Monday, May 30, 2005

Post Hangin'

“Am I early?” Reese kissed me at the door, looking past my shoulders. “I thought I was going to be late.”

Reese had come directly from the gym, still dressed in sweats.

“You’re fine. Everyone else is late. You remember Mitzi, Shelby and Theresa?”

“Of course,” she said, kissing them in turn. “In fact, I was hoping for one of Theresa’s back rubs. Could you?”

“Sure,” Theresa smiled, sitting erect. “Sit right here,” she patted the couch.

“Oh, lovely,” Reese smiled, her shoulders going slack. “I am just so sore. Here Jefferson, I brought a pizza to heat up later.”

She handed me a bag, and took off her shirt, then her sports bra. She sat in front of Theresa, moving her long hair to allow access for Theresa’s warm hands.

“Ummm, that’s just right.”

Theresa smiled.

I put the pizza in the kitchen, and returned to my seat on the floor. We picked up the conversation; my eyes tried not to rest on Reese’s breasts.

Mitzi leaned to my ear. “Looks like we achieved nudity early tonight.”

“Exposed breasts before nine pm,” I concurred. “And me the only boy.”

The only boy. And I was already feeling well sexed.

Shelby and I had logged a few hours as Theresa tidied. Shelby and Theresa had then worn out Thomas, who had done all he could do in the hours before the party.

After Thomas left, Theresa had sat contented on the couch, winding her long blonde hair into a ponytail. “That was a very nice warm up,” she remarked.

Now here we were, preparing for an orgy. And where were the men?

I preheated the oven for Reese’s pizza.

Todd arrived, and made his hellos.

The pizza was served and consumed. The second CD kicked in—the new Beck album was on the turntable.

“So, Jefferson,” Todd asked. “Just us two and these four lovely ladies?”

“Help is on the way,” I assured everyone.

Just in case, I made some calls. Reese and Todd worked their cells.

About that time, Mark arrived. I breathed a sigh of relief. Everything is okay when Mark is there.

Todd’s calls came up dry. Reese had hoped to bring in a cute bi boy she likes. Instead, she landed two girlfriends from Barnard, Nicole and Juniper. They would join us after class.

“They like girls too,” Reese shrugged.

“We welcome that,” I hedged.

“Sure was hoping for some cock though,” she said. Her eyes pushed me to the wall.

“Then let’s order more cock,” I replied.

Time to call up a backbencher.

When you run a mixed sex party, there is no real shortage of single male applicants. Sadly, too many are just drek. Straight boys are the worst.

Straight boys are just dirt on our shoes.

Our boys are bi, and the girls like their boys bi. If a guy wants to come to our party to fuck hot girls, and that’s about all he can do, then he’s dull as dishwater, really.

There is just no excuse for being straight at a sex party. If you can’t eat pussy one moment and suck cock the next, then pal, you may as well check your cool at the door.

Still, I did have a promising candidate on hold—a straight boy, yes, but good looking, bi curious and submissive.

Shelby has recently discovered her dom side (as you can read here, and here, and—oh my!— here). Since then, I have been keeping my eyes open for a good submissive we can share.

Wanted: Sub for dom man and woman. Gender and race not important. Must be easy on the eyes, a talented cocksucker and able to take a strong whupping. Sense of humor a plus.

This new boy seemed to have the right stuff, so I decided to bring him into the sex party for a trial run.

He arrived raring to go. I explained that he would be serving me tonight. He said he would not leave my side unless instructed to do so.

Good boy.

I introduced him to Shelby. She was still too sore from her car accident to contemplate beating him, but she gave him the once over.

Fresh meat, her eyes read. We’ll see.

More arrivals. John, Farahnaz, and the two Barnard girls. Nicole and Juniper were very attractive, and settled into the group easily as Reese introduced them around.

We started the sex.

Todd and Theresa paired off, and Reese grabbed Mark. The rest of us watched as they got things going.

I admired Mark’s ass as he licked Reese’s pussy. “I admire your ass, Mark.” I said.

“Well, thank you there, Jefferson.”

“Doesn’t he have an amazing ass?” I asked Mitzi. The submissive stood by my side.

“Stunning,” she concurred.

Still covered in boxer briefs, Mark’s ass tensed and relaxed as he worked Reese, rippling his toned muscles.

“I have to remove those briefs.” I tugged them down, and watched his bare ass in the candlelight. “Just superb.” I bent to lick it.

I returned to the submissive. “Let me see you undress.”

He looked shy, then unbuckled his pants. He was wearing stripped boxers.

“Those are cute,” Mitzi said. “Vertical stripes.”

“With one horizontal exception,” I noted, taking his erection in my hand.

“I think,” Mitzi said, looking around, “that I will go smoke a cigarette.”

“I think,” I said, “that I will join you.”

“Shall I come with you?” the submissive asked.

“Yes, you should.” I liked the idea of taking him away from eyeballing the sex so he could watch us smoke.

We moved to the terrace. Neither Mitzi nor I smoke, but it seemed a nice excuse to chat. We settled in.

The submissive stood to one side, in his boxers and a t-shirt.

His presence was not needed.

In time, I dismissed him.

I later found him nude, on a bed as Farahnaz nestled with Mark. He looked hungry to touch the alluring Farahnaz.

I had not directed him to do so.

How much training was this boy going to take? I was running a sex party that night. I could not dedicate very much time to this side project.

“Boy.” He looked up.


“Bring me a bourbon. Two rocks, three fingers. You will find what you need in the kitchen.”

He jumped to his feet. I soon had my bourbon, precisely as ordered.

I thanked the boy.

By this time, Farahnaz was sucking my cock.

“Sir,” he asked. “May I touch her?”

“If she would care for that.”

Farahnaz looked up, taking in his athletic body and fat cock.

“This one can fuck me,” she allowed, returning my cock to her mouth.

“You heard her, boy,” I said, sipping my drink. “Fuck her.”

Farahnaz raised her ass. He quickly took a condom and entered her.

He seemed to be doing a good job. Steady and sure. Farahnaz sighed into my cock.

We had a good audience as we went at this. Mark, John and Shelby were watching from across the room.

Shelby had her eyes on the boy’s ass. It was meaty and firm as he fucked Farahnaz, glowing in the candlelight.

An irresistible target.

The gleam came to her eyes.

She crossed the room and smacked that ass. Hard.

“Unh!” The boy wasn’t expecting that. Her slap broke his rhythm.

“Who told you to stop fucking?” I asked. He refocused on the task.

Mother fuck. He can't take a spanking?

I took my cock from Farahnaz. I stood and joined Shelby.

“It’s a nice ass,” I said.

“Hit it,” she suggested.

I did. He flinched, again pausing his thrusts.

“No,” I said, slapping him again. “You are to fuck her.” Another. “Better.” Another.

He finally seemed to get a rhythm.

Okay, so he could fuck his way through a spanking. Was he good for anything other than fetching drinks and fucking hot women?

Later, as we relaxed in the living room, Farahnaz emerged wearing nothing but a strap on. She had a nice ten-inch dildo, long, narrow, and dark, well suited to her lithe frame.

“Okay,” she smiled. “Who wants to get fucked?”

I was intrigued by the thought. Farahnaz, who was born a boy and became a girl, was now sporting her cock and ready to use it.

“Farahnaz,” I said, “I would very much like to suck your cock.”

“Time you returned the favor,” she said, sashaying to where I sat. My boy crouched at my feet.

I took her cock in my mouth. My fingers moved across her slender hips, her belly, her breasts. I looked up to her dark eyes, swallowing deeper as she smiled.

“You are a good cocksucker.”

“I adore your cock,” I cooed. “May I offer it to the boy?”

“Of course.”

“Boy,” I turned. “Suck her cock.”

He rose to his haunches. He looked nervous as he first took it, then hungrily gobbled it deep. He gagged.


“Do you think you can take her up your ass, boy?”

“Uh, well, sir, I’ve never done that.”

“That wasn’t my question, boy.”

“I would be . . . afraid.”


“Thank you for your time, Farahnaz,” I said. “I enjoyed sucking your cock.”

She kissed me and was gone.

I looked at the boy. I really did not see much promise.

I dismissed him. He left.

Later I would check with Shelby. She was not interested in training this boy.

I also found that the boy had propositioned Mitzi—without my approval.

He will not be back.

I made my way to the back room, where a crowd had gathered. What could so arrest the attention of the sex crew, I wondered?

Then I saw.

On the bed, silhouetted against the blinds, warmed by the candles, a vision.

Farahnaz fucking Mitzi.

Farahnaz was on her knees, her hair back on her shoulders. Mitzi lay before her, her hair in waves around her head.

Mitzi’s face was in ecstasy. She reached up and pulled Farahnaz into her kiss.

The two embraced as they kissed, Farahnaz stroking Mitzi’s face, Mitzi’s fingers roaming Farahnaz’s body.

I knew how Mitzi wanted Farahnaz, how much she longed for that woman’s beauty.

Now I saw how Farahnaz wanted Mitzi.

“I hear wedding bells,” I whispered to Mark.

Juniper looked up, smiling. She was nude, her knees curled under her as she sat near my feet.

I smiled back at her.

I wasted too much time on the boy, and spent too little time getting to know Nicole and Juniper. They were in Reese’s capable hands, so I knew they were well tended. Still, I enjoyed their conversation, and they were certainly at their ease in this new environment.

And they are darned lovely.

As the party continued well past midnight, there was a motion to order dinner. Reese’s pizza had not been sufficient.

Nicole asked if she could change the music. By all means, I said, help yourself.

Juniper and I were talking when I heard it.

Leroy, boy, is that you?
I thought your post hangin’ days were through . . .

“Nicole, did you just put on Todd Rundgren?”

“I did.”

“And did you select ‘We Gotta Get You a Woman?’”

“Yes, Jefferson, I did.”

“Nicole, I want your phone number. Now.”

I handed her paper and pencil. She wrote down all the ways I can find her, then handed the paper to Juniper, who did the same.

All those CDs, and she picked Todd Rundgren.

You know, it’s just great when you meet attractive women at a sex party, and the conversation is fine and the mood is good.

But anytime you find a like-minded dork, you know it’s been a good night.

It would be the next morning before I realized:

All those fine folk, and I forget to get laid.

oral sex
group sex
Todd Rundgren


Belle said...

There is just no excuse for being straight at a sex party

Well! Then I'll just take that as my cue to never come back to one of your parties, Jefferson!

[walks off in a huff]

Jefferson said...

Perhaps you can dive on a muff while in your huff?

Oh Belle, you know we break all the rules for you.

ThreeOliveMartini said...

why do i find it hard to believe you "forgot" to get laid.. ?

NCTRNL said...

I can't imagine a day when I forget to get sad...

Pantiespantiespanties said...

A great story! Where do we start to find out how you met such cool & funny people?

Jefferson said...

Oh now, NCTRNL--I didn't go all day without remembering to have sex.

I'd put in a few hours of bumping uglies in advance of the party.

But it does happen that the party host is sometimes drawn to other activities.

Meg said...

thanks for the preview...

and also for this weekend's fun.

Colton said...

I just woke up, but now I'm going to go back to bed and cry myself to sleep.