Saturday, February 24, 2007


He fidgeted as he sat nude on my couch.

I didn’t have much to do at the moment, so I tucked my phone into my pocket and sat next to him.

I extended a hand. “Hey, my name is Jefferson. This is my place.”

He smiled and took my hand. His grip seemed confused in mine. “Hi, I’m Andrew. This is a nice apartment. This isn’t Mister J’s place?”

“Thanks. No, ‘Mister J’ is Jimmy, the guy you met at the door. He organizes these parties, and we co-host them here.” A naked man walked past. He waved at me. I waved back. I turned to Andrew. “I haven’t seen you here before. Have you been to many parties like this?”

Andrew laughed. “Uh, no.”


“Try ‘none.’”

“Well, you picked a good one to start with,” I smiled. “We do this every two weeks, and . . .” My pants began to ring. I retrieved the phone. “Excuse me, Andrew . . . Hello? Yes? And who sent you? Very good . . . come in and take the elevator. Knock so we hear you.” I returned the phone to my pocket.

“That’s a handy pocket,” he grinned.

“Well yes, my pants do have their uses.”

“Do you ever take them off?” he asked.

“Typically, eventually. Jimmy does all the hard work for these parties, but I help with the door. So I stay dressed for a bit at the beginning. Why, were you interested in getting me naked?”

“Maybe,” he shrugged. His cock flopped from one thigh to another, waking slightly. I kept my eyes on his.

“Cute, Andrew. How old are you?”


“Cool. And what are you into?”

He shrugged again. “I haven’t done that much, really.”

I patted his thigh. “Well, let’s take care of that, shall we? You sit tight—let me just relinquish my responsibilities to Mister J.”

Andrew nodded, looking past me as another naked man passed. His cock was now fully alert.

I found Jimmy in the kitchen, processing another guest.

“Okay, sweetie, here’s your bag . . . just take off your clothes and seal them inside so everything will be all nice and secure. Let me write a nametag for it . . .”

I put a hand on Jimmy’s shoulder. “Can you manage the door? I’m going to, uh, you know . . .”

“Oh sure, doll, of course. Go make the natives happy. Did you see that black boy, the twink with the big dick?”

“We met, yes.” I grinned.

“Doll, I know your type. Go make a man of him.” He turned back to the man stripping in the kitchen. “Your name is Freddy, right? Is that with a ‘y’ or ‘ie?’”

I returned to the couch and held out my hand. “Come with me, Andrew. Let’s watch the action.”

Andrew stood and took my hand. I led him before me, my hands on his shoulders.

My eyes dropped to his firm, high ass.

I led him into my bedroom. Tonight, all the men were congregating there.

I unzipped my shorts and tugged off my t-shirt, tucking them into a closet. I leaned against the wall, pulling Andrew’s wrist. “C’mere, baby, let’s watch together.”

I turned him to face the men on my bed, and pulled him back against me. My belly pressed into his back. I wrapped my arms around his chest, and kissed the back of his ear.

“Do you like the view?” I whispered.

He nodded. “Incredible,” he answered, slightly hoarse.

“Look at that guy kneeling on the bed. Watch the way his back muscles are moving.” My right hand roamed Andrew’s torso. “And the man he’s fucking, that tension in his thigh.” I lowered my hand to Andrew’s thigh. My fingers moved lightly across his flesh.

I kissed his neck as I brushed his erection. He quivered. “Hmm, so responsive,” I murmured. I adjusted so that my own erection fit between his thighs. “Can you feel my response to your body?”

“Yes,” he whispered.

“Turn around, Andrew.” He turned in my arms. I raised my hands to his face and pulled him into a kiss. His lips were soft. I lightly brushed them with mine, gently flicking his mouth open with my tongue.

He moaned as our tongues met. “You’re so sexy,” he whispered into me.

“You are so beautiful, Andrew,” I answered. “Sweet, sweet Andrew.”

His mouth moved down my neck, kissing my chest and nipples. I flinched impulsively. “God,” he said. He moved his mouth down my belly, slowly, breathing loudly, until he reached my cock.

He licked and teased my belly and thighs. I began to quake at his gentle insistence.

He lowered himself to his knees and sucked me.

I looked down, running my fingers through his short-cropped hair. “That’s so good, baby, so good,” I said, letting my eyes roll back.

Another man stood by my side. We had fooled around before, at another party, though I didn’t get his name. He was tall and Dutch, with a head of thick gray hair. He began to kiss my neck and shoulders, tracing a hand on Andrew’s neck.

“You two are the hottest thing in this room,” he whispered.

“Us three, you mean,” I said. I bit his ear and rested my hand on his lower back. “I’m going to fuck you tonight, ja?

He smiled. “I did hope so, ja, graag.

I nodded. “Andrew, baby? Stand up and come with us.” I kept my hand on Andrew’s shoulder as he stood. He began to kiss me again.

“Come, come,” I said. “You’re going to help me fuck the handsome man.”

I took the pair into another room. As I fucked the Dutchman, Andrew watched, commenting quietly, stopping now and then to kiss me.

“I can’t get over how sexy you are,” he told me.

“Andrew, you just keep talking,” I told him, staying deep inside the Dutchman.

In time, the Dutchman came. He thanked us and left to wash up.

I nodded in reply, already losing myself in Andrew’s kisses. There’s nothing hotter, I thought, than someone so aroused by being so close.

The party thinned out. I didn’t pay any attention.

Jimmy came back to tell me the last guest was gone. I told him to close the door behind him.

I was over Andrew, pressing my cock into his. I fell down to kiss him again. We were alone now.

“I’ve never been with anyone like you,” he sighed.

“There’s no one like me,” I smiled. He laughed. “How many people have you been with, anyway?”

“Three, now. Well, four, of you count the guy you fucked.”

“I like my odds in such a small coterie.” I nuzzled into his neck.

He rolled over me, kissing me. I kept my eyes open to watch him glow in the candlelight, feeling his soft, soft lips on me.

The front door opened and closed.

Andrew looked up. “What was that?” he asked.

“Hmm? Oh, that’s my girlfriend,” I replied, kissing his neck.

He pulled back. “Are you serious?” he whispered. “Do I need to hide, or . . .”

“Shh, it’s okay, baby,” I smiled, putting a finger to his lips. “She’s used to leftovers.”

Shelby knocked as she pushed open the bedroom door. “Having fun?” she smirked.

“Yes, baby. Come here, this is Andrew.”

“Hey, Andrew,” she said, coming around the bed. “Nice to meet you.” She leaned forward to peck my cheek. “Good party, man?”

“I wouldn’t know,” I said. “I was too busy making out with Andrew to notice.” I held his hand over my chest. He turned to look at me, then back to Shelby.

Shelby sat in a chair and bent to remove her socks. “Ow, ow,” she grimaced.

“You okay?” I asked.

“Yeah, just sore. Dinner with Jake got interesting.”

Andrew looked back to me.

“Interesting? How so?” I asked.

“Well, you know we were meeting for Mexican, right? So I wanted to take him out, since he’s nice enough to deal with me while you’ve got your frigging boy party . . .”

“I have to send Shelby away when I have the boys,” I explained to Andrew. “No girls allowed.”

“Oh,” he nodded.

“Yeah, so, anyway, I took the check when it came. So he said, ‘Since you got dinner, I’ll get the hotel room.’”

“Really?” I exclaimed. “Was that the plan?”

“Psssh, no, it wasn’t the plan, or I would’ve told you. So I said, ‘You’re nuts,’ and he said he knew a place right there on Saint Mark’s . . .”

“Let me ask you: did Jake choose the restaurant?”

“Yeah,” she nodded. Her brow furrowed as she processed that detail.

“Damn, he’s good. Okay, go on.”

“So he says he can get a room for an hour and says he wants me to blow him. I said, ‘No effing way unless you fuck me, too.’ So he said all right.”

“Uh huh,” I said, wrapping my hand on Andrew’s cock. He was hard from her story.

“So that’s it. We got a room, and we had sex. So now I’ve been fucked in a rent-by-the-hour hotel. Now I’m a real whore.” She laughed.

“As if there were any remaining doubt,” I said, stroking Andrew.

“Seriously.” She squirmed in the chair. “But he did that rough shit, so I’m out of commission. Nothing left for you, Jefferson.”

“We’ll try tomorrow morning,” I winked. “I’m glad you had fun.”

Andrew laughed. “You two have a very interesting relationship,” he said.

“You don’t know the half of it,” I said, squeezing him. “But now that my girl is home, I need to get rid of you. Let me get you off and send you away.”

I rolled him on his back and lowered my mouth to his cock.

“Don't you want to play?” Andrew asked Shelby.

“No way, man, I’m broken. Have fun.” She sat back to watch.

I bobbed my head on Andrew’s cock, taking him to my throat. Andrew wriggled as my fingers caressed his body. “He’s most sensuous man I’ve ever met,” he sighed to Shelby.

“Yeah, he likes sex,” she agreed.

I was aware of Shelby’s eyes on me as I demonstrated what I had learned from her many lessons on my body.

“Look at this cock,” I gasped, coming up for air. “This boy is huge.”

“Black boys have big dicks, man,” Shelby nodded. “Anyway, I’ve seen enough big dick for one night.”

I blew Andrew to the best of my abilities, but after a while, I threw in the towel.

“All right, kid,” I said, kissing his belly. “You need to skeedaddle.”

“Oh, okay,” he said, sitting up. “Well, thanks for a fun night.”

I kissed him. “Here’s to more.”

He chatted with Shelby as he dressed. He leaned to kiss her cheek awkwardly, uncertain of the etiquette of departures in such circumstances. I put on shorts to walk him out.

We traded phone numbers and kissed at the door.

Shelby was standing when I returned, dropping her bra to the chair. She unzipped her jeans.

“Cute kid,” I smiled, lowering my shorts.

She wriggled her jeans down her bare hips. “He’s too young for you, Jefferson,” chastised my jailbait girlfriend.

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