Thursday, December 09, 2004

Celia's Toothbrush

Anna and I parted company at Times Square. I headed off to work and then to prepare for the evening’s gathering.

The apartment was a wreck. With family and guests for Thanksgiving, followed by a business trip, I had slipped into a bachelor’s attitude about housekeeping. Everything needed to be washed and scrubbed. Not only that, but I still had RSVPs to confirm and calls to make.

After tending to work, I started on the housecleaning. Groceries and booze were purchased. Towels and the “sex party sheets” went into the laundry. A pile of dishes were done. I washed the mirrors and windows free of smudgy fingerprints. Children’s toys were put away.

As I cleaned the bathroom, I noticed Celia’s toothbrush. Like any self-respecting slut, I keep a supply of fresh toothbrushes handy for unexpected overnight guests. When Celia slept over, I offered a nice blue medium bristle. Butch, like her. She scrubbed her white teeth and put it next to mine. It has rested there ever since.

There was only a slight chance that Celia would be able to join us that night. If she didn’t, it was most unlikely that I would see again her before January, maybe not until February. If she did, she would be unlikely to notice that her toothbrush was in place for her, should she need it.

Maybe I’m a gambling man. When I finished scrubbing, Celia’s toothbrush was upright next to mine in a very uncluttered bathroom.

I signed online to find that Marla was keen on stopping by before the gathering for drinks, as I had invited her to do. She wasn’t sure that she would stay for the party, but she wanted to have some face time with me, if I liked. I liked.

I had inadvertently planned the gathering for the first night of Hanukkah. (Even after so many years in New York, I am goyim.) As a result, one couple couldn’t make it. Jake had to be at a dinner party, but would come late.

Other factors worked against us. Dirck had to work, and Dacia didn’t want to come without him. He encouraged her to come stag, but she is keen that this be something they do together.

Elizabeth and Celia were both swapped with work. Another woman was sidelined by her period, and another by her sick boyfriend.

It looked as it there would be few women this time around. Todd sends me a note, asking if he can bring a new playmate of his, a young black dude named Michael. I tell him we’re already got a preponderance of men. He sends me a pic of Michael. He’s hot. Todd wants him, so he’s in.

On top of that, it was a gross, rainy, cold afternoon, the sort of weather that makes you want to stay put, even if there’s a sex party to attend.

With Marla coming early, and redoubled my energies at housework. She would be there at 5:30; my guests were expected at 8pm. It was now about 4:00.

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