Monday, December 06, 2004

The Company I Keep

I’m not sharing my blog with many friends, as I’d just as soon not air my perversions with people I actually know.

Just you, gentle reader.

But I told my online girlfriend Marcia that I had put her in my super secret blog. (You may recall my tale of finally meeting her in Central Park.) Marcia confessed that she too had a secret blog, and that I was in it. I offered to show her mine if she showed me hers. After all, we had confessed much over time.

She said yes, but it would mean revealing one last secret: she has worked as an escort. Did that bother me?

Not in the least, I said. Gosh, it seems everyone I know is whoring. Dacia, Jane, Marcus, Marcia . . .

Marcia says you can read her story too. She describes it thus:

"I am a 23 year old female from Indianapolis Indiana. This blog talks about the many hats I wear as a social worker, sex worker, submissive, and college girl. I hate having to conform to what people think is correct, or right . . . so this is my space . . . my thoughts, and breath of fresh air . . ."

Tell her I said howdy.

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