Monday, April 18, 2005


As I planned the next sex party, my new social secretary, Mr. Ockham, sat at my elbow.

“Keep it simple,” he intoned. “Invite only those who pass muster. No undue complexities ; strive to simplicity.”

Good advice, sir.

The previous party had marked a farewell to my friend Raven, who made her last appearance before returning home to the West Coast. She had come to New York for school, and while she remained open to staying in the city—provided she fell in love and got a great job—she had left her heart in another town.

Providence drew her back toward the sunset.

For her final party, Raven invited a slew of folks eager to get their hands on her tattoos just one last time before she was gone.

I chastised her for inviting people I had not met—that’s outside protocol, I reprimanded her—but how could I deny her the party she wanted?

I made the margaritas she requested.

I lashed her to the bed for one last gangbang.

And I provided Sharpie markers so we could all sign her naked flesh like a yearbook. My inscription hewed to yearbook cliches, masking my sadness in irony: “The end of an era! Thanks for the memories.”

I kissed her goodbye at the evening’s end. As I hugged her, I wept into her neck.

“This is what I was afraid of,” she sniffled.

We had been having sex together and side-by-side for the better part of a year. Whatever comes next for each of us, that was ending.

After such a large and emotionally charged party, I wanted something smaller, more intimate. This time I wanted only those with whom I really enjoy spending time.

An era had ended with Raven’s departure. Perhaps a new one is due.

Lars was among those on my short guest list. He has had a standing invitation for some time, but it never seemed to work out.

Lars is a straight boy who likes to suck cock.

He’s smart and cute—dark hair, lean, 26—with a great sense of humor. He’s a film geek, like a number of us.

And did I mention that he sucks cock? Let me reiterate: this boy gives the best head in Manhattan. Women and men alike are wowed by his prowess.

He’s also in a wheelchair, paralyzed from the waist down.

I dropped him a line; he was available to join us for what would be his first sex party.

I invited someone else new to group sex, Theresa, the best friend of my jailbait girlfriend. The two of them have been friends since seventh grade, but only recently have they each discovered that that the other is a pervert.

Turns out they share an affinity for bisexuality and bondage. And that affinity leads them to my welcome mat.

Theresa and I get along well, so with the blessing of our adored mutual friend, we were game to introducing sex into things. Good thing, because our shared friend insisted on it.

Theresa is a Renaissance beauty: twenty-one and fair, with long wavy blonde hair, blue eyes, and lovely white teeth.

Jake could not make it to the party, but he and my jailbait girlfriend were eager to fuck one another—it had been weeks since the last time!—so he stopped by before the party.

As we watched them go at it, Theresa massaged my feet and hands. I was nude, having warmed up her friend as she watched. Tanya stayed dressed. No reason to rush.

Jake left behind a very well-fucked girl; she rested in my arms as I availed myself of Theresa’s skillful cocksucking.

The sun set, the room grew dark . . . she might have taken me all night.

But we had a party to tend. We dressed. I promised her a sound fucking later. We kissed. Deep.

The candles were lit. Music played.

Todd brought the makings of margaritas, eager to get his mind off taxes. I tended bar as guests arrived.

Mr. Ockham pulled me aside. Had I invited Chas?

No, and yet here he was, at the door.

Chas came to our parties via a posting. We tried him out for a few, but there was a general feeling that he was not our kind—too indiscreet to be trusted. A few of our gang had suggested he not be invited to return.

These parties have occurred every two weeks, on the same weeknight, like clockwork, for close to two years. Incredibly, for a group of people who are having sex with one another, there is no squabbling, no backbiting, no drama.

For that to be true, we need to trust one another. If someone violates that trust, or doesn’t understand it, Mr. Ockham and I prepare walking papers.

“No point in unnecessary complications,” Mr. Ockham grimaces as he stamps exit visas.

I don’t think Chas meant to crash the party. He simply knew it was going on—it’s a given on that night of the week.

Glances were exchanged among a few folks when he arrived.

As folks chatted, I discreetly took Chas aside and explained that he would not be able to stay tonight.

He apologized for showing up unannounced. I expressed my regret that I had not explained this in advance.

He stayed a bit longer, to save face, then made his excuses and left.

It was very gentlemanly. As it should be.

We would clear the air the next day.

By the time Chas departed, Lars had taken Reese onto his lap and wheeled her to a bedroom. His first party, and he got the action underway. Another mark in favor of Lars.

Dacia, Todd and Tevin were going at it in another room, lights ablaze.

The rest of us shed our clothes and joined the fray.

Reese was reclined over Lars’s legs, moaning softly and caressing her breasts as he tongued her pussy.

“Best head in Manhattan?” I asked her.

She opened her eyes wide. “Uh huh,” she sighed.

I thought it was time to address unfinished business with Theresa. We kissed as I fucked her on the futon.

Tevin stood nearby, glowing in candle light. I waved him over so that Theresa and I could suck his cock. We traded it back and forth. His cock is long, so that she could focus on its head as I licked the shaft.

I watched her face as we shared his cock; her eyes were closed in concentration, as they had been when she sucked me.

I rose to my knees to concentrate on fucking her. Tevin moved to kneel over her chest, feeding his cock into her mouth.

Another couple fucked next to us.

I watched Tevin’s tempo, regulating my own to complement it. He picked up pace; I followed suite, my hands on his slender hips.

He came, covering her chest and neck. She gasped.

He looked at her, then back at me. “Wow, I really need to fuck you, Theresa. Okay with you, Jefferson?”

Tevin sure has stamina.

I moved aside to watch them fuck. He went at it fast, never mind that he had cum just a moment earlier. It was as if his orgasm had cleared his throat before delivering the main address.

I would have Theresa to myself soon enough.

I was tidying my room as my guests conversed in the living room. Theresa walked by my door.

“Hey you,” I called. “Come here.”

She obeyed. We kissed deeply, falling onto the bed.

Once I was inside her, I reached below my bed and retrieved a rope. I secured her wrists.

She smiled at me, knowing where this was leading. She reads my blog. We chat. She has told me what moves her.

I want to move her.

I fucked her in strong thrusts, holding back her legs, spanking her thighs and ass.

Her eyes were locked on me, adoringly. I liked that, and rewarded her by pulling her hair down, sucking on her sensitive nipples.

She took a strong rough fucking out of me before we fell apart to rest. “I think we are going to get along famously,” I smiled.

“Oh, I think so too,” she smiled back.

We kissed. She seems as fond of kissing as I am.

I went back to check on everyone. The back room was pitch black; the candles had flickered out. I retrieved more.

The bodies emerged from the shadows as I lit candles.

On one bed, Dacia and Tevin, entwined. On the floor, Reese on all fours as Todd fucked her. On another bed, Lars caressing Alice as she fucked John.

Nice. A very lovely set piece.

“Jefferson, I have to tell you,” Lars said. “This is even better than I anticipated. This is a fine party.”

“Thanks Lars. Thanks for finally joining us.”

“He has to come back,” Reese said over her shoulder, as she was fucked. “That boy gives the best head.”

“And I thought you liked me for my personality,” Lars replied, sitting up. “You guys are very cool—it’s been great meeting you, but I’ve got to get home. Hey Jefferson, give me a hand getting back into the chair.”

I lifted Lars into his wheelchair. His shoes were under the bed; I slipped them on his feet, then tossed him his shirt.

John and Alice began to dress as well. Reese and Todd disengaged. The party was winding down.

Or not.

Most of the goodbyes had been made and the candles extinguished. I poured a bourbon and lay in bed with Theresa and Todd.

Todd was talking about his fascination with a pornographic animated Japanese film, Oni-Tensei. He proposed a viewing.

It was after two.

I watched the opening scenes, feeling the night and my jet lag catch up with me. My eyes drooped.

“Go to sleep,” Mr. Ockham suggested. “You don’t have to take care of them. They can take care of themselves.”

I fell asleep as Theresa and Todd began to fuck.

Todd let himself out around five.

Theresa and our mutual friend slept late.

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William Ockham
Occams Razor
Oni Tensei


Anonymous said...

You have a crazy schedule. You flew across the world on sat. and you are back for a fuckfest on monday? Wow

Jefferson said...

My apologies for the confusion, Anonymous.

I am a little behind on blogging due to my trip, so you are reading about some past events.

And they are compressed a bit: one weekend with Madeline gets many posts, a week in the Middle East gets one post.

We'll get caught up soon enough.

Anonymous said...

Good thought i was losing my mind... love ur blog

Jefferson said...

Thanks for understanding, Anonymous.

Jefferson said...

Actually, Anonymous, I did fly across the world on Sunday and was back to a fuckfest on Tuesday.

Such is life!