Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Bus Stop

We were in line for the bus when Lillie noticed an advertisement on the bus stop.

“Dad, why is that lady wearing a chain?”

She’s wearing a chain, honey, so that Daddy won’t think about Daniel Craig quite so often.


Gramaphone said...

Perhaps this will help:

Anonymous said...

Why, exactly, would you want to think about Daniel Craig less often? norby

Asian Big Girl said...

Uhm, hello? Didn't I claim the following boyfriends?

* Peter Sarsgaard (in person, and when he plays you in the movie version)

* Ewan McGregor (all Star Wars and Moulin Rouge versions, thanks)

* Daniel Craig (007 version. You can have the Layer Cake one)

Thanks for letting me clear that up.

Besides. *You* can actually go out there and grab another Brit in real life. *I* cannot. ;)

Now, let me return to my little daydreams of the above mentioned brunette and 2 blonds and add my own brunette so I have matching pairs. :)

Bridget needs some special "alone" time now.... ;)

e jerry said...


I find that the Pillow Book Ewan McGregor is generally preferable to all other versions, with Velvet Underground Ewan a close second.

e jerry said...

Interestingly enough, though, Ricci's character is chained as an attempt to curb her sexually compulsive urges. Doesn't seem to be working for everyone else, though.

Meg said...

that's some damn fine biblical medicine right there.

or so i've know, according to samuel l. jackson.

Anonymous said...

Christina Ricci kind of looks like Taylor Hanson...