Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Boy Scout

Marla is proving to be a real firecracker.

I met her at one of my gatherings, when she came with Jake. The next time I saw her was at the subsequent gathering, when she and I stayed close all night.

A few days afterwards, she wrote: “I will be staying at my office late for a holiday party on Tuesday, and I have to be back early on Wednesday. It would be great to see you after the party. Can you put me up overnight?”

This would be our first one-on-one date, though we’ve certainly had the opportunity to get very well acquainted. I agree to the date, and I have to admit, it really got my pussy wet that she asked herself over.

After the sweet time we had at the gathering, and all the ensuing chats, I’ve got a soft spot for the girl. I was feeling a bit mushy about the prospect of a romantic night with just the two of us.

But dude, I needed to butch up. She has told me she likes her men on the masculine side, and that she gets hot as a submissive. I wanted the focus on bringing that out in our time alone.

No one really dislikes romance, so if the evening went to the softer side, I was sure that would be fine too. As I got ready for the date, I tried to anticipate a number of possible scenarios. If I learned nothing else from being a Boy Scout, I learned to Be Prepared.

I put fresh sheets on the bed, and swept. I picked Cuban music as the evening’s soundtrack (led off by Bebo Valdes and Diego “El Cigala’s” tender
Lagrimas Negras
). I bought some condoms and AA batteries, also picking up new toothbrushes, as I had given my last spare to Marla on our last encounter. I bought pinot grigio, as she prefers that to the red wine I keep.

I also stop by the hardware store and pick up some rope.

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