is:

Under 18 (0%)
18-21 (9%)
21-30 (50%)
31-40 (27%)
41-50 (11%)
51-60 (0%)
Over 60 (1%)

How about that? Not one reader under 18. Man, this is one above-board sex blog! Still, readers tend to be on the young side—I was impressed by the hefty percentage of you in the few years between 18 and 21.

It seems a sizable number of you are bisexual, as is your humble narrator, but the majority are hetero—and I’m just not drawing much of a gay, lesbian or transgender readership.

Sexual Identification
Heterosexual (67%)
Bisexual (22%)
None of your beeswax (5%)
Gay (2%)
Lesbian (1%)
Transgender (1%)

Readers seem to be evenly matched between those in committed relationship and those flying solo or involved with several partners:

Relationship Status
Single (26%)
Married (26%)
Monogamous Relationship (25%)
Multiple Partners (10%)
Polyamorous (9%)

No surprise to learn how many wankers are in your midst! But gosh, it also seems that many of you are keeping busy with partners, while others are not at it so often.

Frequency of Masturbation, Per Week
Never (4%)
1-2 times (16%)
2-5 times (47%)
Daily (14%)
Several times daily (14%)
How do you turn this thing off? (3%)

Frequency of Sex With Partner
Virgin (3%)
It's been a year or more (7%)
Once a month or so (12%)
Biweekly (11%)
Weekly (15%)
2-3 times a week (32%)
Daily or thereabouts (11%)
How do you turn this thing off? (5%)

But enough about you. Let’s talk about his blog you read.

It seems that many of you read other blogs, but that this one may be on a short list of those you return to frequently. Thanks!

Blogs Followed
Only this blog (5%)
1-5 blogs (38%)
5-10 blogs (21%)
10-15 blogs (17%)
More than 20 blogs (12%)

The majority of you keep track by checking in daily. While I appreciate your obsession—and I do post often, so obsession is rewarded—you may want to avail yourself of a subscription via the Bloglet link at the left.

The 3% of you who do so get email notifications when there is something new to read, thus saving yourself the frustration of finding nothing new since the last time you checked five minutes ago.

I was very curious to find out what sexual themes and acts covered in the blog most appealed to you. You sure like that group sex . . .

Sexual Themes
Group sex (21%)
Threesomes (20%)
One-on-one Male/Female (19%)
One-on-one Male/Male (11%)
Masturbation (9%)
Fetish (8%)
Sadomasochism (8%)

. . . but I’ll be darned if you don’t gravitate to the vanilla!

Sexual Acts
Oral/genital on a female (12%)
Vaginal intercourse (12%)
Kissing (9%)
Sex toys (9%)
Touching (9%)
Oral/genital on a male (8%)
Oral/anal on a female (8%)
Anal penetration on a female (8%)
Masturbation (8%)
Oral/anal on a male (6%)
Anal penetration on a male (6%)

I was very happy to see kissing and touching rank so high. I will happily write more on that! But c’mon—do you really prefer my writing on masturbation to that on bondage and sadomasochism?

The kinky stuff is new to me, but I’ve been at masturbation a long time—you want more on that, you got it.

The most controversial question—at least, among my friends—was “If you were going to have drinks with one of the people who frequently recur in this blog, who would you chose?”

Jake (3%) asks “So who is winning the popularity contest?” Dacia (16%) commends herself for being my most popular friend.

Now, a popularity contest was not my intention. I wanted to find out with whom readers most identified. When I saw the results, I learned something else—you don’t read the Archives!

The high points for Mitzi (13%), Madeline (11%) and Marcus (11%) suggest that you enjoyed The Madeline Cycle: An Epic Romance of Two—Make That Three—Perverted Parents Riven By Geography, which begins (in earnest) with this post.

But the lower ratings for Shelby (4%) and Marla, aka Jo (3%) suggest that you don’t recognize these names, as they have not been in recent posts. They are fine drinking partners! You can get to know Shelby and Marla better through these tales.

And why do Jake, Todd (4%) and Raven (2%) rate so low? Why, you missed them in the crowd at my gatherings! Perhaps I should let you get to know the orgy-istas a bit better.

As for Dacia’s popularity, well, I dismissed that as a fluke. No surprise you like her, as 35% of you read her blog as well as mine. I guess you figured that as long as Jefferson was buying, you may as well get drinks with Dacia.

Oh, and you are kind for including my kids among those you would like to know better.

Thanks for indulging me this exercise. I may tax your patience by asking you to do this again someday, but for now, this helps!

But for now, it’s Sunday night. I have a bourbon and I am listening to The Big Broadcast. Halfway across the continent, 1200 miles to my left, Madeline and Marcus are fucking.

Let me fill you in on my week.

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Dacia said...

Fluke? That's no fluke, that's evidence of my sheer awesomeness. Hell, I'm so awesome that one of your sated sex partners is asleep in my bed right now!

Jefferson said...

Well gosh, Lord knows you are awesome.

But wait, you've got one of my sated sex partners? I'd better do a head count over at my place . . .

Anonymous said...

Maestro, perhaps a folloup poll is to ask:

1. Which of OLTT's adult characters would you want to have sex with?
2. And what would you like to do?

Now that would be an interesting statistical analysis. Except why do I think Marcus will come along and skew it?

Anonymous said...

one more observation: Jefferson's name was missing from that list - too bad!

Jefferson said...

Golly, it hadn't occurred to me to include myself on the list.

Just as well--how awkward it would have been if Dacia proved more popular than yours truly.

marcus said...
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Belle said...

That's funny shit. I read, "one of your sated sex partners is asleep in my bed right now" and thought, "hmm, who does she have in her bed?" And then I realized, "Oh yeah... that was me."

Jefferson said...

Oh, right.

You were on my short list of possible guesses!

marcus said...

marcus... often misunderstood...

Jefferson said...

. . . often imitated, rarely emulated . . .