Monday, March 12, 2007

Sex Ed

John and Randall were chatting in their underwear when she called.

She was laughing so hard I could barely make out a thing she said.

“Come again?” I asked.

“I said . . . wait, wait, let me get my breath . . . oh my God, I am not believing this night!”

“You’re having some adventure, all right.”

“Okay, okay. You guys? Can you please not play with the radio?” She turned back to the phone. “So, yeah, we managed to get my car towed and called Jenn’s friend Paolo. He came to pick us up at the gas station, and so he’s driving us there.”

“I can’t believe your car chose tonight to break down. So Paolo is coming too? Is he cool with our plans?”

“Yeah, yeah, he’s cool. Actually, he’s probably going to be Jenn’s new boyfriend. She’s got to dump the guy she’s seeing now.” She turned away. “What? Oh God, Jenn, Paolo knows this already, don’t you, Paolo?”

“Fawn? Fawn, you there?”

Fawn turned back to the phone. “Yeah, sorry Jefferson, I’m here. Guys, shhhh! I can’t hear.”

“So where are you? Are you near the city yet?”

“Hmmm? Oh yeah, we’re in the city. We just passed your building, actually. We’re just looking for parking.”

“You’re here now?” I looked around my room, bending to pick up stray condom foils. “Goodness, okay, let me go then. Call if you need help parking.”

“I think we just found a space, actually. So, bye! I’ll see you in a minute. I’m excited!”

I put down the phone. “Fellows, I’m sorry to shoo you off, but I’ve got a date on her way up.”

“Oh, a date?” Randall teased. “Maybe we should stay and meet her. Think she’d like to meet your gay boyfriends?”

“Not this time, princess. Get your clothes on, pronto.”

As the boys dressed, I hurriedly tidied my room. I stripped the sex sheets and made the bed with fresh linen. I put away gay porn, quart-sized bottles of lube, piles of condoms and boxes of latex gloves.

I left the candles in place.

I waved goodbye to the boys as I headed to the shower. I had to wash away the scent of men.

My soapy cock bobbed with the thought of meeting Fawn.

She had first contacted me in the middle of her senior year, just after her eighteenth birthday. She told me she got hot and bothered from my blog. She fantasized about fucking me, but she had a boyfriend, and she didn’t cheat.

I thanked her, and commended her honor.

The thing is, she went on, she and her boyfriend had lost their virginities to one another, and they had remained monogamous ever since. And while she loved him very much, she felt that . . . well, their sex was a little . . . well . . . abrupt.

He cums too soon? I asked.

Immediately, she answered.

I offered some advice. Give yourselves time when you have sex, I suggested. Don’t feel that you have to rush to grab this opportunity that will never again come. Enjoy touching one another, kissing, and building up to intercourse. Maybe he can give you an orgasm with his fingers and mouth before penetration. During intercourse, when he feels an orgasm coming, he can slow his pace, maybe even pulling out to restrain the impulse.

God, I want to fuck you, she wrote. Thanks!

Fawn spoke to her boyfriend. She had an idea. Her boyfriend didn’t mind if she had sex with me, so long as he was present. Maybe I could have sex with her and kind of teach her boyfriend a few tricks?

Furthermore, he had fantasized about being with a man, but never had the opportunity. So maybe she could watch him with me?

I pondered Fawn’s proposal. Should I take on the sexual education of two teenagers in love? It might mean many hours of threesomes and virgin experiences, but still, how could I refuse a request to improve two lives in one bedroom?

I agreed. We decided to get started in May, when her high school had a Senior Skip Day.

Alas, our plans were thwarted by the vagaries of young romance. Fawn and her boyfriend broke up. She was bummed. Her libido went on the skids.

Fawn had my condolences. Breaking up never gets much easier, but the first times are the worst.

A few months passed. Fawn decided that she missed sex. She decided she wanted me.

I gave her a night. I warned her our date would follow my boy orgy.

She thought that was hot.

Fawn said she wanted to bring her girlfriend Jenn along. Jenn wouldn’t want to get naked with us, she told me, but Fawn would feel more comfortable knowing she was nearby.

I told her I understood. I keep a very nice waiting room for such occasions, I said, stocked with all manner of reading material.

Everything was in place. Yet once again, catastrophe intervened. On the appointed night, her car broke down on the road to my place.

Jenn called her friend Paolo and explained the situation. Paolo agreed to chauffer Fawn and her chaperone to Fawn’s night of sex with a stranger.

The three of them rang up as I toweled off.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see where this goes :-)

Anonymous said...

Dude, its begining to look sad... like, sex is great and everything. BUT... don't you do anything else with your life?

Jefferson said...

Dude, it's a sex blog.

Still, I manage to do other things. For example, in my previous post, I did the laundry.

Cdk said...

"Fawn had my condolences. Breaking up never gets much easier, but the first times are the worst."

No kidding on that! Sounds like she had plenty of friends, including yourself, to help.

P.S. and congrats on getting your laundry done. ;)

MsBehavn said...

Dude, it's a sex blog.

Still, I manage to do other things. For example, in my previous post, I did the laundry.

Jefferson, you make me laugh!

And dude, if you were having as much great sex as Jefferson does ... why on earth would you want to blog about anything else? hmm?