Friday, May 13, 2005


As Belle napped, I signed on to check email.

Madeline was online.

I had wondered whether or not I wanted to be in touch with her and Marcus during their weekend together. Maybe it was better, I thought, to just let them have their time alone.

But at that particular moment, well rested and freshly fucked, I thought, what the heck? I typed howdy, and got a warm how-do-you-do in response.

I ventured the web cam.

Up popped the image of Madeline in a slip, getting a massage from Marcus.

Marcus was nude.

We chatted for a few minutes. I asked Marcus to take my daughter Rachel shopping for shoes when he returned home—she needed something nice for her prom. Then we signed out. They had plans for barbeque.

I had plans for Belle.

“Belle, honey . . .”

“I’m up,” she croaked.

I sat beside her. “Driti will be here shortly.”

“Okay. Do you think I should put on clothes to meet him?”

“Probably would be polite.”

“Okay.” She pulled back the covers, and swung her long legs over the bed. I caressed her flesh as she stood. We kissed.

“Go. Let me get dressed.”

“Get dressed. I’m gone. One thing . . .”


“You will like Driti. He is very handsome, very polite. But don’t be surprised if he tries to come on suave—he’s young, he’s European, that’s just his way.”

“I’ll keep an eye out for that.”

We were chatting on the couch when Driti arrived. “S’up, bro,’ Jefferson, how have you been?” He put an arm around my neck and pulled me close.

“Very well, thanks. Please, come in and meet Belle.”

He removed his shoes, then stepped to her.

“Nice to meet you,” he said, extending his hand. “So, where are you from?”

A conversation of pleasantries passed pleasantly. Driti was, as promised, polite and tad smooth.

“So,” I interjected after a suitable interval. “Shall we get naked?”

“Let’s,” said Belle, standing.

“You lead the way, Jefferson,” said Driti.

“Please. Right this way.”

We entered the bedroom. Belle was getting the hang of this no-nonsense approach—she set to removing the clothes she had been wearing for only a few minutes. I stripped and we met in bed.

We kissed as Driti stood watching, wearing only underwear stretched by the curve of his erection.

“Why don’t you join us?” asked Belle.

“Okay, I will,” he said, slipping off his underwear. “So, you are ready for two men?”

“Bring it.”

I have known Driti for almost two years, since May and I first picked him up online for a threesome. Since then, we’ve had many threesomes.

Driti is 21, lean and well muscled, with dark hair and handsome features. He’s straight and rather caught up in a Baltic machismo that, thankfully, he relaxes around me.

Belle liked what she saw.

He slid into bed next to her. She turned and climbed his body to kiss him.

“I like to kiss,” she explained.

“That’s nice,” he smiled, his cock lurching in spasms against her flesh.

They kissed more, until Belle pulled her face back.

“I think you need to fuck me with that thing banging on my ass.”

“You mean, in your ass?”

“No, take my pussy. Got a condom, Jefferson?”

“One step ahead of you.” I took a freshly unwrapped condom and slowly rolled it down his cock.

“Hot,” Belle said. “Now give it to me.”

She eased her body onto him. His body tensed and relaxed into her.

“Damn!” he said, looking at her, then to me.

“Yeah, she’s pretty tight.”

“It’s okay?” Belle asked.

“Oh yeah, it’s okay!” He pushed up into her. She pushed up and down. They found a rhythm, He took a breast in his mouth.

This is Driti’s favorite position. He got to it fast.

I watched them go at it, rubbing her skin, sucking a breast, kissing her. I stroked his cock and balls as she fucked him.

“Mind if I join in?” I asked, once they were hot and heavy.

“Please,” Belle panted.

I stood on the bed and stepped over Driti, standing so that my cock was in Belle’s face. She took it into her mouth.

I fucked her face, looking down to see Driti watching as he pumped her cunt.

“Okay, lockjaw!” she gasped.

“Good job,” I kissed her. “Now you’ve had two cocks in you. That’s another item checked off your itinerary. Ready for the next?”

“You mean . . .”

“That’s right. Double pussy penetration.”

“Oh my!”

Belle and I had been over many sexual shenanigans she wanted to try. This was high on her list.

Driti and I do this very well.

“Okay Driti, you anchor her,” I said crouching behind her as I put a condom in place. I reassembled the configuration of their legs to make room for my knees.

I reached down to stop his cock. “Hold on a second, Driti.”

“Okay, master.”

I fucking love it when he calls me that. He initiated the use of that honorific, referring to himself as “the master’s son.”

He was one hot protégé. He learned fast.

I pressed my cock against the base of his, fingering lube and Belle juice on us all. I slid my cock up the shaft of his, and slowly into her.


“You okay?”

“That may be too much,” she gasped. I pulled out. “Sorry, I really want to do that, but I’m just too tight.”

“There’s always another time,” I kissed her. “For now, fuck the boy.”

She pulled off and pulled Driti on top of her. I sat on a chair, enjoying the view as he mounted her.

She showed him what got her off. He performed well, to her moans.

He followed with a slow fucking until he shifted to his preferred tempo—jackrabbit rapid.

His ass tensed and pushed, the muscles forming and reshaping.

He came in arching lurches.

“Damn!” he said, pulling out of her. “Look at that condom. So many little Dtritis.”

So much for suave.

He left to wash up.

“He’ll be ready for another round in, like, five minutes,” I stage whispered.

Belle smiled. “Super!”

He came back with an ashtray and sat in a chair next to the window.

“It’s okay I smoke?” he asked, pulling on his underwear.

“Sure,” said Belle.

No one smokes in my apartment. No one, that is, except Driti. I make an exception for him because he looks so good doing it.

He exhaled, his profile in silhouette against the closed blinds. The smoke circled and was drawn out the window by the cool afternoon air. He was quiet and still, absorbed in his cigarette and his body’s post-coital relaxation.

I could see that Belle enjoyed watching him too.

“You want to fuck until he’s ready for more?” I asked.


Driti smoked as he watched us. His slender cock was pushing up on his underwear.

Not even a cigarette later, he was ready to go again.

I pulled my lips from Belle’s. “You want to practice your blowjobs?” I asked.

“I do.”

“Driti, please bring your cock to her mouth.”

“Okay master,” he stood, stamping out his cigarette. He pulled down his underwear and crouched on the bed next to us.

He gave his cock to Belle’s mouth. She swallowed it well, to a point.

“Can you try deeper?” I asked, keeping my cock far into her. I wanted the pressure of my pubis on her clit—the trigger of her orgasm—subtly moving in and out.

“I can’t seem too.”

“Here,” I took Driti’s cock from her mouth. “Try relaxing here,” I massaged her esophagus. “And then leaving your throat open. Like this.”

I took his cock whole into my mouth, deep. I swallowed to the base, rolling my tongue under the head.

Driti moaned.

“Shit, that’s hot,” she exclaimed.

I sucked up and down, fucking her harder as I blew him.

I had to be careful here. This is so taboo for my straight boy.

It gets him off every time.

But I selfishly wanted a few moments of this pleasure for myself. His cock in me, mine in her.

I ran my hand along his tight abdomen.

I wanted him to cum. But that was not my task that day.

“See?” I came up for air. “Like that. Want to try?”

“Fuck yeah.”

“Okay, But you are going to practice by sucking us both.”


“Hang on.” I pulled out and tossed the condom. I maneuvered Driti to face me, sitting on the bed.

My right leg went over his left; my left went under his right. I took his hips in my hand and slid my ass closer to his.

Our balls were pressed together. I held our cocks in my grip.

“Try sucking both, just the heads.”

She took us in her mouth.

“Now more.”

She took a little more.

“Now swirl your tongue between the heads, on that sensitive spot.”

She did. Driti groaned.

“Okay, now that’s good. Very good.”

She sat back.

“Should I keep doing that?”

“You have two cocks at your disposal. Do what you enjoy.”

She took us both, then alternated from one to the other. I was settling back into this, watching Driti’s face.

He winced.

“Damn, you are killing me with your teeth.”

She stopped. “I am?”

“I’m feeling it too,” I agreed. “But it’s not teeth—it’s one tooth, on your upper left. Open your mouth please.”

She did. I fingered the inside of her gums. Nothing—no snaggle tooth or sharp molar. Perfect teeth.

She wanted to work on her blowjobs in part because the local talent had complained about her teeth. And yet her blowjob was fine to me, but for this instance.

“You know what: it’s the angle. You are coming in from our sides. I didn’t feel anything when you sucked me straight on. So focus on your approach.”

“Right. “ She twisted to suck Driti.

“Yessss.” It worked, apparently.

To get a better angle on him, she lifted her leg to climb on me. She propped her pussy on my mouth.

I licked her as she sucked him, getting harder.

I wanted my favorite position.

“Driti, please come here. Put on a condom on your way.”

“Okay, master.”

With his cock removed from her mouth, Belle went to work on mine.

“Driti,” I looked at him from under her ass. “I want you to fuck Belle’s pussy.”

“Okay, master.”

I pushed her ass back to him as he pushed into her.

I licked up into her clit, sucking it, My tongue slid across her pussy to his cock, feeling him fucking her across my mouth.

She pushed forward and back, taking my cock fast and wet. I pumped up into her.

My hands roamed her ass, his hips, his ass. His eyes were on my face, his cock.

I took his smooth balls in my mouth. I licked down his cock to her pussy, and latched on her clit.

She moaned.

Okay, that’s it.

I pulled back from her mouth.

I came.

In long spurts, deep waves.

Wish I had seen that, but my eyes full of sex. Belle says it was quite a show.

I was tingling, still convulsing.

“Okay, get off me.” I stood, weakly. “You. Him. Fuck.”

I left to wash. I was drenched.

I returned and sat at the end of the bed, massaging Belle’s feet. I watched them go at it until both were spent.

They reclined into my pillows.

“Well, I made the double digits,” Belle smiled. She turned to Driti. “You’re the tenth boy I’ve fucked.”

“You mean, today?”

“No, ever.”

“That’s good news,” he said. “Right?”

She nodded.

Driti pulled on his underwear and went to the terrace to smoke and make a telephone call.

While he did so, there was knock at the door.

Number Seven had arrived.

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Meg said...

how did we go from ten to seven?

Jefferson said...

Good question. How didwe go from ten to seven?


Mitzi said...

I surmise one of two things...

Either the Seventh man she had slept with ( an event happening in your home weeks prior perhaps ) had arrived to once again to have a taste.


You merely fell victem to the "...even" similiarity in
Seven and... Eleven

Anonymous said...

I think Miss mitzi is right.. Number seven came for round two.. and then they all came again..

Colton said...

My guess is that there are seven PEOPLE, total, as of this post, that our heroine has fucked. There has been some recidivisim, which here is a word which means, "fucked someone else before she fucked him/her again."

Viviane said...


Jenna said...

I love it when you suck "straight" boy's cocks. I fucking love it.

Belle said...

Oh wow. I have been remiss in reading (and commenting on) this blog. Mitzi, you are correct... #7 earned that distinction at the party two months prior, and came back for another visit that weekend. What can I say, he was a great fuck the first time around and I wanted more!

Jefferson said...

Yes, please stay tuned Belle.

You get sex in several more posts. We'd hate for you to miss it.