Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Tess's Bitch

Tess had assumed it would be a platonic date.

A reader had sent a note saying that she enjoyed Tess’s blog, especially as she, too, was a novice submissive bisexual in an open relationship. After some correspondence, they decided to meet for dinner.

Tess was early. She passed the time by buying restraints at Babeland.

Gina met Tess outside the restaurant. Tess discovered that her correspondent was rather beautiful.

Dinner was put on hold when Tess and Gina allowed themselves to be picked up at a bar by a "pot-bellied freak."

He led the two women back to his apartment, where he promptly set the mood by doing a few lines of coke. The women passed on his offer to share.

As the pot-bellied freak struggled in vain to get hard—for cocaine and erections do not mix—the two attractive women he was failing to fuck busied themselves by playing with one another’s breasts. The pot-bellied freak watched, flopping his useless cock as he yammered about his “really hot girlfriend.”

Tess grew bored of the limp-dicked cokehead pot-bellied freak. She buttoned her blouse and took her new girlfriend to dinner.

Over a meal at an Ethiopian restaurant, their conversation naturally turned to submission and blogs.

“And Jefferson’s blog,” Tess said, picking up spicy potatoes with folded bread. “You have to read that.” She took a bite, and then added. “He’d love you. He would eat you up.”

“Oh, really?” Gina said. She took a sip of water. “Huh.”

Shortly afterwards, I received an email.

Tess told me to email you, so I am, because of course I do what she tells me to do. ;-)

Gina said she enjoyed reading my blog, especially the parts about parenting, as she had two young children of her own. She concluded:

I would love to meet you sometime. And Tess seems to think you'll like me. ;-) So, there is that LOL.


We traded notes. She had a sense of humor. It seemed Tess had made a good call.

We traded photographs. She had long red hair. It seemed Tess had made a very good call.

I contacted Tess to ask what she thought of her new friend. “Jefferson, don’t you get enough play without stealing my bitches?” she teased. “Actually, you’ll like Gina. She’s really sweet. And God, her skin—so pale and translucent, so milky!”

I thanked Tess and made a date with Gina. She said she could meet for a few hours, as her husband would watch the kids.

“Oh, you’re married?” I asked.

“No. Well, yes. It’s a long story. I’ll tell you when we meet.”

I agreed. After all, I’m accustomed to long stories.

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