Saturday, March 24, 2007


“I’m not sure where we are speaking,” Simone said, looking around the conference room. “I mean, the chairs are arranged here, so maybe we’re talking before the movie?”

“They wouldn’t have you speak beforehand, would they?” I asked. “How would the Q&A work?”

“The screening is in the theater,” Dacia said. “You’re probably talking afterwards. The chairs are just screwy here because they are. New School fucks up.”

Simone laughed.

“I’m sorry, excuse me,” Jamye said, taking Simone’s elbow. “I just need to introduce you to someone. Sorry guys!”

“It’s cool,” Dacia said. Jamye pulled Simone to a cluster of people. Dacia turned to me. “She’s super cute.”

“Simone? Or Jamye?”

“Well, both, but I was referring to Simone.”

“I have an enduring crush on Jamye Waxman,” I nodded. “She pushes all my ‘Rhoda’ buttons. I want to have hot Mary-loves-Rhoda lesbian sex with her on my sofa bed. But yeah, your star is adorable. And she’s so nice.”

“Yeah, she’s nice,” Dacia said. “I can’t wait to watch her fuck again.”

Dacia and I were at a reception preceding the premiere of Simone Valentino’s new porn flick, Afrodite Superstar. The executive producer was Candida Royalle, a friend of ours who was launching a new line of African-American films aimed at women and couples.

We like to support Candida’s work any time, but we were particularly eager to attend this function, as Simone is also the star of Dacia’s new release, The Bi Apple.

As we talked, a man announced that everyone should adjourn to the theatre for the screening. Dacia walked ahead with Jamye and Simone. I followed, chatting with Veronica Vera.

Dacia and I caught up in the theatre and found two seats near the middle.

Dacia turned to me. “I was meaning to ask you—how was the last party? Were you hypertexting?”

“Was I what?” I said, raising my eyebrows.

“Showing my movie at your orgy. There must’ve been some metacognition.”

There sure was.

The Bi Apple concerns a sex researcher, played by Simone Valentino, whose work brings her to an apartment in New York City where people meet for orgies and bi sex. As she watches sex and scribbles observations in her notebook, Simone finds herself drawn into the activities—masturbating as two men kiss, dreaming of sex with a woman, and finally, doing the deed with two bi fellows.

Anyone who knows Dacia—personally or through her writing—would recognize her in the character of Simone’s sex researcher. And anyone who knows me—personally or through my writing—would draw parallels to Dacia’s experiences at my bisexual orgies.

So with the film’s release, I thought: how better to celebrate art’s imitation of life than to bring the onscreen sex back home to roost? I decided to show The Bi Apple at my next orgy.

It was a big party, with a number of novices in the mix. My friend Lily was attending her second orgy at my place. Her ex-boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend Wendy was also there. When Wendy broke up with a boyfriend (not her former ex, now Lily’s new ex, but a newer ex), Lily had suggested that Wendy contact me for breakup sex therapy. Wendy and I had some very fine sex as a result, and now she was at my party.

Avah was there, chatting with her new buddy Lolita, who had brought Boymeat and his girlfriend. A couple that Dacia had introduced to the party was there, chatting with another couple, as well as a third couple I like to fuck. Bugs dropped in, as did her friend Callie, who brought homemade mint brownies.

With so many women, I had called in lots of men. Our mainstays Jake, Thomas, John and Mmmark were there, as well as two recent additions: Jed, a straight boy who loves strap-ons and sucking dick, and Fred, a bodybuilder and porn actor who had never been to an orgy—off camera, that is. Funny thing was, he didn’t have that much group experience outside of his porn appearances. The first time we met, he said his biggest fantasy was to have a girl blow him as she fucked a man.

“Did you ever do that?” he asked.

I took his dick from my mouth. “Now and then,” I shrugged.

I had also invited a crossover from my male orgy, a gay man who hadn’t been with a woman in years but admitted to being “bi curious.” He’s handsome and sensuous, which I like, but above all, I adore that he laughs when I describe his thick hair as a “Franz Kafka ‘fro.”

It began as a chatty party. You know how it is with girls at orgies—they love to trade recipes and talk smut.

After a while, I spoke up.

“Everyone, can I have your attention please? Hello?”

“Shhh,” Jed said. “Jefferson’s got something to say.”

“Thanks, Jed.” I looked around. “Well, friends, tonight we have a special treat. Our friend Dacia has created her first porn film, and we have it. This is not her debut as a porn actor—that was another film. This is her debut as a director.”

Thomas looked around. “Hey, where is Dacia? Is she coming?”

“Alas, no,” I replied. “Dacia doesn’t do our orgies so much these days. I may have to retire her jersey eventually. But, as many of you know, her film is partly inspired by her experiences at our shindig . . . and a number of us saw her get naked for the party celebrating the release of The Bi Apple . . .”

“Oh, that reminds me,” Boymeat interrupted. “We have your blue balloon.”

Avah laughed. “You do?”

“Yeah,” his girlfriend nodded. “Some Hispanic kids gave it to us in the subway that night. So now it’s at our apartment.”

“My goodness,” I grinned. “You have to chronicle its further adventures.”

“Well, I think its high times have passed,” Boymeat said. “It’s retired now.”

“Do give it our love,” I smiled. “Now, anyway, some of you old timers will recall that we used to play porn at the orgies.”

“Yeah, what happened to the porn?” Thomas asked. He looked at Jake. “I loved the porn.”

“Well, everyone loved the porn,” I said. “And that was the problem. I kept finding groups of naked people sitting around watching the screens.”

“Tsk. You should be making your own porn,” Lolita admonished.

“My sentiments exactly,” I said. “So tonight, I am showing porn. But I warn you, if it kills the sex, I’m turning it off. In fact, to facilitate our usual level of activity, I suggest we watch it nude.”

Lolita pulled off her t-shirt. “Let’s go,” she smiled.

I pulled off my shirt. “Friends? To the bedroom.”

I hit “play” as everyone undressed.

A bass note hit as Simone cruised the city streets.

“God, I love porn music!” Wendy cried.

“You know, Dacia got her brother to compose the music,” I said.

“That’s fucking hot,” Avah said.

“The family that porns together . . .” Callie added.

“Do you mind if I stay to . . . watch?” Simone asked a couple as they fucked.

“Do you mind if I stay to . . . fuck?” I asked Avah. I picked up a condom as she spread her legs and grinned.

“Tucker, you need to concentrate,” Trixie whined. “Sex can be so much more intense if your chakras are aligned.”

“Get on the bed,” Jake ordered Callie.

“On my back or stomach?” Callie asked.

“Who the fuck cares?” Jake shrugged.

“I’m just going to shower,” Tucker said as he passed a nude man shaving at a sink.

“Cool,” the man said.

“You,” I pointed to my gay friend. “C’mere.”

He crossed the room and stood beside me. I pulled out of Avah.

“This is my friend, Colin,” I said to her, tearing off my condom. “He’s going to fuck you now.”

“Hey, Colin,” Avah smiled.

“It was just so . . . unprofessional,” Simone said quietly. “I shouldn’t have given in.”

“Hey, Callie,” I whispered, fucking her.

“Yeah?” she whispered.

“Check out the cute muscle boy.”

“Yeah, he’s hot.”

I kissed her. “Want to trade his cock?”

“Hmmm,” she nodded.

I stood, keeping my dick in Callie. “Hey Fred, c’mere.”

Fred walked over from side of the room, where he had been leaning against a wall. “Me?”

“Yeah,” I smiled. I took his cock in my hand. “Mind if we blow you a bit?”

“Uh . . . no,” he said, putting his hands on his waist.

“Awesome.” I took his cock in my mouth and fucked Callie with renewed vigor.

After a bit, I passed his cock to her mouth.

He caught my eye. “Fuck, bro.”

I winked as I moved in and out of Callie. “One fantasy, down.”

“Hmmmm,” Simone sighed. “I’d really like to get my cock in that ass.”

“I have some lube over here,” Josh offered. “And a harness for you.”

“Hey, where’s Josh?” Avah asked.

“Yeah, wasn’t he supposed to be here tonight?” Callie asked.

“He was,” I answered. “Along with his wife, whom I’ve never fucked . . . uh, met. I guess they are not coming tonight.”

“Oh shit, I’m coming,” Josh said.

“Come on me,” Simone moaned.

“Oh, God,” Wendy sighed.

“Unh, take it,” I whispered.

Wendy trembled. Her body shook under me. “God . . . unh, God damn it . . .”

“Take it . . . ” I said.

“Unh, ooh . . .” Wendy’s body went still as she stopped breathing. For a moment, she was absent. “Unh, oh shit . . . fuck!

“Yeah, yeah,” I laughed into her mouth.

“God damn it, unh!”

“Go, go,” I said, pulling her hair.

“Fuck me!”

“I am, I am.”

I felt Wendy splashing on my cock. She bucked and twisted, and then went limp under me.

She looked up at me. “Fuck, man.”

“No shit,” I smiled.

“While you were having your fun,” Thomas said, “The porn ended.”

I looked back at the blue screen on my television.

“Yeah,” I kissed Wendy. “The porn ended.”

Dacia elbowed me. “That’s Mister Marcus.”

I looked at the screen. The denouement of Afrodite Superstar played out. “That’s one fine wall of man.”

She nodded. “No shit. I met him at AVN. He was so mellow. ‘Hey, how’s it going.’ I should’ve fucked him.”

“You’ve thought of this?” Simone asked.

“Yeah, I’ve thought of this so much . . .” Mister Marcus said, his voice low and sexed. He reached for a condom.

“Yeah,” I nodded, low and Barry White. “Magnum.”

Dacia laughed. “Sweet.”


Someone's Boy Unit said...

Missed it. I am supery worried that I looked stupid.

And I also find myself wondering how I'd coreograph sex scenes with 2 bi men and a woman if I were in charge.

What do people thinking of this have in mind? what could they see that would prove the concept. There is so much more we cound have done.

Cdk said...

Sounds like a fun party!

I liked the “Mind if we blow you a bit?”. Ha! Like the guy was going to say no...;)

Dacia said...


But, yeah, you nailed it.

This post warms my porny little heart.

Anna said...

No fair! I missed all the good stuff! Please imagine me pouting and stamping my feet as I say this.

Jefferson said...

Don't sulk, Anna Smash. We're just keeping New York cool for you.