Monday, December 27, 2004

Girls Girls Girls

I pull on my shirt as I open the door for Dacia. Down the hall, Scarlet is scampering into the bedroom, half naked. She waves at Dacia, who says hello.

“This is off to a good start,” she says. Dacia’s boyfriend Dirke was sick and unable to come, but they decided she would fly solo—so long as she told him every detail. (Some of her details made their way to her blog .)

I start dinner as we catch up. Scarlet joins us in the kitchen and we make proper introductions. Funny thing is, we all know one another’s blogs, so they have some familiarity without having met.

Which reminded me: I tell Scarlet that Dacia and I prefer to keep our blogs under wraps for now, so please don’t tell anyone at the party about them. She agrees.

I roast herb chicken, make mashed potatoes and buttery Morrocan carrots. I’m behind schedule, and as dinner cooks, I prepare the place for the gathering.

As I move around, I stop now and then to kiss Scarlet. I can’t leave those lips alone.

I’m just putting dinner on the table as guests arrive. The first to show up is a new couple, Laura and Jose. Laura has been flirting with me online a lot, preparing me to be her new toy when her boyfriend moves out of town next month. She’s a dirty blonde, 40, with a nice smile. He’s got trendy hipster glasses.

I leave Dacia and Scarlet to eat while I tend to the guests. Raven shows up with a cake. She says Todd is on the way, and that he wasn’t bringing his friend Michael as he had thought.

Bugs shows up, stag. I thought you were bringing that new boy you like? No, she said, he was felled by some virus.

Hmmm. No Michael, no Dirke, no new boy. I try to keep a good gender balance at these gatherings, and I was suddenly down by three men.

Jake and Todd arrive. Nick arrives, toting a bag of porn videos. I invite Nick now and then; he is an old school swinger, which amuses me. He’s around 40, with a great Jersey accent, muscular build, and tattoos that look like they may have been picked up in the Navy. He says he has a girl joining him later.

Tatiana joins us. She’s a very attractive Ukranian woman, an old friend who first introduced me to the group sex scene in the city. As she and I talk, I hear Bugs ask Scarlet how she knows me.

“Oh, through his blog,” she replies.

Bugs turns to me. “You have a blog?” I glare at Scarlet, who looks sheepish.

Jake says, “Wait, you have a blog? Tell us!”

More wine, anyone?

Jake says, “Oh I see—we’ll have to find it.” These computer geek fuckers will find it. It’s only a matter of time.

“Geez, it’s like a convent in here,” Raven says, surveying the crowd.

I’m sure everyone is doing the math, counting girls and boys. In my head, I’m doing a more intricate calculus.

There are more girls than boys. Everyone is bi except Nick and Jose, who are straight.

I am somewhat out of commission, as I am focusing on Scarlet tonight. She is likely to be only with me. So that cancels out.

Dacia does not have sex with Jake or me. She is surely not interested in Nick or Jose. That leaves Todd as her boy of choice.

Tatiana likes me and Todd. I’m sure she will do well with Nick.

Since our last gathering two weeks ago, Raven has been on dates with Jake and Todd. She likes them both, and is very hot on Jake.

And then there’s Laura, who . . .

“Come on, Bugs, let’s get this lezzie party going.” Raven heads to my bedroom, and Bugs follows. A few minutes later, Bugs comes out wearing only panties.

“I can’t just fuck Raven,” she says.

“I’m in,” says Dacia. She heads back. We hear spanking and giggling. I smile at Scarlet. We head back to the bedroom, Scarlet’s hand in mine.

Bugs has Dacia bent over on the bed, her hand going fast at her pussy. Raven is spanking Dacia, whose ass is bright red.

Dacia gushes, soaking Bugs and the sheets. Raven slips her fingers into Dacia, wetting her hands. She flings Dacia juice over everyone, directing them to undress. They don’t take much convincing.

Scarlet and I stay dressed. We go to the back room. By this time, Nick’s date has arrived. She looks like a model, a very tall, thin black woman. Nick is wooing her with kind words and porn. Todd and Tatiana join us and set to fucking immediately.

After a while, Scarlet and I return to the other bedroom. Raven is splayed on the bed. Jake holds back her arms as Bugs fisted her. Dacia sat nearby, watching.

“Oh good, here’s Jefferson. He’ll fuck me,” Raven says. “Come fuck me, Jefferson.”

“No you don’t,” says Bugs, turning to me. “The name of this game is ‘don’t let Raven cum.’ See?” She goes at it on Raven’s pussy. Raven starts to breath heavier. Bugs pulls her hand away. “That’s how it works.”

“That’s so cruel,” says Scarlet. Isn’t it, I reply? Let’s watch.

I sit and pull Scarlet into my lap. I touch her hair as she watches the game. She moves to kiss me. Oh that kiss, the kiss I had to sacrifice earlier. It’s back, and mine.

Marla walks into the room. “Hey baby,” she says to me. “Who’s the girl?”

“My new fiancĂ©, Scarlet.”

“Oh yeah, your new fiancĂ©, huh?” Marla laughs. She kisses me, long and deep. Scarlet nibbles at my neck. I kiss Scarlet.

“We’re going to be roomies tonight,” I tell Marla. The two of them are sleeping over.

“That’s nice,” Marla says, kissing me. I pull up her sweater to lick her belly.

“Unh! Fuck!” Jake has robbed Raven of another orgasm.

“I want a turn,” Dacia says. She dives face first into Raven’s pussy. We hear Tatiana moan in the next room.

“Oh, isn’t that nice? It sounds like she is having a good time cumming,” taunts Bugs.

“Fuck you,” Raven replies. Dacia goes at it, then . . . stops. “Unh! Dammit!”

“That is fun!,” Dacia exclaims. “Who’s next?” Laura hops to action, licking Raven’s pussy with abandon.

Marla watches, her top removed. Scarlet and I are kissing. She tugs at my shirt. “This needs to come off,” she says. It does. I take her shirt off as well, but let her keep that red bra I like. We resume our kisses.

Todd, Tatiana and Nick join us to watch Raven’s torture. Raven casually mentions a B-movie that Todd adores. He takes the bait, and begins to describe it in full detail. Jake is distracted. Laura keeps at it . . . and . . .

“Huuuuuh! Oh yeah!” Raven cums. Game over!

“Now,” I say. “Let’s see how often we can get her off.”


NCTRNL said...

So what is Scarlet's blog address?

Jefferson said...

Sorry pal, but Scarlet's blog, like her identity, is secret. She was good enough to blog her thoughts on this gathering for me to post; you can read her words a few postings on.