Friday, February 09, 2007

It Took Dominion Everywhere

Behind her dark hair, behind her glasses, her pale eyes must have widened.

For I had reached into the metropolis and produced Clark Kent.

“I’m Wilson,” he said, offering her his hand.

“Esther,” Nicole said, taking his hand.

“Pleased to meet you, Esther,” he smiled.

“May I take your coat?” I said to his back. “Wilson? Your coat?”

He turned to me. “Oh, right.” He tugged an arm from his coat as his eyes returned to Nicole.

He draped his coat over an arm. “So, are you visiting New York, Esther?”

“May I take your coat, Wilson?” I repeated.

“Oh right, I’m sorry,” he turned to me. I took the coat and suggested we move into the living room.

Wilson sat in a chair. Nicole sat close to my side.

We exchanged pleasantries. Wilson learned that Nicole is a Southerner. We learned that Wilson came from the Midwest to work as a model.

“You’re certainly handsome,” Nicole said, coolly stating this matter of observable fact.

“Thanks, that’s nice of you to say.” He paused, scratching a temple. “You know, I have to say . . . well, when you didn’t have a picture of your girlfriend, I thought . . . well, I thought that I should expect someone . . . well, someone not that pretty. But Esther, you are really a gorgeous girl.”

“Thanks,” she nodded, accepting his compliment as yet another fact to be acknowledged.

“Gorgeous,” he repeated, his eyes on her.

“You thought you might not be attracted to her,” I teased. “And yet, here you are. You dog.”

He laughed. “Well, yeah, I guess I am. But I liked your picture, and, well, that’s what I was being asked to do.”

This was the correct response.

“Oh yes, your assignment,” I said, trailing a finger on Nicole’s bare leg. “Let’s get started on that. How about you undress for us?”

He raised his eyebrows. “You mean here? Now?”

“No better time nor place.”

“Uh, sure. Why not?” Wilson stood and began to unbutton his shirt. His eyes watched my finger on Nicole’s leg. She was seated against me. I could hear her breathing accelerate as she braced for the unknown of a man’s body. An unknown man’s body.

I turned to lightly kiss her hair.

Wilson tossed his shirt in a chair, paused a moment, and then raised his undershirt as he stepped from his shoes.

I gently brushed the hair from Nicole’s face.

Wilson looked into her eyes as he unzipped his pants. He stepped from one leg, and then another. The pants joined his shirt in the chair.

He brought his knees up to remove his socks. I traced Nicole’s kneecap.

He stood. He ran his thumbs under the waistband of his snug-fitting shorts. Slowly, he lowered them to the floor.

He stood and smiled.

“May we just appreciate you for a moment, Wilson?” I asked.

“Sure, of course.” He stood with his arms to his sides.

“Did you ever see such a statuesque man . . . Esther?” I whispered.

She shook her head. My fingers traveled from one leg to another.

“His face is so attractive . . . his hair is so full and wavy and black . . . his eyes so dark . . .”

I caressed an inner thigh, parting her legs slightly.

“And that body . . . such broad shoulders and defined arms . . . that wide chest and smooth skin . . .”

My fingers vanished under her mini skirt.

“Those thick, strong legs . . .”

A finger vanished into her body.

She drew a breath.

“And that cock. So thick, unlike mine, with those big smooth balls . . .”

A second finger joined the first.

“Two men are here now, two men who find you so—what was Wilson’s word?—'gorgeous' . . . two handsome men who look nothing like one another . . . spread your legs, girl. I want to show your pussy to the handsome stranger.”

Nicole leaned back, adjusting as she spread her legs. I lifted the skirt.

“Such a pretty girl,” I said.

“She is really is gorgeous,” Wilson said, his voice low and slightly reverential. His cock was growing full.

“Yeah, she is,” I nodded, certain that she noticed my use of the third person. I looked down. “Very tight pussy, though. She’s not yet much more than a virgin.”

“Hot, man,” Wilson said, touching himself.

“I think that before we do anything else, Esther, I’m going to fuck you.” I took my fingers from her body and stood.

“Okay,” she said lightly.

“Wilson, please pick up Esther and carry her to my bedroom. Follow me.” I turned and walked down a hallway, not looking back.

I stood by the bed waiting as Wilson came to the bedroom door holding Nicole in his arms. Her arms were draped on his wide shoulders, her head resting against his cheek.

He turned to one side to clear the doorframe.

“Put her on the bed, please,” I requested.

The dark-haired stranger gently placed the hourglass teenager on my bed. Wilson stood to one side, looking to me. Nicole instinctive drew back her legs.

“Sweet Esther,” I said, crawling over her legs. “Let’s show Wilson what you’ve learned since yesterday.”

She looked at Wilson. “It’s a lot,” she grinned.

“I can imagine,” he nodded.

I removed her glasses, placing them on a nightstand. I raised her shirt and unfastened her bra. I kissed her neck and sternum, her breasts and belly, taking my time until I reached her skirt.

I unfastened a clasp and lowered a zipper. She lifted her hips as I pulled the skirt slowly down the length of her legs.

“Shit,” Wilson whispered, devout.

I kissed her cunt.

“Wilson is impressed by your beauty,” I said quietly. “He doesn’t know about your mind.”

I darted a tongue to her clit. She squirmed.

I slide over her body to her ear. “You’re lying to Wilson. Stop it.”

She turned to face Wilson. “My name is really Nicole.”

He smiled. “My name is really Wilson.”

“Thank you,” I said. I stood and quickly removed my shirt and pants. Nicole looked up at me, watching me return to a form more familiar to her. My nudity was her blanket.

I raised an arm and pointed to Wilson. “He’s beautiful,” I said. “Do you want to fuck him?”

She looked to Wilson, then back to me. “No.” She edged her body towards mine, spreading her thighs as she moved. “I’m particular. I want you.”

This was the correct response.

I took deliberate care in rolling on a condom. I made it a show for four eyes, two so pale, two so dark.

She sighed as I entered her. I moved slowly, back and forth, giving her my full length and then taking it back, again and again.

Her moistness spread the fullness of my cock.

I began to move faster.

“Yeah, man,” Wilson said, moving to crouch on the bed near us. “Fuck that pussy, man. Fuck her.”

I stopped, holding her calves in my grip. I looked down to Nicole. “You can blow him.”

She looked over and took his cock in her hand. “Good,” she smiled. Wilson moved closer.

“It’s only her second blowjob,” I told Wilson.

“Actually, it’s my ninth,” she said, swallowing him.

Sweet girl, I thought as I renewed my thrusts. During a month in which I was counting the number of people who blew me, she was counting each and every time she puts a dick in her mouth.

“Unh, shit, yeah,” Wilson sighed, falling forward. “Suck that cock, slut.”

Nicole’s throat murmured.

I fucked into her hard. Wilson moved forward to feed his cock into her. He pressed against my shoulders for support.

I put an arm around him, kissing his neck.

He turned his face to kiss me, passionate and wild. I took his hair in hand, giving him my mouth as my flesh moved into Nicole’s body.

It was a little after nine on a cold, clear January night. Lighted specks defined the Manhattan skyline in an accumulation of countless right angles.

Behind one of those countless specks, in my bedroom, a little after nine on a cold, clear January night, our isosceles was the most beautiful, heroic form in my metropolis.


Anonymous said...

This takes the cake for least descriptive post title. Folks'll never find it in Google.

Anonymous said...

Dito- these titles aren't making as much sense these days-

Are you taking a page from Cody's book?

Anonymous said...

If you're not getting the titles, Anonymous and Anonymous, then perhaps the titles aren't for you. Enjoy what you enjoy.

Anonymous said...

I dont know. Im still looking for the sardines.

Nicole said...

Edify yourselves! Wallace Stevens deserves your appreciation as much as the most prurient smut.

"Call the roller of big cigars,
The muscular one, and bid him whip
In kitchen cups concupiscent curds."