Tuesday, December 28, 2004


Two days until Christmas. A series of back-to-back dates, a very nice gathering, and a long sleepover with Scarlet will have to tide me over. When I said goodbye to Scarlet yesterday, I knew that was the end of sex for me.

Tonight, I am off to spend the holidays with Lucy and the kids, and Lucy’s family.

Marla calls to say she needs to pick up her coat. Am I free for a bit? And am I able to offer a one hour special, for a working girl on her lunch break?

She stops by my place, so close to her office. We talk and soon, we are kissing.

“Kissing you is so nice,” I say. “Especially when you are naked. But who has time for that?”

“We don’t have much time, it’s true,” she says. She reaches under her skirt and pulls down her panties. I drop my pants.

She rides my cock, and cums.

She climbs off me, and sucks my cock. I lie back and take it, so nice. I switch her around, so that she sits. I fuck her face. I cum in no time.

“Seven minutes left,” she says, looking at her watch. “Plenty of time for you to eat me.” I go down fast. I lick her and suck on her piercing. She cums.

I walk her to the subway in a cold drizzle. We are loose and happy with one another. She tells me funny stories about selling her panties on Craig’s List. We joke about whoring.

We part ways with a kiss, and I am off to get the kids.

I reflect on the past few days as I walk through the park.

My first date with Scarlet on Thursday.

The cancellation of my weekend with May on Friday, and the spontaneous sleepover with Marla that night.

A sleepover with Anna on Saturday and into Sunday, and another with Jessica on Sunday and into Monday.

Bridget and Scarlet and Marla and the gathering on Tuesday. Waking up with Scarlet on Wednesday.

And now Marla on Thursday.

I guess I am ready to face the furnace of Christmas with the ex.

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