Friday, February 09, 2007

Fleshbot and Emo

This week’s Sex Blog Roundup at Fleshbot takes us into the boy’s room to find that the fellows come in all flavors—from porn star to devoted hubby, from philosopher to sissy. Be careful, though; these gents are the ones your mama warned you about.

Except Rupert. Even my mama couldn’t have dreamed this one up. I crush on him for his wit, of course, never minding that big dick he can’t seem to keep off the Internet.

Speaking of size queens, allow me to introduce Cody, a raven-haired twenty-one-year-old emo kid who has been wearing holes in my welcome mat for more months than I can count.

She cuts and repieces herself at (deep breath) I Do Not Like Titles, Though Sometimes I Conform. As the blog's name suggests, Cody is the sensitive sort whose mind often fluctuates between the settings for "easy" and "excruciating."

Those of you who stalk me across blogs will find me there, making her life easy and excruciating by turns.

Take a visit. Tell her I sent you, and let her know: nothing she can say can stop me going on.


Anonymous said...

Size queen?

As in, like, height?

I'm not very tall, frankly.

Anonymous said...

That's a hella long title to put in a blogroll.