Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Scarlet Says

I asked Scarlet to think about the gathering and let me know what she thought of it all. She wrote this to me on the train trip home.

I suppose you could say this wasn't something I thought I'd be actively participating in. I had no intentions of jumping right in. I wanted to feel my way through the night and then possibly participate the next time around.

The thought of joining in wasn't completely thrown out, however. I don't think this sort of thing is taboo, or even wrong. It's just something you don't normally experience down in these parts, where I’m from.

There's a certain sense of appeal in it all. You know, doing something completely new and exciting. I'm always up for that.

So . . . the beginning was awkward. I didn't know what to say or how to act. All of these people were strangers to me, and most of them had done something like this before.

So there I sat, hoping I would loosen up enough to actually start talking to people. We made small talk and all, but nothing too compelling.

Three of us disappeared into the bedroom and I just wondered to myself, will I end up there before the end of the night? I mingled and such and found someone. We had a discussion about this being my first time in a situation like this. With that, I decided to peek around.

It didn't surprise me when I saw 4 people in bed having loads of fun. At that point I'm thinking I would like to join in. There goes that shy thing though . . . keeping me from having fun.

So you, being the very nice gentleman you are, decided to pull me into the room and put me in your lap. Of course, going into your bedroom always ends in some form of sex so . . . I just accepted that.

I got rather comfortable just kissing you, then ended up taking the clothes off and hopping in bed. Just hearing other people moaning is a turn on for me, so being in bed with other people having sex was just over the top. Having other people involved (meaning more than 3) was very nice.

Chick's tit ends up in my face at one point and the only thing I could think to do was suck it. How's that for an oral fixation ;)

Some more idle conversation happened and then you left me alone with the insanely sexy bi-Todd. He takes me into the bedroom and fucks me hard. I'm thinking to myself this guy is a complete stranger, he's very comfortable to be with, he's VERY good in bed, and he's telling me I'm good. With all of that said and done, I guess you could say the party was over.

I would say I was a little skeptical going into the whole experience. Definitely hesitant, but open-minded and willing to participate. Being so shy and nervous kind of held me back, but once I got beyond all of that things flowed a little more smoothly.

When all was done, I could only say "That was fun." Will I do it again? I plan on it in two weeks. Will I find more people to have fun with this time? Absolutely.

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