Saturday, February 10, 2007

Dance the Orange

I held Nicole close as we kissed. Wilson was on his knees, watching and exploring her body with his hands.

“What’s this on your ass?” he asked.

Nicole turned to look at him. “My stripes.”

“She took a caning last night,” I explained, rolling my fingers down her spine. I kissed her nose. “And a flogging.” Another kiss. “And a spanking.” Another kiss.

“Hot, man,” Wilson said. His hand gently ran up her back, touching me as our hands crossed paths. “And these circles?”

“My markings,” Nicole said.

“I bite her,” I explained.

“And here?” he touched her bruised left breast.

“My spots,” Nicole said.

“I grab her,” I explained.

“That’s so hot,” he said. “Do you like it when he takes you like that? When he gives it to you rough?”

She nestled into my neck. “Very much.”

I turned to kiss her, taking a cheek in my palm.

“You two are so gorgeous together,” the gorgeous man said. He nodded to the camera on my nightstand. “Would you like me to take some pictures?”

“That would be nice,” I murmured into her mouth. I closed my eyes, intent on her kiss and touch as the flash pinkened the insides of my lids.

“So hot,” Wilson repeated. “So sexy.” Our male model was an encouraging photographer.

I opened my eyes. “I want photos of you with Wilson,” I said, brushing away her hair. “You are both such pretty creatures.”

“Sure,” she said. “What do you want us to do?”

“I want you to kiss him and ignore me,” I said. I put her hand in Wilson’s. I leaned forward to kiss her goodbye. I left the bed.

I adjusted some lights. I sat quietly, watching, making myself invisible.

I walked around the bed, looking for angles.

I shot still after still.

Wilson took Nicole into rough kisses. She responded with the fervor we had tapped.

I took photographs.

In time, I put down my camera and sat next to the writhing couple.

“Wilson,” I said, petting his hair. “You are here to do something for us.”

He looked up from Nicole’s breast. “I wondered if you had forgotten.”

“My memory is very good where some things are concerned,” I said, wrapping an arm around Nicole’s neck. “Suck my dick, handsome man.”

He looked up at Nicole. “Do you want to watch me suck his cock?”

“Yeah,” she said, resting a hand on my belly.

“Say it.”

“Yeah, I want to watch you suck that cock,” she said, flatly.

“Yeah? You gonna get wet watching me suck that cock? That cock that fucks you?” He took my cock his large hand.

I giggled. Nicole looked up. I laughed at her expression.

“I’m sorry,” I said, biting my lip. “Dirty talk makes me laugh. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Proceed.”

Nicole slapped my stomach. She looked down at Wilson. “Yeah, I want to watch you suck that big cock. I want you to lick my pussy off his dick. Now shut the fuck up and do it.”

I squeezed Nicole’s arm. Locked away in her extensive vocabulary was one nasty trash-talking bitch.

Wilson smiled, turned on by her dominance.

He took my cock his mouth, bobbing his head furiously.

“Oh, nice, nice,” I sighed. “Girl, you make that cocksucker work.” I placed her hand on the nape of his neck, nodding that she should press down.

“Take it all,” she ordered.

“Yeah, boy,” I added. “This little girl just started sucking cock and she’s got you beat. You going to be bested by a teenager?”

His eyes were wide as he pumped more furiously.

“Deep, God damn it,” I said, pressing down on his neck with Nicole’s hand.

He plunged down, gagging. “Fucking amateur,” I chided.

“Swallow it,” Nicole ordered.

He grunted, working furiously as drool pooled on my balls. I rested my hands on his freckled shoulders, feeling his tense muscles.

Nicole picked up the camera, snapping as he blew me. He performed for her, aroused by the risk he took by sucking cock for her lens.

She passed the camera to me. I shot him again.

“We may need to do something different with this one,” I said, putting aside the camera. “I think he needs a lesson.”

Nicole looked at me. “You want me to blow you so he can learn?”

“No,” I said. “I want him to suck your cock.”

Wilson looked up at me. “Get off my dick, boy.” I grabbed his hair.

He pulled off, gasping. Spittle connected his lips to my cock. “That’s good and wet,” I said, stroking with his drool, aiming my cock into his lips. “You’ve got promise, cocksucker. Let’s see what you can do for the girl.”

I swung a leg over his head and stood. I went to a cabinet and found my other cock.

“Come here, Nicole.” She joined me beside the bed.

“Oh shit, are you kidding?” Wilson said. “That’s so hot, man.”

“You’ve never used a strap on, I assume,” I asked Nicole, kneeling before her. I kissed her sandy curls.

“No, never,” she said.

“Another virginity, gone. Step into these straps.” I stood, adjusting the straps on her hips. “Comfortable?” I asked, standing behind her.

“Yes, that feels fine.”

“Good.” I put my hands on her hips, gyrating them. “Now wiggle your cock for the boy.”

Wilson moved forward on the bed.

“You think you can handle my dick, Wilson?” Nicole asked.

“Oh my God, you are so hot,” he said, his voice barely audible.

“And you are so redundant,” she said, moving forward. “Suck this.” Nicole dropped her cock into his mouth, thrusting.

It took her a moment, but she shortly had the feel for fucking with her new cock.

“Flip him,” I said. “I want his ass.”

Nicole lay back on the pillows. Wilson lay between her legs on his belly, sucking her.

“Raise your ass, boy,” I said, grabbing his hip.

He complied, his body writhing.

I slapped his muscular ass. “Hold it steady, boy.” He steadied himself for a moment before his instincts took over, causing him to push and twist his hips.

I lubed a finger, slipping it into him.

“He’s never been fucked,” I told Nicole.

“Is that true?” she asked Wilson.

He grunted.

“Do you want to see him get fucked?” I asked, stroking my cock.

“I would really like that,” Nicole nodded.

“Tell him,” I said.

She held Wilson’s face in her hands. “I want to see you get fucked. I want you to get fucked while you suck my dick.”

Wilson looked at her, his eyes wide, and nodded, taking her cock deep.

“Such a good boy,” I said, taking my finger from his ass. I rolled on a condom, lubing his hole. I held his hips. “God damn it, stop moving so much,” I ordered. I spanked him.

He was still. “Good boy,” I repeated. I put my cock against his hole and pressed in slightly.

He fell forward, away from me.

“You fucking pussy,” I reprimanded. “That girl took her first ass fucking last night with no complaints. And you shy from it?” I spanked him. “Look at you, a big, muscular grown man, a bigger wuss than a teenage girl.”

He sucked her cock furiously.

I was talking tough, but I knew I had to try a different approach. I wanted him to get this if he could take it, and I wanted Nicole to see anything she wanted to see.

I raised his hips again. I gave him a finger, gently working his hole. I reached for his cock and pulled it back. I blew him as I worked his hole.

Wilson’s head was exploding with sensation. He had Nicole’s thick cock fucking his face, my mouth fucking his cock, and my finger fucking his ass.

Sudden he jumped up. He sprung off the bed.

“Fuck man, what was that?”

“A second finger,” I smiled. “Too much?”

“Holy shit, man. Is that what it’ll feel like when you fuck me?”

“No. That’s what it will feel like when I fuck you with two fingers. A cock is different.” I stood up. “Here, let’s try something else. Get back on the bed, on your back.”

“Are you going to fuck me?”

“No.” I reached for a box under my nightstand. “She is.”

“With that?” he exclaimed, pointing to her cock.

“No,” I said, sitting up. “With this.” I held up a lean dildo, slightly smaller than my cock. “Spread your legs, Wilson.” I picked up a condom and handed the lube to Nicole.

“Grease his hole,” I told her.

She looked down. She had never played with a man’s ass.

“Here, baby.” I lifted his smooth, shaved balls to expose his smooth, shaved perineum. “He’s got a very sweet pussy, Nicole. Very lucky for your first.” I took her fingers in mine. “Now, lube his hole like this, pressing in . . . good, firm but not too much . . . keep your nails away . . .”

Wilson groaned. “You all right, Wilson?” she asked.

His eyes were wide again. “Yes, yeah, God you are so hot.”

I smiled. “You’ve got him in your power, pale eyes. Okay, so now push in this dildo. There will be some resistance at his sphincter and he will push back. Then, press forward to clear that. Okay?”

“Right,” she said. She positioned the dildo on his hole and began to push.

“Oh, fuck!” Wilson groaned. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

“Good,” I said calmly. “Now press through.”

Nicole pushed passed his resistance. His face opened in amazement.

“Oh my God,” he gasped. “Oh my God, oh fuck, yeah.”

“Good.” I kissed Nicole. “Feel your way.” I leaned to her ear. “In a moment, you can fuck the shit out of him,” I whispered.

She nodded. “Right.”

His mouth dropped open as he watched her work him. Her hair was pushed away from her face. She was silent as her unearthly eyes bored into his.

She started to fuck him hard.

I took photographs.

He took a long, solid fucking from the gorgeous girl with the insistent cock.

We rested afterwards. I closed a door and opened windows, allowing them to smoke in my bedroom.

Wilson mentioned a recent divorce. Nicole asked about that. Wilson said that he had been married for ten years without much of a sex life. Now, he was amazed by how great sex could be.

“Sounds like someone I know,” she said, looking at me.

“I can’t get over you two,” Wilson said, sitting on a chair. “You seriously just met?”

“Yeah, yesterday,” Nicole said, taking a drag. “Well, after a correspondence.” I sat against her body, caressing her hips.

“And you just came to the city to see him?” he said, flipping an ash.


“Why? What made you want to meet an older man?”

She reached to the ashtray. “Well, he’s a writer. He writes about sex, and writes about it well. I wanted sex like the sex he writes about.”

“So you like it that he’s a writer?”

“Yeah,” she exhaled. “And experienced.”

“So it’s cool that he’s older?”

“I prefer it, actually. But I like that he’s smart. And, well . . . look at him.”

I grinned. Wilson laughed.

“Yeah, that’s good too. So, what happened when you got here? Did you meet someplace or go out or . . .”

“No, I just came here.”

“And what happened?”

“Well, he opened the door. And then he undressed me . . .”

“Just like that?” Wilson took another cigarette. “Just like that? He undressed you? What were you wearing? Anything sexy?”

“She looked so incredible,” I said.

She squeezed my leg.

“Seriously? I bet. Hey, can you go put on what you were wearing?”

“What, now?” Nicole said. “Sure, no problem.” She put out her cigarette and left the room.

Wilson watched her leave.

“You are one lucky man,” he grinned.

“I’m well aware of that,” I smiled. “And thanks for joining us. You’ve been great. Very respectful.”

“I know I’m lucky to be here, man.”

Nicole returned to the bedroom door, looking just as she had when she first arrived at my front door. She wore her heels, her cap and her coat closed.

“Wow, so you showed up in heels?” Wilson said, standing.

“Yes, I thought that was a nice touch,” she said.

“And so what did he do? Take your coat?” Wilson reached for her lapel.

“Yes, the coat was the first to go.”

Wilson took her coat, tossing it on a chair. “And what next? The hat?”

“Very good. It was the hat that was next to go.”

Wilson took her hat. “I bet the shirt was next.”

“You are a mind reader,” she nodded.

I watched as Wilson relived the first moments I had spent with Nicole, mentally jotting details, thinking it was amusing that I would later write the same scene twice, but with different male leads.

Soon, Nicole was nude but for her heels.

“Did he leave the heels for last?” Wilson asked.


“Oh, yeah. They look so hot,” he said, holding her waist. “That’s just what I would’ve done.”

“Evidently,” she said, kissing him.

I left them alone. I went to the bar and poured a bourbon.

When I returned, I watched them take one last tumble. I put down my glass and picked up my camera.

As they lay in one another’s arms afterwards, I told Wilson it was time for him to go.

He kissed Nicole and dressed. I walked him to the door. He shook my hand.

“I didn’t want to say this in front of her,” he whispered. “I didn’t know if it would be appropriate. But I know other hot girls who would love this.”

I smiled. “I’ve heard that before, handsome man. But play your cards right, and you may’ve just meet your new best friend.”

I kissed him, full on the mouth.

I locked the door behind him and returned to the girl in my bed.


frog said...

The stripes are beautiful. =)

e jerry said...

We are most amused. It's been a while since I've had playtime like that; a bi-married guy and his erstwhile BBW lesbian girlfriend. She liked watching boys play and he thoroughly enjoyed both her pussy and my cock.

I think one of my favorite things to do (to say nothing of fantasize about) is a scene where I've got a man with a perfectly shaped ass who's really good at cunnilingus going at a woman really well so that I can slip up behind him and eat his ass out.

Among other things. *clears throat*

Bianca said...

I love her shoes!

MsSweetNSevere said...

what a fun combination!

Ace said...

She totally stole my idea of what to wear. ;-)

Mme sensOtheque said...

Wow, beautiful!

Tom Paine said...

There's something deeply erotic about branding a lover. C.'s "tramp stamp" enflames my desire because it show (and she acknowledges it) how she belongs to me, whether I share her with others or not.

SA said...


That was extraordinary, the entire story laid out as it was. You have a remarkable ability to evocate every aspect of a scene, making the reader feel as if she too is in the room, watching.

I suspect this is something that will require more than a few re-reads.