Thursday, July 07, 2005

Tough or Sweet?

Marcus is spending a fair amount of time in New York this summer.

This is a real boon all around, as our kids get time together, and Marcus and I get time together.

Plus, of course, Marcus is a big hit at the sex parties.

For me, the greatest advantage is that my longtime best friend boyfriend is now a serious contender to be my summer boyfriend.

Marcus and I were together last week when he decided he must acquire a digital camera that very day.

We took our collective ignorance about digital cameras to a knowledgeable sales person. Marcus asked all the right questions.

“And what does this button do?” Marcus asked, holding a camera recommended by our fellow.

“That allows you to make short videos.”

“Oh,” Marcus nodded. “So I could, for example, make a video of myself jerking off, and post it to a website?”

“Uh, yes, you could do that, sure.”

“Great. I think this is the one I want. Does it have a leather carrying case?”

When we got home, Marcus was ready to play with his new toy—by aiming it at his old toy.

“Take off your clothes,” he directed. “I need a model.”

“You are the director,” I agreed, unzipping. “Just give me a few that I can use at my blog. You know, photos of me that don’t reveal my features in any detail.”

“Yeah, yeah. You’re the shy boy. Go stand by the window.”

Marcus is a natural talent as a photo director.

After snapping a few of me at the window, he told me to sprawl face down on the bed.

“Okay, legs apart . . . good. Now bring your right leg up . . . good. Raise your ass . . . okay, now shift your weight to the left . . . good!”

He showed me the results.

“Wow, I have a great ass!”

“These will come in handy if you ever become a bottom,” he grinned. “Okay, let’s get some of your torso.”

Marcus directed me to lay back on the bed.

“Let’s try a few with your arms back . . . good. Now, drape an arm over your chest, whichever arm, doesn’t matter . . . good. Okay, let’s see some with your cock hard.”

Holding the camera in his right hand, he leaned over and took my cock deep into his mouth. I was instantly hard.

“Great, good!” he snapped away. “Now, hold it in your fist . . . nice!” I grabbed my cock in two fists, so that only the head showed. “Hot! Very good. Now squeeze it . . . nice.”

He moved me around the apartment. He moved furniture, placing me here and there.

He alternated between responsibilities as director and fluffer.

At the end of the session, we reviewed the results. He had clicked his shutter about two hundred times.

“You’re hot, Jefferson!”

“Credit the camera, not the model.” Some of the photos had very sexy poses. Mostly, they looked too much like me for me to be a fair judge.

The majority were pretty darned explicit.

Still, we found two that I might use for this blog. One of them will wind up as my new profile picture.

Do you have preference, readers?

There’s this one of my silhouette against a window.

[pic removed--under construction]

It certainly makes me look like one tough mutha’, doesn’t it? I like that the pose is a rip off of a photo that Dacia used on her original site—imitation being the sincerest form of plagiarism.

Then there is this photo.

Now, ain’t that sweet? Here’s the smile you want to see on the next pillow when you wake up in the morning.

Let me know what you think by voting on the poll below. I mean, after all, you’ve got to look at this thing, so you may as well weigh in.

I may even take your suggestions.

Tough or sweet?

Results: Tough or sweet?


Anonymous said...

Jefferson, thy ass is perfection.

Jenna said...

I can't even begin to tell you how much I want to see more of those 200 pictures.

Oh - and another thing... I feel like I was led to believe in reading your entry today that there would be a picture of your ass somewhere in there. But there was not.

You can't just SAY that you have a great ass and then not SHOW us your great ass.

The things that we loyal readers have to put up with...


Anonymous said...

Came in from Demon Queen.

She is right.
This is incredible writing.

Looking forward to reading more.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you really are a fair-haired boy!

Anonymous said...

If y're looking to preserve anonyminity, you might want to go w/ the "Sweet" pose, as some quick Photoshoppery can sort of bring out your features from the shadows....

Jezebelle said...

From what I can see, NYC would be a great next vacation ;)

Dacia said...

I like "tough," you damn plagiarist.

Except I'm still cooler than you, because the image you're ripping off was taken in the back of an abandoned truck. In February.

Meg said...

ohh, there's the smile picture we all loved so much!

(and you know, jenna is right. i know it's not fair for me to complain...just saying.)

Shelby said...

mmm sexy. can't wait to smack that ass.

Mitzi said...

More Shoulders please.

Madeline Glass said...

I'm with Dacia. Tough.

Though she does have the whole nekkid-in-winter thing over you.

Oh, and for the right price, I may have an ass shot for your loyal readers.

Interested, Jenna? Hmmmm?

Viviane said...

I'm with Madeline. Your ass, in profile.

Anonymous said...

I'm new to this blog, and what a treat...Definately "sweet"

Sweet Potato said...

I've seen that smile in the morning (and who hasn't?) and as delightful as it is, I have to go with tough. Very butch...

marcus said...

i'm a pro at selling ass. if you wanna see jefferson's, email me at my link. highest bidder gets his pix (i have all 200!)
yes he's my best friend, but i've got mouths to feed.

.... are you people fucking high? the "m" in marcus is for Morals. piss off. and leave him the fuck alone, too.

Jefferson said...

Funny, I had heard that the "m" in "morals" was for "Marcus." And as for the rest of the word . . . well, I read it on a bathroom wall, so it must be true.

Sherm said...

Sweety, if you're going to do those close ups your complexion could use a little something! Your a vegetarian, aren't you? Cuz that usually helps these things. If your interested in some tips, just ask. I know some great trix that could help you clear that up pronto!

Jefferson said...

Sherm baby, where have you been all my life?

My complexion is worse than that of Joseph Brodsky.

(I mean, before he died--even I look smooth and creamy next to a ten-years-dead corpse.)

My life has been improved so much since a friend recently took me aside and suggested moisturizer.