Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Slumber Party

“Oh my God, we made it alive!” Fawn laughed as I kissed her cheek. She wrapped her arms around me. “I’m so glad to finally meet you, Jefferson!”

“Likewise, honey. It’s been a long time coming. And you must be Jenn?”

“Nice to meet you, too,” she said, stopping just short of adding “sir.” We leaned forward from our hips to buss cheeks without otherwise touching.

I took Paolo’s hand. “And tonight’s knight in shining armor. Nice save, Paolo.”

“’sup, man,” Paolo said, wrapping one arm around my shoulder to pull me into a brief embrace.

I invited my guests inside and took their coats. Underneath his puffy black coat, Paolo wore a puffy black sweatshirt and puffy black pants. He didn’t remove his oversized black baseball cap.

Jenn looked around the living room, sweeping the long blonde hair from her shoulders as she glanced at book titles on my shelves. She was tall, with an erect bearing and a fresh-scrubbed beauty that reminded me of Christie Brinkley, circa my senior year in high school, before Jenn was born.

“This was one night I would love to forget,” Fawn said, falling back on the couch.

“Perhaps your evening is now improving,” I smiled, sitting beside her.

“Well, anything would be better than having my car die on the highway and waiting in that growdy gas station,” she said. “I have no idea what’s wrong with my car.”

“It’s the carburetor,” Jenn diagnosed as she pulled down a book.

“It’s going to be three hundred dollars, whatever it is,” Fawn predicted.

Paolo sat on a chair.

“Anyway, we finally meet, Jefferson,” Fawn went on. She grinned. She was instantly familiar, something I had found endearing in our correspondence. Fawn had the easy air of someone who quickly makes people feel like her best friend. She had only just arrived, but she seemed settled and at ease.

I smiled, taking in her pale blue eyes, black hair and milky skin.

“Yeah, it’s great to see you, too,” I nodded.

We talked for a while. Jenn joined in the conversation as she continued her tour of my bookcases. Paolo sat quietly, listening.

I relaxed, shifting gear from a long day—kids up and off to school, project deadline, housecleaning, gay orgy, and now, a teenage slumber party.

As midnight approached, I wondered how the night should progress. Fawn was here to have sex with me, and everyone knew this. It would probably be my responsibility to initiate that transition. But how? Should I offer a snack to Jenn and Paolo, and then excuse Fawn and myself to my bedroom? Wouldn’t that be a tad awkward?

In my life since marriage, I’ve grown accustomed to meeting people for sex. But this had the sense of a more distant social interaction. I tried to remember: how did we work this in high school?

“I’m so wired, still,” Fawn said, tapping a hand on her jeans. “You know what I would love to do? Veg to a movie.”

That was one way to do it.

“That’s a good idea,” I said. “Have you seen Secretary?

“No!” she exclaimed. “I really want to.”

“What’s Secretary?” Jenn asked.

“It’s like a movie about this submissive secretary who works for this guy who’s totally OCD. Right, Jefferson?”

Paolo laughed. “Sounds whack.”

Jenn winced.

“No, it’s not like you think,” I assured them. “Let’s go to the other room and give it a spin.”

We moved to my bedroom. Jenn sat in a chair, with Paolo sitting on the floor between her knees. I left them to watch cartoons as I prepared a snack and Fawn went to the bathroom.

I came back with popcorn and drinks—lemonade for my underage guests, bourbon for myself.

Fawn returned. She had stripped to an oversized t-shirt and panties.

She cuddled next to me on the bed. I kissed her hair and clicked the remote.

I had seen the movie more times than I could count. But I was glad to take this moment for down time, to unwind and feel Fawn so close.

My hand caressed her back. I felt her bra strap.

“Sit up, honey,” I whispered.

She sat forward, her eyes on James Spader. I unfastened the clasp on her bra. Her arms retreated inside her shirt and reemerged with a black bra. She handed it to me. I tossed it on a nearby chair.

She sat back in my arms.

“Much better,” I whispered, my hand cupping a breast. I toyed with her nipple as it grew hard.

I licked her ear and touched her thighs as Maggie Gyllenhaal wet her wedding gown. Fawn wrapped her bare leg over mine, resting a hand on my chest.

I stole a glance at Jenn and Paolo. Their eyes were on the screen as he rested a cheek on her knee. They didn’t notice our discreet touches, or they pretended not to notice.

James drove away, waving to Maggie. She waved back and looked into the camera.

“I love that movie,” Fawn said.

“Whack,” Paolo laughed.

Jenn turned a head to her shoulder. "That guy from Boston Legal is kinda hot."

"Totally," Fawn agreed.

We talked for bit more until our conversation was punctured by yawns. I made a bed for Jenn and Paolo as they said good night to Fawn.

They closed the door to their room. I closed the door to mine.

I looked into Fawn’s azure eyes.

They vanished as she pulled off her t-shirt.


Cdk said...

Secretary! Excellent film.

Anonymous said...

I aspire to be like Jefferson...

Josh Jasper said...

Whack? Kids actually talk like that? I feel old.

Preheated said...

The "How about a movie?" trick stills works on me. I sometimes wonder what real, grown-up foreplay is like...

Can't wait to read the rest!

Madeline Glass said...

It seems like only yesterday that you viewed that movie for the first time. Now look at you: Initiating ingenues! Inspiring anonymous commenters!
My baby's growing up.

Oh, right: "Does this look sexual to you?