Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Five Questions

My sweetheart Viviane is running a series of interviews with sex bloggers, asking each of us the same five questions. You can read my responses at Viviane’s Sex Carnival today—or heck, you can just read them here.

When did you start blogging?

My blog began in November 2004 with an email to my friend Audacia Ray. I was new to dating after the end of my marriage, and she provided a sympathetic ear as I sorted out my return to sex after fifteen years of heterosexual monogamy that was all but abstinent.

When I wrote to tell Audacia about one particularly exhilarating date, she replied that I needed to post these stories in a blog. I didn’t know about blogs, as I only read hers. She came to my place and we drank bourbon as she helped me to launch One Life, Take Two. My email to her became my first post.

What do you like about blogging?

Initially, I thought that my blog would provide an outlet for writing about my experiences while allowing me to try my hand at erotica, a new genre for me as a writer. I assumed my readership would be small and anonymous, as I intended to share my blog with few people I knew.

In a short time, I began to receive correspondence from readers. I found that many related to my experiences with divorce, dating, parenting and/or bisexuality. I also began to understand that many people were getting off on my life and my writing.

With that, my interest in blogging expanded. I was satisfied that it offered an easy opportunity to publish. I was newly excited that this writing provided me not only with readers, but also with community.

Plus, it gets me laid like crazy. Seriously, this shit is bananas.

Is blogging a major or minor way of connecting to other people for you?

One Life, Take Two has provided me with many friends, both online and offline. It has also become a factor in my sexuality, as I have sex with my readers. The blog has opened avenues for experiences that were new to me, particularly within BDSM.

Now, most people who are involved in my sex life read my blog. Many met me through it. This allows a degree of transparency that would otherwise have been inconceivable, feeding my strong fetish for honesty.

Perhaps most significantly, my blog has introduced me to people I have come to love.

Where's your blog? Do you use a free hosted service (Blogger, Wordpress, Livejournal, AOL, Google Pages, etc.) or do you have your own domain and web server?

My blog is at Blogger, which has served me well.

What do you do to promote your blog or your writing (using tags in your post, blog roll, del.icio.us, Digg, Pingoat)?

Over time, my blog has become part of an informal network of interconnected sex blogs. As many of my friends and lovers are also bloggers, I often find myself written about elsewhere. Of course, we exchange links.

My esteemed webmistress Viviane advises me in the use of tags, feeds, pings and other devices to drive traffic my way. Many readers first discover me through the Sex Blog Roundup I compile each weekend for Fleshbot.


Cdk said...

"Plus, it gets me laid like crazy. Seriously, this shit is bananas."


Viviane said...

I think meeting people though one's blog seems to split along gender lines.

For you, your blog is a...marketing tool.

At the tea party, Suzanne, Selina and I were all like what, meet people through the blog?! Eccch!

Jefferson said...

. . . and yet I met you, Selina and Suzanne through my blog.

Jefferson said...

. . . and I met Avah through my blog . . .

You girls sure have a funny way of not meeting people through blogs.

Cody said...

Oh, the tangled web you sex bloggers weave.

[sips tea]

Viviane said...

And who brought Selina and Suzanne to your attention, hm?

In Selina and Suzanne's case, they get emails from admirers, but they are wordly so badly that they usually don't respond. They are out and about and for them it's have fun first and mention the blog (maybe) later.

(This is a good panel question.)

Jefferson said...

Well actually, Selina and Suzanne each found me on their own.

But without you, I wouldn't know my fiance Monmouth!

. . . and I met Cody through my blog . . .