Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Earth and Sky

“No te puedo comprender, corazon loco. No te peudo comprender y ellas tampoco. Yo no me puedo explicar como las puedes amar, tan tanquilament . . . ,” croons El Cigala. Crazy heart, how can you love them so easily?

We kiss passionately at the door when she arrives. “I brought something for you,” Marla says, handing me a bottle of red wine.

From behind my back, I produce a glass of pinot grigio. “And I have something for you.” We laugh at how suave and smooth we are.

She had warned me that she would be dolled up from her party. True enough, she was decked out in black, with high-heeled boots, and her curly hair was straightened. We sit together close, talking, sipping wine, kissing.

She takes off her boots, and sits on my lap, facing me. We kiss, and she moves to my neck. She nibbles, and I recoil. The sensation, the pain of her nibble and the tickling of her skin, is just too intense.

Of course, she can’t let that reaction go unexplored. She is determined to have my neck. I can’t give it to her. We wind up wrestling a bit as I avoid her mouth. I pin her down to the couch.

“Sometimes the gifts we give are those we most want to receive,” I say, as I move in on her neck.

She lifts her chin, and I push her head back with my hand. I devour her neck slowly, licking, nibbling, caressing. I put my fingers in her mouth, and she sucks feverently.

I stand and take her hand. I lead her to the bedroom, which is lit by a dozen candles. I undress her. My clothes vanish. We fall to the bed, kissing.

She moves her mouth all over my body, determined to find more reactions like those on my neck. She finds many, stopped now and then to put my cock in her mouth. On one pass, I grab her hair and force her to focus on my cock.

I am suddenly awash in warmth and calm. “Take my neck now,” I ask. She comes up and goes at it. It is hers.

She retreats to a quick shower. I lay in bed listening to the water run, then think to refresh our drinks. I retrieve the glasses and head to the kitchen.

She finds me by the refrigerator, and moves fast to kiss me. I push her against the refrigerator, knocking off everything on it. I move her against the counter. I crouch to lick her clit, rapidly flicking her pierced hood with my tongue.

Her head drifts back. As I lick, I put her feet on my thighs, first one, then the other. I lift so that she sits on the counter. I have her.

“Take me back to the bed,” she asks. I stand to kiss her, caressing her hair, I help her off the counter, kiss her again, and grab her hair.

“Come.” I lead her by her hair, pulling firmly. I toss her on the bed. “Let’s have more cock sucking,” I say, pulling her head to me. She takes it in her mouth, and I start fucking deep. She resists a bit, so I grab her head and push in, leaving my cock in her throat. She coughs, I release her.

“Hmmm, that might not work,” she says. “You’ve discovered my weakness: bad gag reflex.”

“We need to work on that,” I say. “Any other problem areas that need to be addressed?”

“My ass,” she confesses. “It’s too sensitive.”


“No, but I can’t take it,” she says. “Only one man has really been able to do it right.”

I flip her. I position a pillow to raise her ass. I spread her cheeks to have a look. I give her some exploratory licks, and she moans. She’s sensitive, all right. I push further, licking. Her finger moves to her clit, and she masturbates.

I learn that when she cums, she moans, “Oh yeah, god yeah . . . “

Giving her no time to come down from the rush of orgasm, I enter her pussy. I spank her. When she begs for more, I give it to her, spanking with my right hand, holding her hair with my left.

I move my hands to pin her wrists close to her body, bearing down with my full weight. She spreads her ass wide.

Still in her, I reach under my bed and pull out a rope. “What?” she says. “Oh my God, are you serious?” I confirm the seriousness of my intent by binding her wrist. She tugs; the rope is secured to the bed frame.

“Are you comfortable with this?” I ask. She is nervous, but consents.

I climb off her body. I tie her ankles and wrists to each corner of the bed, so that she is splayed face down, her ass still raised by the pillow. I return to fucking her pussy, fast and hard, punctuating her quiet moans with the sounds of spanking.

At one point, I press hard on her back. She ask for a hand on her throat. I give it to her, gently cupping her neck in my palm. “Harder,” she begs. I squeeze tight on her trachea, restricting the flow of blood to her head. “Yes, yes,” she moans. I grab her hair and fuck. She cums.

I release her throat and focus on fucking her. When she is nearing orgasm, I choke her. We go through several orgasms. She is ecstatic. I want to let her enjoy that rush, and to change its course. I begin to massage her back, and as I do, I take my cock out of her.

“You feel good?” I ask. She mumbles uh huh into the pillow. “That’s so nice, so sweet,” I say, rubbing her back.

“Say, let me look at these tattoos.” Her back is covered in tats, and I want to know their meanings and origins. I pick up a candle to illuminate her flesh. “What is this one?” I ask, placing a finger on a Chinese symbol.

“It means ‘Aspire,’” she replies. Every word she speaks is breathless.

“Oh, I like that,” I say, lifting my finger and dripping candle wax on the spot. Her body tenses under me, then relaxes as she sighs. “And this one?” I ask, placing a finger on her lower back.

“It’s my zodiac sign,” she whispers. “An earth sign. Those two tattoos keep me grounded, and reaching for the stars. Earth and sky.”

“It’s very nice,” I say, and cover it in wax. I map out her tats, taking my time, until her back is red and sheathed in wax.

When I’m done, I move to kiss her, holding her face in my hands. “You took that very nicely, baby. Very nicely.”

I lick her pussy, and tongue her clit. I slip in in a finger, then two, then three. Four go in well, and I fit in the thumb. She moves onto my hand. I fuck her with it for a few moments, then extract my fingers slowly, one by one. That's good to see, I think, but we we need to be gentle now.

She hears a soft whirr as I massage her labia with a vibrator. “Oh, baby, yes,” she says.

The toy has two vibrating eggs. The first finds its way to her clit, the second to her ass hole. “Hmmmmmm.” I release the hand she had used to masturbate earlier, and it is fast to her clit. I give her the vibrator.

The other goes easily into her ass.

I move to her face, sitting so that she can kiss and suck me. She cums in no time. “Let’s clean you up,” I say. I take the vibrating egg from her hand, and retrieve the one from her ass. I unbind her wrist and ankles, and help her from the bed.

I prepare a warm shower, and we bath, kissing as we soap one another.

In bed, she blows me, for a nice long time. She gets a face full.

We drift to sleep, spooning under the covers.

On her last visit, Marla had left behind a necklace. As I prepared for her arrival tonight, I made sure that it was in the same place she left it.

After she left for work the next morning, I saw that the necklace was gone. In its place was a pile of bracelets.

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Jane Vincent said...

ever the educator, i just eant to make sure you had condoms on those eggs. because i know them well, i know they are hard plastic with cords and slight ridges on the plastic and holes for the cord to enter and a ridge down each cord. plenty of nooks and crannies for bacteria to hide out in, and it can be hard to get them entirely clean. also, when using an egg (or any vibrator with a cord and no flared base) for anal penetration, it is important to put it in a condom to remove the toy, by pulling the condom and not the cord (because the cord can disconnect and then there would be a problem and possible embarrassing trip to the emergency room). i'm glad you're having so much fun, just be sure to play safely. xxooxx