Friday, April 15, 2005


When Marcus agreed to come up for part of the weekend, he asked if Franz could possibly join us.

Marcus met Franz at one of my gatherings last summer. The two of them hit it off royally, seemingly unable to stop fucking one another. They were great to watch, Marcus with his dark hair and lean body, Franz with his stunning Aryan good looks.

Franz has been unable to join our gatherings for a while, having retreated into monogamy with a new boyfriend. When that relationship ended, he contacted me with the good news/bad news that he was single again, and eager to return to our parties.

Franz was happy to see Marcus and me again, and planned to join us on Sunday evening.

We were dressed when Mitzi arrived, thinking it might be rude to start off nude. Our show of good manners lasted only a few moments. Mitzi watched as the three of us undressed, joking and touching each other familiarly.

She took stock of our easy camaraderie. “It’s like you three just got back from summer camp,” she said.

Mitzi soon lay beside me, and we felt the comfortable familiarity that she and I have. She undressed as we kissed. Madeline joined us there.

Marcus answered the door when Franz arrived. Franz stood clothed in the doorway of my bedroom. “Hello, everyone,” he waved.

“Hi Franz!” I exclaimed from my position under Madeline and next to Mitzi. I made introductions; the women waved hello. I got up to kiss him as he undressed. I had genuinely missed him during his months of monogamy.

Marcus had missed him too. “I really need to fuck you,” he told Franz by way of greeting. Franz was happy to have so direct an invitation. He lay back on the bed. Marcus entered him and was soon pumping away.

Madeline was propped on an elbow, watching them. I stood next to Mitzi’s chair and pulled her face up to suck my cock.

I fucked her as she lay back in the chair. Madeline repositioned herself to watch us as well.

I was eager to try out my new silver bullet, with its two vibrating eggs. I pulled out of Mitzi, threw a pillow on the floor, and kneeled before her.

“What are you going to do, Mister J?” Mitzi cooed.

“I’m going to put a vibrator in your ass and another in your cooch as I eat your clit,” I replied.

“Ooh, thank you, that would be nice.”

I proceeded to do just that. Madeline leaned over the side of the bed, watching as I put condoms on the new sex toys.

Madeline had never been with a woman before. She had never been in a threesome with a woman.

Mitzi writhed with the sensation. I sucked her clit, then stopped for a moment.

“Hmmm, Madeline, can you help me out here? My jaw is aching something fierce,” I lied. “I’m just not sure I can finish the job. Can you give me an assist?”

I adjusted the duvet underneath me to make room for her knees.

“Well,” she said. “We can’t leave Mitzi dangling.” Madeline lowered herself to the floor, and put her lips to Mitzi, taking her first taste of another woman.

“Ummmf,” Mitzi moaned. “It’s so nice to see such a pretty girl down there.” Being with a woman is still new to Mitzi as well.

I kissed and massaged Mitzi’s body, looking up to see that Franz was now fucking Marcus. That’s right boys, I thought. Get it out of your system and come help me with the girls.

Madeline’s body was just too tempting to resist. I lay on the floor and, like a mechanic, scooted underneath to get a look at her chassis. I licked and sucked her pussy as she did the same to Mitzi.

When Madeline had cum, I emerged to find Marcus kneeling on the bed, Franz standing behind, about to enter him again. Marcus’s eyes were closed in ecstasy as he leaned his head back on Franz’s shoulder. He was hard.

I lay back on the bed, taking Marcus in my mouth. He fell forward to reciprocate in sucking my cock. From my intimate vantage, I watched as Franz’s cock went into Marcus.

As they fucked above my eyes, Marcus’s balls jostled on my face, Franz’s balls bouncing on his.

I could hear the women’s excitement as they watched us.

We adjusted positions after a while. I thought surely now the boys will join me with Madeline and Mitzi. Nothing doing—they were soon back at their game of tag team ass fucking.

God, I thought. Get a room, boys.

I resigned myself to taking care of the two women.

I fucked Madeline as Mitzi sucked her tits. When she was nearing orgasm, I pulled out to manipulate her g spot with my fingers. I pressed with two fingers, then three. “More,” she moaned. I lubed and three fingers became four. Four became my fist.

Mitzi’s eyes were wide as I fisted Madeline. This was not something we had done.

Of course, she had to try it herself.

When I pulled out of Madeline, I uncorked a rich flow of girl juice. I smeared it on her torso and triumphantly splashed it in the air.

Later, as Madeline put her mouth to work on the boys, Mitzi put her hand to work on Madeline. I watched from a chair as Mitzi’s fingers became acquainted with Madeline’s innards.

Her face lit up as her fist made it in.

“Look at what I’m doing!” she exclaimed. I looked: she was up to her wrist in Madeline.

“Nicely done, Mitzi,” I commended her.

This turned her on tremendously. She retrieved her hand and set to fucking me.

Madeline decided to bring the mountain to Mohammed. She joined the boys as they fucked. Soon she had Franz in her ass.

He came as he fucked her.

When he went to wash up, Madeline gloated, “I got the gay boy to cum with my ass!” She got a high five on that.

Franz showered and dressed. Marcus was eating Madeline when he returned to say goodbye. He looked nice, as if he had a dinner engagement.

Marcus stood and kissed Franz on the cheek, giving him a nice cologne of pussy. The poor fellow went back to wash his face before departing.

With Franz gone, Marcus could return to the rest of us. He was impressed by the fisting action. He held his hand up to Mitzi’s and noted how much smaller her hand was than his. He held a hand to Madeline’s.

“Madeline,” he asked sweetly. “Will you fist me?” The tone in his voice suggested he might well drop to one knee to propose.

“Of course. I’d be honored.” It was a first for each of them. Another in a series of firsts.

I caressed Marcus and held him as she set to work, lubing a hand and working her fingers into him. Mitzi joined me in touching him.

Soon Madeline had her fist in him, pumping gently as he rocked to her motion, moaning.

I caught her eye. Somehow I had felt she was watching me. We smiled at one another.

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Mitzi said...

Eh hem...

Not to suggest you lack the good manners you claim to have in waiting for me to begin...

How could I complain considering the weekend I imagined the two of you, and then the three of you were having...

"We were dressed when Mitzi arrived..."

If Dressed means Marcus answering the door in nothing but his vibrantly colored briefs, and Madeline sitting on the couch with naked legs bent into a lovely mermaid pose, wearing nothing but a Blue (or was it Green?) T-shirt, then yes... you were all Dressed when I arrived.

Anonymous said...


Jefferson said...

I'm glad I added that caveat about my meory being unreliable . . .

I suppose our friends' manners had gone the way of their clothing, Mitzi.

I hope I at least had the decency to answer the door clothed?

Not that it mattered five minutes later . . .

Marla said...

I want me a fisting. I think 4 is our high right now, right Jefferson?

Jefferson said...

That's right, Marla. We are thiiiiiiiis close.

I have my thumb on a diet. We'll get there.

marcus said...

i think its the fleshy part of the palm, just UNDER the thumb, thats the most challenging. jefferson, maybe you could put that part on a diet instead?

Jefferson said...

Would you recommend liposuction, Marcus?

Madeline Glass said...

Don't you DARE!
Practice makes perfect.

And Marcus, I don't know what you're talking about; YOU never fisted ME!

SlutGirl said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Fisting. Yummy.