Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I sat on the bed next to Fawn as her face emerged from a t-shirt.

“Your hair is a mess,” I smiled, tucking a black strand behind her ear.

“Sorry,” she grinned nervously, looking away. She ran her fingers through her hair and looked up at me. Her pale blue eyes were clear and unblinking.

“So . . . ,” she began. Her hands dropped to her bare lap and rested there, palms up. “Anyway, this is me.”

My hand moved down her neck to her shoulder. “And this is us—alone, finally.”

“Yeah, I know. So, um, I’m sorry I’m not skinny,” she said. She nodded to the door. “Like Jenn.”

I touched her cheek with my fingers. “Jenn seems very nice. She obviously cares about you.”

“Yeah, Jenn’s cool.” Fawn looked to her palms. Her face turned to rest in the cup of my palm. She closed her eyes.

I took her chin between my thumb and forefinger. “Hey.”

She looked up. “Yeah?”

“Jenn’s here because she knows you wanted to be here.” I stroked her black hair. “You’re here because you wanted to be here. You’re here because I wanted you here.”


“You okay?”

She smiled. “Yeah, I’m okay.”

I smiled. “Good.” I leaned forward. Our lips met.

As we kissed, my fingers traveled lightly over her body, now bare but for her panties. She touched my t-shirt and felt the fabric of my pajamas.

I inhaled deeply as she quivered, savoring her response to my touch.

Her hand found my cock, hard inside my clothes.

I listened as I entered her. I moved slowly into her body, imagining my cock as an expansive tendril that would grow long and fat to fill her entirely, or to retract at any hesitation.

She breathed deeply, holding my shoulders firm as, for the second time in her life, her body took another body into her.

I rested in Fawn, listening to her breath. My face was nestled into her neck. I pulled back to look into her face. Her eyes were tightly closed.


She opened her eyes. She turned her chin down, smiling slyly. I grinned, suspecting that she was giving me a look practiced in mirrors and webcams.

“Does this feel good?” I asked, moving gently inside her body.

She laughed. “Are you kidding? This is amazing.”

“Oh yeah?” I kissed her nose. “How about this?”

I fucked her with more vigor, pulling back, pushing forward.

“Oh, God yeah.” She laughed again.

“All right.” I sat back, pushing her thighs forward. I raised her ankles to my lips, lightly kissing her left calf. My cock pressed up and deep into her. I rocked back and forth. “And this?”

She looked up at me as her mouth dropped. “Oh . . . fuck yeah.”

I caressed her face. “That’s all I need to know, Fawn. You can just relax now while we fuck.”

We had our basic vocabulary. We were close and tender. We were hot and rough. We were submissive and dominant.

It only takes three letters to spell “l-u-v.”

We had traded so many mash notes to finally be here, in my bed, after midnight with her friends making out in the next room.

Fawn wanted to trade in her inexperience and add luster to the novice’s sexual resume she had amassed with her first high school boyfriend. I wanted her to trust me and to be content that she had made the right decision in being with me—and perhaps, along the way, to add a few notches to the brand-new bedpost of her sexuality.

After our first hour and change, we peeled our bodies apart.

“You still doing okay?” I panted.

“Oh yeah, my God,” she said, catching her breath. “That was . . . this is . . .”

I took her hand. “Right?”

We lay in bed, staring at the ceiling. I looked to my clock.

“Look, it’s really late. Let’s sleep. But look, I’m probably going to wake you for sex at three or four. So don’t be surprised.”

She laughed. I liked her laugh, especially now that I heard it so often. “That is fine by me.”

“Good.” I turned to curl against her. I yawned. “If you need me, or you wake up and I’m hard, just elbow me and climb on.”

She put a hand to my head, suddenly maternal. “Shhh, you just sleep.”

I was out immediately.

We woke up fucking. One of us initiated it. Hard to say who did what, as we were both asleep.

The next morning, my face was buried between her legs when I heard giggles. I looked up. Shapes scurried past the open bedroom door.

One of us must’ve gone to the bathroom overnight and left the door ajar. Or maybe it had been pushed open.

Her friends had watched as my mouth pulled orgasms from Fawn.

“Oh shit, did they really see me?” she asked, coiling her legs to her torso.

“Uh, maybe,” I said, pulling her to me. “Was that embarrassing?”

She looked to one side. “Do you think they saw my chest?”

The focus of her bashfulness seemed a tad incongruous, given that I was licking her pussy when the giggles passed by. Still, I could see she was unnerved by the prospect of having her breasts exposed.

“I suppose so.” I pinched a nipple. “Here, let me close the door.”

I closed the bedroom door and came back to her. She relaxed as we kissed.

I went down on her again.

She gushed in my mouth. I waited a moment before I made her do it again.

I kissed my way up her body.

“Wow,” she said, glancing at a clock. “That’s a record. Ten times in one hou . . .”

Her voice trailed as I entered her.

She rested her eyes on mine as my palm squeezed a breast.

Fawn stayed in bed as I emerged to face the music.

“Hey,” Jenn grinned. “You two were pretty noisy in there.”

I shrugged. “I hope we didn’t wake you.”

Paolo laughed. “Shit, man.” He held out his palm. I shook his hand.

“Coffee?” I asked.

Fawn came out of the bedroom fully dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt. She sat next to Jenn on the couch as I rattled pans in the kitchen.

I prepared a breakfast of omelettes with thyme and sweet sausage, bacon and toast. Jenn said it was the best omelette she had ever been served.

Paolo watched as I made them. I talked him through the steps.

After breakfast, Paolo and Jenn disappeared for a while. I sat talking with Fawn. The vulnerability of the early morning was gone. She was once more locked up in her clothes, her body, her veneer.

I kept my blue eyes on her pale mirrors. I held her hand. We talked about things, passing the time.

It took Jenn forever to locate her cell phone, but she found it.

At the door, I kissed Jenn’s cheek and hugged Paolo as he pulled me close, once, strong and tight.

I kissed Fawn’s lips, soft and slow.

“Thanks,” I murmured.

“Shit, thank you,” she said, dropping her forehead to my lips.

Later, Fawn phoned to say they returned home with no mishaps.

It turned out that it was the carburetor, and it cost less than a hundred dollars to repair.

Jenn dumped her boyfriend and hooked up with Paolo.

Jenn and Fawn had a falling out. They were no longer best friends forever.

Fawn made plans to see me again. A few weeks later, she had a new boyfriend.

I never saw her again, as she doesn’t cheat.

I’m her friend. I wouldn’t want her to cheat.

As I made breakfast that morning after meeting Fawn, I reflected on an unexpected threshold I had crossed. In my nascent career as a chicken hawk, I had reached a new apex—or nadir, depending on one’s point of view.

I had now slept with someone younger than my eldest daughter.


Lippy said...

There is something so deeply old fashioned about this, and in fact a number of your recent posts.

They are like the tale of young master being sent off to the local courtesan to learn the art of love before he can have a real affair. Only with the sexes reversed.

Athena said...

To be honest, when I read the post introducing this story, I thought, "This time he's gone too far! Taking advantage...too young...crossed the line" cetera. Hackles were raised, red flags were thrown - I wondered if the seemingly uncrossable line of my prurient interests had finally been crossed.

Thankfully, it hadn't. Reading this post made me think back to when I was offered the opportunity, like Fawn, to learn a few things under the direction of an intelligent, respectful, exceedingly sexy, older man. Unfortunately, I didn't take advantage of that opportunity, and now I often think that I would love to trade some of the more unpleasant sexual experiences I've had with guys my age for another chance with a mature teacher.

I'm glad Fawn took advantage of her opportunity.

marcus said...

i’m sorry i’m not skinny...
my cock would grow fat...
she doesn’t cheat...

wow, this is packed.

norby said...

I think I'm jealous.

Cody said...

I cannot wait for the day when you sleep with someone younger than your youngest daughter.

A fine day that will be, my friend. A fine day that will be.

Cody said...

It only takes five letters to spell “c-o-r-n-y.”

Shay said...

where were you when I was 18?!