Saturday, May 07, 2005

Package Tour

Two months ago, Dacia brought her friend Belle to one of our gatherings.

Belle and Dacia had been classmates in college before Belle transferred to a university in the Deep South. They had reconnected when Belle happened across Dacia’s blog.

This, in turn, led Belle to my own blog. A few clicks of her mouse, and Belle had learned a lot about her pal Dacia.

Belle was going to be in New York on business, so she asked to accompany Dacia to our sex party.

You see, she needed some sex. It had been a while.

Belle’s marriage had ended when her husband decided that he would prefer to trade in his gender to live as a woman.

As Belle lent her support to her spouse’s transformation from hubby Patrick to best friend Patricia, she discovered that she had left her own libido in limbo.

By the time she showed up at my door, Belle was fourteen months distant from her most recent shagging. A long time in the sexual life of a twenty six year old coming out of a monogamous marriage.

That night, Jake put an end to her fast. In doing so, he became the seventh man she had ever fucked.

We all kept in touch with Belle after she returned to the South. We celebrated when she found some worthy local talent, bumping her pussy’s odometer to eight.

Still, our sex buffet seared at her memory, even as frequent flyer miles burned in her pocket.

One day she asked: if she came back to New York, could I arrange a sex itinerary for her?

What do you have in mind? I asked.

She wanted to up her numbers with some fine quality sex.

She wanted to see Jake again, and to get her hands on Todd, who she met at the party but neglected to fuck. It was to be assumed she would sleep with me. Maybe I could add a few more boys to that mix?

You want a gang bang? I asked.

Oh no. More like a sequence of dates. A parade of men.

We crunched numbers and decided to aim for five men in two days.

Any flavors appeal to you? I asked.

I like geeky white boys. And sorry, girls don’t do it for me.

I had my charge.

Belle is a young woman with a sharp mind. She’s pale and thin, with short strawberry blonde hair, long limbs and large breasts.

She’s geek through and through, with a stripper’s physique.

I only wish this task were harder, I complained.

I activated the sex crew.

group sex


Shelby said...

She was such a nice girl! Loved that she is a fellow geek :)

Your readers may like the fact that they have prompted me to actually update my blog. Go them!

Belle said...

I am honored to be blogged by you, Jefferson! Package tour indeed...

The Paradoxical Pariah said...

Good God man, this is hot stuff. I happened upon your blog by complete accident, and today I'm so glad to be accident prone. I've been married now for about twenty years, I'm 37 have three lovely children and have only ever shagged two men. I want to improve my blowjob abilities very much. Is it possible that you could give me some pointers? I feel so terribly naive. If you would be willing I could give you my email adress. Thank you. ;)

Anonymous said...

Paradoxical, you need 'The Ultimate Guide to Fellatio'

I found it really helpful ;-D

Jefferson said...

Shelby, baby, your new blog is . . . so you. So I love it.

Paradoxical, I don't know the book that Anonymous recommends.

But I do know Anonymous, and that girl can suck a mean cock. If that's book learning, then I'm not a'gin it.

Feel free to drop me an email if you have questions. I am curious to know--you've been sucking the same cock for two decades? How's that been going?

And welcome to my blog! Thanks for the good words.

Colton said...

Bond. Jefferson Bond.

Excuse me, chaps, while I "activate the sex crew!"

Now, where were we? Oh, yes, back to my bourbon.

Jolly good show, old man!

Viviane said...

Ah yes, with the sex party version of "Q"!? Y'all need to recruit a saleperson from Toys in Babeland.

The Paradoxical Pariah said...

I sent you an email, don't know if you've recieved it. There might have been a problem on my end. Let me know.