Monday, December 27, 2004


Jake went down on Raven. She came almost immediately. “That’s one,” Todd tallied.

As Jake worked on Raven, Dacia left the room and returned with a small case. She opened it, and began to unpack sex toys. She wriggled into a harness carefully and methodically.

She attached a purple dildo, with a sharply angled tip.

I made Scarlet stand up. I slipped off her pants, and her cute panties. I took off my pants. She sat back in my lap, kissing, always kissing. I fingered her wet slit.

Dacia got on the bed and crawled to Raven. She slipped her dick into Raven, and slowly fucked her. She had an admiring audience, as Raven moaned. “That’s two,” Todd counted.

I put my hands around Scarlet’s waist. I undid her bra. My mouth went to her sweet nipples, feeling them grow hard on my tongue.

Dacia fucked harder, as Jake licked Raven’s neck and breasts. “Three.”

My fingers slid into Scarlet.

I stood Scarlet up. I turned her back to the bed, to all the people on the bed. I sat her on the bed. I got on my knees, and put my mouth on her sweet juicy pussy. The pussy that calls my mouth.

I crooked my finger inside her, to pull her clit into me. Her slight panting, her unh unh unh, joined the chorus of moans from the bed.

A space opened on the bed. I reclined her body gently on a pillow. I lay on her, kissing her, hard between her legs.

My mouth needed her again. I slide down to lick her, to suck her.

My body rubbed against Raven’s as Jake fucked her. My free hand went to caress them both. I looked up to see Scarlet sucking on Marla’s breast; Marla was bent over the bed, as Todd fucked her. Marla was watching me, smiling. I set back to tending Scarlet’s clit, listening for the unh unh unh that gladdens my heart.

I tweaked her nipple with my finger. Raven tweaked her other nipple. “Harder,” I whisper to Raven. “My sweet likes it harder.”

“Unh yeah, gah yeah!”

Marla came. Hearing her orgasm like hearing the laugh of an old friend rise above the din of a noisy bar.

Scarlet came.

There was a reconfiguration of bodies. Scarlet sat up.

“You want a break,” I asked, “or are you keen to suck some cock?”

She smiles, and I recline. I can see the room. Marla and Dacia are watching us and Jake and Raven as they fuck.

Scarlet takes me in her mouth, moving up and down on my cock. I’m soft, but feeling very turned on.

Raven tells Jake to cum, and just like that, he does. He grunts and groans. I slap his head, telling him to stop making so much noise.

He grabs my hair and tosses my head away. That sets me straight.

Scarlet’s mouth is tender and steady, and I want her so much, but I am not getting hard.

I take Scarlet’s face in my hand. “I need a break, baby. Come with me.”

We sat on the couch and chatted with Marla. A lot of people were milling in the living room, in one of those naturally occurring intermissions that come along.

I’ve been so focused on Scarlet, I haven’t mingled as much as usual. Nick and his date have left. I’m told they had fucked, so I suppose he was happy.

I hear Dacia moaning from the bedroom. “Oh, Dacia’s fucking Todd,” I say. This very much impressed Marla and Scarlet. You can tell who is fucking who, just from the sound? Wow.

I let them be impressed. My intricate calculus stays secret.

A number of us go back to the bedroom. Jake is fucking Bugs as Raven holds her legs back.

Sex is just that much better when you have someone to hold back your partner’s legs.

Marla says she wants some time with my tongue. “I want some of what you gave that girl,” she smiles. I led her to a chair well suited to oral sex—it reclines back, making her comfortable and pushing her pussy forward.

I lick and suck her, slipping in one finger, two, three, four. Five. I keep at it with a steady pulse. She gushes, cumming a puddle onto the floor between my knees.

She looks down to admire it. “Okay, now you have to fuck me,” she says. I dunno, I say. My cock isn’t cooperating.

“Which cock? Oh you mean this one?” She takes my flaccid dick and pulls up. I stand. She sucks me, and sure enough, I grow hard in her mouth.

People are dressing, preparing to leave. “Hold that thought,” I tell Marla. “Let me see these people off.”

I look at the empty bed. I remove the sheet. It is soaked with sweat and girl juice. Jesus!

“Huzzah!” says Raven. Dacia recommends we run it up a flagpole.

It takes a little time, fetching coats, saying good bye. I’m left in the living room with a fully-dressed Dacia, Todd in his underwear, and my naked Scarlet. Todd says he’s about to head home. Dacia says she will walk out with him.

I sit to hear Dacia’s impressions. She really liked the party, she said, but what the hell happened to hot boy-on-boy action? That’s right: for all her sophistication, she has yet to see much bi boy action. Her bum luck that there have been so many girls needing attention at the two gatherings she has attended.

Marla joins us. She points at me. “You and I have unfinished business, boy.” Oops. Gotta go guys.

She pushes me onto the bed, and crawls onto me, in a very alluring and feline way. We kiss, and a moment later, I am in her. She rides me, fucking me in long steady strokes.

From the next room, I hear my Scarlet’s unh unh unh. I guess Todd stayed for a bit longer.

I put my hand to Marla’s throat. I locked my eyes on hers and squeezed.

“Unh yeah, gah yeah!”

Soon Todd is gone. I make the bed and tuck in Marla, who has to wake at 6:30. It’s now past three.

I collect Scarlet and take her to another bed. She’s so tired, and happy. I caress her body, hard as a rock, until I fall asleep beside her.

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