Saturday, December 11, 2004


When I was sent packing by my ex, friends told me to take cheer: I would soon be ripping it up with sexy playmates. That thought did appeal through the haze of my depression.

But where would I find these sexy playmates? Someone suggested Friendster , which I hadn’t seen. A free site where you might hook up with friends of your friends’ friends. Well, all right!

I signed up a few pals and surveyed the possibilities. I stumbled upon May, an acquaintance from college. I never knew her well, but I thought she was a looker. Back in the day, she was an Asian girl with long Goth black hair with streaks of color, hep to the local music scene and showed a real fashion flair.

Over the years, I had heard that in addition to being a good artist, she had also done a stint as a professional dominatrix. An artist, and a kinky one at that! I drop her a line.

She responds almost immediately. Emails go back and forth. We talk on the phone. She has a lush voice and a lilting laugh. She had heard I was single again. A bit more conversation, and she confesses that she and a mutual friend had fantasized about a threesome with me, but alas, I was married.

Well, I point out, that is no longer a hindrance.

For the next several days, we are on the phone constantly. We are up until all hours, and phone sexing like mad. I tell her she is going to get such a fucking when she is next in New York. She says she will come to collect it that very weekend.

This gives me incentive to get more settled into my apartment. I clean, buy plants, unpack boxes, put things away. The day before she arrived, the Northeast was hit by a massive blackout. I sat in my apartment, in candlelight, talking with May as long as the cell phone stayed charged.

The next morning, she sends me an email, excited that it is finally Friday, and we would be seeing each other that night. Call me, call me! she writes.

I reply: There will be no further contact between us until you are at my door. You have the directions and all you need to get to me. I am imposing a blackout.

My phone rang all day. I ignored it. The girl was hot for me—let her simmer.

She knocks. I open the door and grabbed her clothes, pulling her to me. I kissed her hard; she had barely had time to see my face before our lips were joined. I kick her suitcase inside and close the door, still kissing her.

“Are you thirsty?” I ask. “Do you want some water?” I put my mouth on hers before she can answer. Nnn-mmmf.

“Do you have to go to the bathroom?” Ummm-mmmf.

Still kissing her, I walk her backwards to my bathroom. “Sit,” I say. “Piss.”

She pulls down her pants and sits on the toilet. I straddle her lap, still kissing her. “What’s the matter? Why aren’t you pissing?” I ask. I slide my fingers to her pussy, and find her clit. “Piss.”

Nothing. I stand. “If you don’t have to pee, you need to be fucking me.” I unzip my pants and pull out my cock. I grab her head and bring her mouth to it. I fuck her face as she sits on the toilet.

And I think: who is this guy? When did I get so forceful? But she loves it, and so I keep it going. I pull out my dick, stand her up, and take her hand. She waddles behind, her steps hindered by the pants around her ankles.

We fuck. We fuck and fuck and fuck. We never left the apartment. We never dressed.

On Saturday afternoon, she pulls out her laptop to do some work. I busy myself hanging art. “Check this out,” she says. I look and there is a picture of me on her laptop.

“Where did you get that? Wait, where am I in that picture? Oh, it’s moving?”

She had a webcam. One of her favorite hobbies was watching boys jerk off online. I pull up a chair.

We get off a boy in Ireland. We get off a boy in a dorm room. We have a lot of windows open. “Can they see us?” I ask.

“If we want.” We want. We are sitting nude before the camera, a man and a woman with great tits. We prove very popular. We kiss, I play with her breasts. It’s very hot, having so many aroused eyes on us.

I pick one guy to focus on. Young, very handsome face, ripped torso, lives in Brooklyn. She sucks me for him. I say, if he likes to watch, let’s have him over to see us. She likes the idea. He takes some convincing. He’s very shy about it, but ultimately, how can he refuse a live sex show?

He shows up, and we are in our underwear. He is very handsome, with dark hair and eyes, 19. He sits on the floor. She and I kiss. “What do you want to see?” she asks.

“Will you ride his cock?” he says. His voice is shaky. She does.

We flip, and I am on top of her, in her, sucking a breast. “You want to touch?” she says, offering him her other breast. No no, he says. I tell him it’s okay. He moves forward and puts a hand on her.

“Your mouth,” she moans. He is sucking his breast, I am sucking mine. He is going as far as we allow, but no further. I fuck her faster. His eyes are on our fucking; I adjust to allow a better view.

I ask him if he has ever been in a threesome, or with a guy. No to both. She says she wants to see his body. She takes him to the bedroom. I pretend to be busy with other things, to give her time to relax him.

I come back find him fucking her. I kiss her. “It’s nice?” I ask.

She looks to him. “Oh yes, he’s a hot boy.” He is smiling, and I am sure, nervous as hell as he goes at her. I move to put my cock in her mouth.

I know she wants to see me play with him, but I can’t tell that he is into that, and I don’t want to spook him. I move us into another position.

I am under her, so that she is sucking my cock and I am licking her clit. I instruct him to fuck her. As he fucks her, I lick them both. He is okay with this. I lick his balls. He fucks her faster. She is moaning with pleasure, sucking me hard.

We move again. I position May and the boy for a double penetration—a first for both. I take her from behind. With both our cocks in her pussy, he pushes hard and fast. I move slower. She is tight, gripping us together.

I fuck her ass as he fucks her.

I wash up, watch them go at it. Then I pull him off her so I can fuck her. As I do, we both blow him.

I make him cum with my mouth.

We hang out a bit, and then I send the boy home. May and I agree that was pretty much the hottest sex either of us had ever had. We are having one hell of a first date.

We call him back for more the next day.

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