Monday, May 16, 2005


On Sunday, Belle and I had to take our show on the road. I had a family member staying with me, which curtailed on-site goings-on.

As I got to know Belle while planning this weekend, I looked forward to introducing her to Thomas. Their senses of humor are so complementary.

Physically, too, they proved to be a stunning match. Both are lean and pale, with translucent skin, fair hair and clear eyes.

They would be lovely in bed together.

Sadly, I would not be there to see it.

Thomas had moved into his apartment on the preceding day, taking the second bedroom of his new roommate’s digs. He was wary of having a girl over so soon.

Bad enough if his roommate heard him with a woman in his bedroom. Very awkward indeed if he were discovered with a woman and a man!

Remember now: Thomas is not really bisexual. Not really.

We were to meet for lunch, and then I would send them off to have fun. Since I wasn’t there, Belle has agreed to fill you in on her Number Eleven. You can read her account below.

When we parted company, I went off for a sauna and schvitz at the Tenth Street Baths. I paid extra to have a man beat me with leaves.

One way or another, I was going to look at sweaty naked bodies.

As for Belle and Thomas, well, they were generating some radiant heat of their own.

I awoke Sunday morning at around 10:30, feeling thoroughly rested (especially after being on only three and a half hours of sleep the day before). I lounged around for another half hour or so before getting in the shower. I finally got in touch with Jefferson around 12:30 (I think) and we laid out the plans for the day.

Thomas had just moved into his new apartment, so we thought it would be convenient to visit him first and help him christen his new place. We planned to meet at a cafe for lunch at 2:00.

I got there right at 2:00 and checked inside for signs of Jefferson or Thomas (although, I didn't know what Thomas looked like). Didn't see anyone so I waited outside.

A few minutes later a guy walked up, peered into the cafe, then looked around the sidewalk and walked away—I didn't think much of it until I realized ten minutes later that he was sitting right behind me on the tree thing (whatever you call it . . . a concrete planter or whatever).

I wondered if this was the fabled Thomas, but being the shy introvert I am, didn't say anything . . . I thought I might look like an asshole if I said, "So, hey, are you Thomas?" and it wasn't him.

I waited some more . . . called Cari at some point and we chatted for awhile.

When I got off the phone with Cari it was almost 2:30, and I decided to suck it up and just ask this guy. So I said, "Are you Thomas?" And he said, "Yes, I am." He said he'd thought I was me too, but like me, didn't want to look stupid by asking.

Then I asked, "I'm not the nerd you were talking about, am I?" (referring to something I'd said on the phone with Cari about some weird guy she'd been talking with). "No, of course not!" I said, and promised to explain.

Already I was struck with how endearing he was.

We decided to get a table, figuring that Jefferson, being a smart man, would be able to find us.

In fact, Jefferson showed up right after we'd been seated. The three of us had a very pleasant, enjoyable lunch. There was no awkwardness whatsoever, and even though I was eager to make with some fucking, I was perfectly happy to just take our time and enjoy lunch.

Thomas and I got along great; I was pleased to find that he has the same kind of wry sense of humor as me. Plus he was exactly my type on a more superficial level as well—you know how I like the cute, skinny, quirky guys. I felt very comfortable and at ease (redundant?) with him.

After lunch, we proceeded over to Thomas's building, which was basically right across the street. Jefferson would leave the two of us to our own devices (so to speak) this time. His cell phone being on the fritz, I gave him mine with the plan that Thomas or I would call him after we, er, finished.

We went upstairs and Thomas took a long time figuring out how to unlock his own door—new apartment, you understand—and it was pretty damn amusing and cute.

I love shit like that.

The apartment was really nice, and of course the bedroom was the prototypical small Manhattan bedroom—but hey, it's cozy, and there was plenty of room for the bed, so that's what matters!

I noticed an iBook on his desk and remarked on how it seems like everyone I've been having sex with lately is a Mac user. Hey, good taste seeks out good taste! ;)

We chatted for a bit but basically I was ready to get down to business.

I wish I could remmeber the exact order of events. I guess it all became kind of a sex-induced fog. One thing, we discovered that we're both Scorpios - hell yes, motherfuckers!

As I yanked off his boxer briefs (another good decision on his part; and a recurring theme, in addition to the Macs), I told him about my renewed blowjob paranoia, then got to work.

After a few minutes he said, "I don't know what they're talking about, because you give great head." Score!

I couldn't keep my mouth off that boy. Damn he has a nice cock. It was just the right size for me to have my way with however I pleased.

First I was sucking him with him lying down, then later with him up on his knees and me down in front. That was when he said, "You look really cute doing that."

”Oh, honey, don't make me blush!”

He went down on me, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I don't remember if I just thought it or said out loud, "You look really cute doing that!"

Gah, it's hard to type all this because I'm remembering everything and wishing I could have myself a quickie (or two, or ten) with him now!

Soon we were fucking, and damn, that was good too.

First I was on top, and I came after not too long. We had some good ol' missionary position after that, and then (I hate this term, it's so silly) doggy style—though the latter may have been during round 2.

One thing I particularly liked about sex with Thomas: he smiles a lot. He just looks like he's having a good time, you know? Actually at one point he said something similar to me . . . "You look like you're having a really good time."

To which I enthusiastically replied, "Well, I am!" Yes, I was a smitten kitten.

After two rounds of seriously hot sex, we were both pretty tired; Thomas's new apartment had been duly broken in. "It's only my first full day here and already my bedroom smells like sex!" he announced triumphantly.

I would've loved to stay for more, but alas, I had another appointment to keep, so I figured I'd better call Jefferson to retrieve me.

We met Jefferson out in front of the building. I left Thomas with a kiss and couldn't stop smiling.

As we walked away, Jefferson said, "So, do I know how to pick 'em or what?"

"Yeah, you know how to pick 'em!" I replied.

He asked how it went.

"What do you think?” I said. “I can't wipe this smile off my face!"

oral sex


Viviane said...

A progressive orgy! That and tickets to Rent or The Lion King, sounds like a great NYC weekend. Or maybe with this crowd, BAM.

Todd (a big fan) said...

Oh Belle...Belle, Belle, Belle... you have no idea how much I have fantasized about you in the past weeks. You are the guaranteed "I need to come now" fantasy. I can't wait to read about our time together. And I am dying for you to visit again!

Belle said...

Jefferson, thanks for posting this! It was weird reading my own writing on your blog, but weird not in a bad way. Anyway, people deserve to know the truth about sex with Thomas! :)

Todd... now you're making me blush. Hmm, maybe I can finagle some time off from work sometime in the coming months...

waveman said...

Belle, I love your adventures. Each encounter is a new treat, a new unfolding of your sexual personality and your desires fulfilled. And it certainly sounds like you have the blow job problem solved. I am sure you will soon be recording an even dozen (and damn, I wish I could help). Keep us in the loop!

Jefferson said...

Viviane, do you think this may blossom as a business? Sexual tours of New York's hottest men, with cheap theatre tickets as part of the package?

Belle and Todd, you keep flirting, and I'll prepare another itinerary.

Stay tuned for the next posting, when you each finally find your ways to one another's waiting arms . . .