Thursday, February 01, 2007

Dirtyspoke Awards

The results are in on the Dirtyspoke 2006 Sex Blog Awards!

Yours truly is an also-ran in the categories of Best Sex Blog and Best Male Sex Blog, but then again, yours truly is an also-fan of the winners—Best Sex Blog IlyanaLanai and Best Male Sex Blog Figleaf’s Real Adult Sex. Congrats, Sister Ilyana and Brother Figleaf!

Double congratulations to you, Ilyana, for being the oh-so-sexy Sexiest Sex Blogger. (Figleaf, don’t you never doubt your smoking hot ass. You’ve got my four-one-one, yo.)

Now, with the results in, I guess I’ll just return my rented tuxedo and borrowed jewels before heading home . . . but wait, what’s that? Best Group Sex Blog? Viviane’s Sex Carnival?

Yee-haw! That’s me in the second row, beaming as our doyenne Viviane accepts the award on behalf of her stalwarts. She’s gracious to do so, as we all know she does so much work and deserves so much credit. She makes a great deal happen for anyone concerned with sex blogs, especially those of us lucky enough to know her.

Maybe it’s the victory champagne going to my head, but I’m all verklempt to see Chelsea Girl win Best Female Sex Blog. Mind you, I’ll wipe my tears in time to focus on those pretty dumb things at the podium. Badunkadunk. Oh dang, her brain keeps interfering with the view.

Thanks again, Dirtyspoke, for conceiving the awards. If we’re not still kicking ass in 2007, come kick our asses.

Oh, and say, while you are over at Dirtyspoke, be sure to read coverage on Confessions from an Unmanageable Life, and to hear an excerpt read on Playboy Radio. Those Dirtyspoke gals, I tell you: they have their fingers on the pulse—the best of 2006 and the best of what emerges now.


Viviane said...

Thank you, my dear. We all have lots to celebrate this weekend.

Ilyana said...

Congrats Viviane:):)!!!

Jefferson,you are awesome, seriously...

chelsea girl said...

Thanks, Jefferson. I am part of such an incandescant group I can hardly spell or punctuate. So I'm just going to continue writhing around on the floor ululating while fondling my pretty dumb things.

chelsea girl

Bianca said...

but the blowjobs! what about the blowjobs?

I voted for you, by the way.