Monday, December 27, 2004

The Edge

I wave at Scarlet from my window, guiding her to my place on the phone. We kiss when she arrives, as I take her coat. We sit and talk, my hands caressing her face. She’s chatty when she’s nervous, and yet she also seems at ease with me.

We discuss the evening ahead. I want to be very clear on her expectations, and limits, for her first orgy.

When she mentions the possibility of sex with other people, she says, “I just don’t want to disappoint anyone.”

“Oh no,” I say. “You shouldn’t sleep with anyone just to avoid disappointing them. These folks understand that this is new to you, and ‘no’ means ‘no’ . . . “

“No, I mean,” she says, “I wouldn’t want them to be disappointed by sex with me."

This girl. How am I going to help her see how hot she is?

We lie in my bed, clothed, and kiss. Soon the clothes are off, though I leave her in her underwear. She is wearing cute black holiday panties and a red bra—so lovely against her pale skin.

Her kisses are still new to me, but already feeling familiar. Her mouth is so playful and searching against mine. She licks my lips, sucks my tongue, and we wrap our lips together.

I press my nude body against her. She presses back. I open her legs and lay between them, pressing into her panties. I can feel her pussy spread under my cock, under the cloth between us.

I sit up, and remover her panties. She is wet and so pink. I lick at her clit and suck her pussy.

My hands move on her body as I devour her, finding their way to her wrists. I take one, and guide it to her side, holding it firmly in place. I find the other, and pull it down. She wriggles her hands. My grip is loose but steady. She knows I have her.

I pull her wrists down, pushing my face harder into her cunt. Her legs go back, giving herself to me.

I want my fingers in her, but my hands are busy holding her down. I release her, and open a drawer. I pull out handcuffs.

I toss a pillow near her hips, and lift her ass onto it. I turn her on her side, pulling her arms back. I cuff her wrists behind her back. I pull her arms to one side, and turn her on her back.

Now I can work on her pussy.

I pull her lips back to expose her clit. It is a juicy round pearl, full and extending from its hood. I put the tip of my tongue on it, isolating it in her sensations. She moves in response.

I lap at it. She squirms, pants a little. I rub my hands on her belly, holding her shaved pubis firmly back.

I slip a finger into her. And another. I’ve learned something about her body. She doesn’t know it herself—our first date was the first time she came from oral sex. I know she will cum again. But I want to see if this particular movement works.

I curve my two fingers inside her, and push back. My mouth sucks her clit, firm, as my fingers push back inside her, against my mouth. Only her clit and between my fingers and mouth. Some tissue, some bone.

She cums, squirming, panting, unh unh unh unh, her arms pulling against the cuffs.

I let up for a moment, but only a moment.

My hands grab her hips, as my mouth pushes into her pussy again. My fingers are back in her, three this time, sometimes four. I fuck her hard with my hand—firm, steady, fierce.

With my free hand, I take her bra and pull. I use it has a reign, to pull her body in time with my hand. She moans and squirms, her head over the side of the bed.

Her nipples are firm and so pretty. I squeeze one hard, and twist it. She cums.

I rub her belly, her chest, her legs, gazing at this pretty pale body she gives me. Her blood is rushing to her head.

I stoop to her mouth, kissing her.

Her head is close to the ground. On my knees, my cock is near her mouth. I open her mouth, and slide my cock in. I fuck her face slowly, flicking a tongue over her nipple inside my mouth.

I want more of her mouth. I pull her head up, and kiss her, her head suspended in air in my hands.

I slide her body onto the bed. I turn her to a side, and release the cuffs. I massage her wrists—they are red.

I hold her close, caressing her hair. She kisses me. “You really got me off,” she says. “Want me to return the favor?”

I do. I like that she uses that expression: return the favor.

Her mouth is fast and deep on me, taking me whole. Soon she can’t take me entire. “Your dick just grew!” she says. “It doesn’t fit anymore.” She keeps at it, and I am alive and electric with her.

She is going to make me cum, so fast at me. I begin to think: don’t cum. Save it. There’s an orgy tonight.

I think: cum. Give it to her.

I can no longer think. I am going to cum. And at that moment, that moment exactly, she pulls her mouth off me. She is stroking me, but the sensation is different.

The orgasm takes over my body. And I do not cum. It is intense and full.

“Oh, I like that,” she smiles. I pull her down and kiss her. I roll on top of her, holding her, my full weight on her, kissing her magic mouth.

It’s getting late. I need to make dinner for her, and for Dacia, who is coming early.

“It’s very hard for me to leave you now,” I tell her. “I know we will be nude again, touching again. And it will be soon. We have all night together, and tomorrow. But from the moment I stand, and until that time, we will be clothed, and I will miss the feel of you so much.”

Scarlet is under my skin.

There’s a knock. Dacia is here.

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pesematology said...

this is the hottest description of sex i have ever read. bravo.