Thursday, March 01, 2007

Fleshbot and Vanessa del Rio

This week’s Sex Blog Roundup at Fleshbot comes a bit late, as my colleagues were up to their teabags with gay porn stars at last weekend’s GAYVN.

Alas, I missed those festivities in San Francisco, stuck as I was in snowy New York, churning my own smut of the boy-on-boy (-on-boy-on-boy . . . ) persuasion.

At Fleshbot, it’s back to the breeders for my compilation of the cream of the crop in MILF action, as told by the sexy mamas themselves. Curl up and enjoy the steamy bedtime stories your mom forgot to warn you about.

Speaking of sexy mamas, can we talk about Vanessa del Rio?

Vanessa del Rio

Porn is pretty much a west coast production these days, but for those of us who go old school, Vanessa is the queen of New York sex.

Vanessa grew up in Harlem and first encountered erotica on film with Isabel Sarli, who shed all in Forty-second Street grindhouses. Vanessa’s mother took her to Times Square in search of Spanish language films. Mama found them, and in the process, set her young daughter on the path of becoming porn’s first woman of color.

(Read that last sentence slowly and you want a coin minted in Vanessa’s honor.)

Vanessa hit the screen as a teenager in racy sixteen double m, and a few decades and technologies later, she still tears it up online.

The beauty of Vanessa’s site comes in part because it revisits her thirty-plus year career, covering the full Golden Age of porn and beyond. She emerged just after Deep Throat and worked right through video and into DVD and the Internet.

In that time, the kittenish chica bonita with the Desi Arnaz schtick became the Satanic diabla loca with a mean-ass whip. As time passed and tastes changed, she transformed her body from that of a curvy cootchie to that of a New Wave bodybuilder to that of a full-bodied woman of pleasure.

No matter the moment, Vanessa was—and remains—hotter than hell.

Vanessa steams because she is gorgeous, but above all, she’s hot because she is the person she is.

Back in the day, she was the porn star who, on her days off, showed up at Plato’s Retreat and The Eulenspiegel Society to get naked with the locals. She was always in sex not as a means to an end, but as the end itself, a sexual outlaw who managed to get a porn career along the way.

Vanessa’s best recommendations come from those who know her. Thirty years in porn and BDSM, and no one says a word against her. If you met her once, you would swear she was your best friend.

Share the love. Visit her site through the links above or at left. Join up, watch her films or those of her girls, chat with her on cams—yes, she is her own webmistress—and see how it feels to bask, con fuego y pasión, in the ardors of the legend next door.


Viviane said...

I enjoyed your writeup about Vanessa del Rio - the history and context were helpful.

Anonymous said...

You make her sound like she's dead! she?

Jefferson said...

I meant to appreciate, not eulogize, for Vanessa is not merely alive, she's truly living it up.

. . . as her website will attest.

Will said...

I've definitely had many an intimate night with a vanessa del rio video...haha.