Thursday, December 09, 2004

Marla and the Titans

Two weeks ago, when Marla made her group sex debut at our gatherings, she motioned to me and pointed out the window.

“Look,” she said. “That’s my building. I work ten blocks from your apartment.”

“Honey,” I said. “Your lunch hours just got a whole lot more interesting.”

In the days following, with a nod from Jake—who had introduced us—she and I began to flirt via instant messages. My first impression was right: she’s witty and good with the saucy banter.

And can this girl flirt! I get lots of details on her preferences. She likes being submissive and getting spanked. Suits me, as submissives seem to be the new black in my fall wardrobe.

Now we were finally getting together again, for some wine before the evening’s gathering. She doesn’t plan to stay for the party, as she’s got other things that need tending.

When she arrives, I kiss her, wet, fluid. I offer her wine, apologizing that I only keep red, and I’ll just bet she prefers white. Pinot grigio, she laughs, but cabernet is fine.

“Nice place you’ve got,” she says. “I only saw it last time with a face full of cock.”

“I think you also saw one room through a face full of pussy,” I say, offering her glass. “It’s a diverse décor.”

I think, oh, she will do nicely. It’s fun to get acquainted after already establishing we are very turned on by one another.

She is dressed up from work, her curly red hair hanging loose, her lips glossy. As she talks, I am enamored of her rich Brooklyn accent, tempered by a rather precise manner of speaking. She’s a mature 26, a zaftig va-va-voom gal who turns heads at construction sites.

She talks very frankly about sex, and I can see she is putting it out there for me. She’s bisexual, and enjoying being single. She likes her men masculine, but she says I would be surprised how many turn out to be duds in the bedroom. She says she’s very picky.

I get the sense that I am making the cut. I twirl her hair in my fingers. There’s not enough time to have the sex I want with her, so I am content in this conversation. I hope she decides to stay for the gathering.

If she does, I will be sure she keeps her eyes open. I want to see this gathering through her eyes.

Raven is the first to arrive. A chef by trade, and she brings two homemade tarts. “Look, three tarts!,” she jokes.

Raven is a tall, red haired and full of piss and vinegar. She found our gang shortly after moving to the city from San Francisco. She’s tattooed, likes carving on people with knifes, and had a previous career as a lesbian dom porn actor.

I think these attributes are very West Coast.

Todd arrives, saying Michael will be coming later. Bugs arrives; she and Raven are pals. Introductions are made, wine is poured and we chat. I sit at Marla’s knees; she strokes my hair.

Thomas arrives with Susie, a girlfriend from out of town. She’s blonde, very shapely and outgoing. Thomas says she is new to such things.

We joke about Mark, who is on his way. It is an ongoing inside joke that everyone loves Mark. It’s true, though. He’s warm, cute and athletic, with a lean body. He’s bi and versatile—meaning he can top and bottom—so he’s got something for everyone.

When Mark shows up, Raven says we have achieved critical mass, and strips to her underwear. The boys lose their shirts. Bugs gets naked.

We all head to the bedroom.

I hold Marla’s hand as everyone strips and climbs on the bed. Todd is fucking Raven. Raven is eating Susie. Susie is blowing Thomas. Bugs sit in a chair, masturbating. Mark stands nearby, taking it all in.

I hold Marla’s face in my hands and kiss her. It feels very high school, making out at a party.

I turn her face in my hands. “I want you to see things this time.”

“Yes,” she says.

Raven complains that we are still dressed, and it’s true: we haven’t removed a stitch. I turn Marla’s face and tell her to kiss Mark. I undress her and remove my clothes. I join Marla in kissing Mark, as I finger the ring that pierces the hood of her clit. She was very wet.

I take her face away from Mark. “I’m going to fuck you now,” I tell her.

“Yes,” she says. I bend her over the bed, telling her to kiss Susie. She does. I begin to fuck her as Susie takes Thomas’ cock from her mouth to kiss Marla. I let that go for a while before telling Marla suck that cock in her face. She obliges, and Susie joins her. Thomas smiles at me.

I am licking Marla’s clit when Todd announces, “Everyone, this is Michael.”

“Hi Michael,” we all say. There is a nude black man in the door of my room. He is lean and muscular, with a huge hard on.

“Hey, everyone.” He comes in and promptly sets to fucking Susie. He must like blondes, because he will keep her busy all night.

Marla and I are watching the room. “I’ve never been with a black man,” she says.

“What kind of Brooklyn girl are you?,” I ask. “Is tonight the night?”

“No,” she says. “I really just want to be with you tonight.” I kiss her. Romance blossoms at the orgy.

We go to another room, where we are alone. We kiss and I adore her body with touches and kisses. I am massaging her G spot when there is a loud crash from the other room.

The bed is a foot from the wall. The shards of a wine glass cover the floor. On the bed, Raven is riding Todd’s cock as Michael fucks her from the rear.

I kiss Raven. “Getting some double penetration, sweety?” She smiles. She’s clammy with sweat.

Just this summer, Thomas and I had given Raven her first DP in many years. She’s very happy when she’s got two cocks in her.

I get a broom and clean up the glass.

When Jake arrives, we get another good round going. I look around and think, we’ve really become a big dick party. Thomas, Mark and I are plenty big, thank you very much, but Jake, Todd and Michael are really huge.

We were going through the Magnum condoms like butter.

Marla and I were watching Jake and Raven fuck, as Todd fucked Mark.

Mark was taking a nice slow fuck. Jake goes at it fast and furious, slapping ass as he goes. Raven gives as good as she gets.

“Been there myself,” she says, referring to her own experiences with Jake. “That girl can take it.”

“It’s like the Clash of the Titans,” I say.

Michael walks in, hard and holding up a condom. “Anyone? Anyone?,” he offers. Marla and I decide we have to get a gander at that cock, and call him over. “How big is that thing?,” she asks.

He laughs. “I dunno. It’s just the circumference that makes it look so big.” We both wrap our hands around it.

“It is thick,” she agrees. She asks me for a ruler. I kiss her and set off to get it. He was packing nine inches. I would have bet on ten.

Jake took the ruler from my hand and used it to paddle Raven’s ass. She yelped and fucked him harder.

As we toyed with Michael’s cock, Thomas walked in, dressed. “Well guys, I’ve got to hit the road.”

“Not so fast,” I tell him. “You need to fuck Marla while she sucks me.” He complains, so Marla unzips his pants. He sets to it, and Marla takes my cock in her mouth. Michael drops his in mine. I do as well as best I can with that monster.

As the party is ending , I tell Marla she is not going out to Brooklyn, only to return to the neighborhood for work the following day. She agrees to spend the night.

She offers to help clean up, but it can wait until morning. I do a final tour to be sure we have no burning candles or sleeping bodies.

Marla and I put fresh sheets on my bed, and fall asleep together.

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Reading this blog gets me extremely hot. I may need to talk to Dacia to see if there's a way to get invited to one of your parties. *grin*