Friday, July 22, 2005


With Meg in town overnight, Mitzi reminded me that we had unfinished business.

“You know, Jefferson, you still owe us a threesome. You fell asleep the last time we tried this, old man—think you can manage if we try again during the afternoon?”

I pledged to eat my Wheaties and rest up.

Mitzi joined us in the mid-afternoon, before the evening’s sex party, to find a very mellow household.

Meg and I were taking a load off on the couch. Marcus was working the phones and his computer, this being his first free hours to do so after several days with his kids. He had a lot of catching up to do.

He also taking care of a bandaged right hand swollen by an infection.

“How did you get an infection?” I asked.

“I dunno,” he said, wearily. “Too little sleep, too much activity. It can’t help that I’ve had sex with thirty people in the past week.”

Marcus’s doctor prescribed that his hand be kept elevated. He tried ever more inventive ways to comply, resting it casually on his head, his shoulder, and available door jams.

Meg suggested he try props, like hoisting portable electronics on his head, to make it look natural.

“Why don’t you rest it on my shoulder?” I teased. “You know, like you care about me? Like I mean something to you?”

He grinned and wrapped an arm around my neck.

“How am I going to have sex with this thing?” he fretted about the bandage. “That’s my ‘clean’ hand, you know.”

Marcus has adopted, as I have, the Muslim practice of designating the right hand for clean activities (traditionally eating; in our case, genital play), the left for dirty activities (traditionally ass wiping; in our case, anal play).

This helps to keep things clear when one is going at it.

Now Marcus worried that his bearings would be off.

Mitzi arrived with a carrot cake, established as a shared favorite when we plotted our original threesome.

As Marcus worked, Mtizi joined Meg and me on the couch, getting acquainted and catching up as we had done on our previous attempt at a threesome.

There were occasional lulls in the conversation. Mitzi or Meg would look at me a little expectantly, as if asking if this was where we got naked—or do we have more to talk about?

I wondered if either of them would initiate the move to sex if given the opportunity.

It was clear that we were all interested. That was established. Was it primarily up to me—as the man or as the host—to get things going?

Apparently, it was.

In time, I stood and announced that it was time for sex.

Mitzi and Meg were raring to go. Marcus continued typing and told us to have fun.

Mitzi and I lay on the bed, talking and kissing. Meg settled into a chair, responding when we address her, but slipping into a quiet mode.

She was preparing to watch.

Mitzi takes her kisses tenderly, with great ardor. Her eyes flash as my lips meet hers. Her body arches and twists.

She likes to be watched.

My kisses traveled down her neck, to her clavicle, to her breasts. She gasped quietly, her breathing becoming heavy.

She gives herself over to romance.

She gives herself over to being ravished.

I removed her shirt and bra. I sucked her breast softly and tenaciously, as she likes.

Meg watched, silently. My view of her lap was obscured—was she masturbating?

“Meg, help me out here. I want to lick Mitzi’s pussy. Can you take over on her breasts?”

Mitzi gasped, more audibly than before.

“Sure!” Meg crossed to the other side of the bed as I removed Mitzi’s panties.

“Suck them firmly now, like I showed you,” I instructed. My mouth would soon be too busy to offer further directions.

My tongue found Mitzi’s swollen clit. My mouth latched on, my fingers massaging her labia. I kept my attentions soft and gentle, teasing her.

Meg sucked a nipple long and hard before her tongue wandered to the other breast.

Mitzi was ecstatic.

“Jefferson, please, fuck me—please!”

Meg’s lips curled into a smile as she suckled.

I reached for a condom. I tore the package carefully, hoping Mitzi could hear the prolonged ripping.

I rolled it onto my cock with slow deliberation.

Mitzi squirmed in anticipation.

I raised her legs, looking her in the eyes.

“Please . . .” she breathed.

I took my cock in hand, and directed it into her. Gently, slowly.

Meg sat back to watch.

When I was deep in her, I leaned forward to kiss her. My kisses were now more forceful.

I wanted to melt Mitzi.

She was edging closer to orgasm.

“I want to be on top, please, please,” she moaned.

“Hold onto my neck, then.” I took her wrists in my hands. “Ready?” She nodded.

I pulled her up towards me and fell back. Now she was on top.

She came fast and furious.

I flipped her back and fucked hard. I focused on her eyes. She had told me she likes my “mean fuck face” when we are going at it intently.

She got that face.

As Meg watched us, I thought I should do something more to get her involved. But she seemed more than content to watch, and to record with her mind’s camera.

I gave as much as I could before tumbling to Mitzi’s side.

We lay together, catching our breath.

“Wow,” Meg said.

“Yeah, wow.” I slung a leg over her hip.

“Ew, you are getting my skirt sweaty.”

“Ditch the skirt, then.”

Meg agreed that was a fine solution. Now my leg rested on bare flesh as I caressed contented Mitzi.

Marcus had wandered in and out of the room as we fucked. Feeling caught up on his work, he now joined us.

We talked as he rummaged through my box of sex toys.

“What’s this?” he asked, holding aloft an aneros plug, still in the original packaging. “Oh wait, you have two?”

“Yep, large and small. Recent gifts from Bridget. Supposed to be a butt plug with great prostate stimulation.”

“Uh huh,” Marcus nodded, reading. He tore the package open. “Well, I have to try this.”

I noticed the time. “Shit, I have to run some errands before the party.” I stood and pulled on clothes as Marcus stripped his. “I’ll be back in a few.”

I kissed Mitzi and Meg goodbye. Meg was already a little distracted by Marcus’s fascination with the new toy.

My errands took me to the grocery store and the liquor store.

I found hamburger meat on sale. I realized I was starving, and picked up some buns.

When I returned home, Jake was nude on my bed, laying on one side. Marcus was also nude, lubing Jake’s ass and holding the smaller aneros plug.

“Hey Jake, you’re early.”

“Yes, not much going on at work,” he replied in his calm voice.

I peered over Marcus’s shoulder. “So where is the other plug?”

“In Marcus,” Mitzi said, pointing to his ass.

“Now, be still,” Marcus instructed Jake. “Here it comes—okay, it’s in.”

“Nice,” Jake said.

“Looks snug,” I observed. “Hey, I’m making burgers. Anyone hungry?”

“I’m fine,” Jake replied. I took orders from Mitzi and Meg.

Mitzi joined me in the kitchen.

“You missed it,” she reported. “Meg and I blew Marcus as he used the butt plug.”

“Well, that’s nice,” I said, firing the grill. “Was it hot?”

“Uh huh. We took turns sucking him. Then Meg tortured his balls.”

I seasoned the patties. “That boy loves to have his balls tortured.”

“You need a hand?” she asked. “I mean, cooking?”

“Yes, you can kiss me.” She did.

The meat sizzled.

Jake joined us in the kitchen. I asked about the butt plug.

“It rocks.”

“Where is it?” Mitzi asked.

“Oh, here,” Jake said, turning. He bent over to reveal the plug in his ass.

“There’s an appetizing sight,” I laughed, flipping the burgers.

“Indeed,” Mitzi agreed, patting Jake’s cheeks.

“I like it,” he said.

We decided to eat on the terrace, which meant that a few of us needed to get dressed. I plated burgers, carrots, watermelon and carrot cake.

After dinner, Mitzi lit a cigarette. “My last,” she said. “Then I should get going.”

Mitzi didn’t care to stay for the sex party. She had enjoyed her fill of group activities for the day.

I kissed her goodbye at the door.

“Are we still on for tomorrow night?” she asked.

“Yep,” I smiled. “A sleepover.”

“I like that.” She nuzzled into my neck, then pulled back. “Have fun tonight. Kiss Farahnaz for me.”

“I shall.”

She left.

The next night, we would have a very cozy and romantic stay in her crisp clean sheets.

That night, the gang would be mussing up my sex sheets.


Viviane said...

Ah, Jefferson you do give give such good threesome. Ngaaaaah!

Meg said...

what viviane said.

it was so much fun to just watch for a change and mitzi shared with me that she got a huge "kick" out of being watched, as well.

Mitzi said...

I sure did get a kick out of being watched... Perhaps next time Ms. Meg, you can be persuaded to join in.

Meg said...

oh, i can be persuaded to most anything, it seems...

exile said...

jefferson this is so what i need to be doing, i need to know how you got it started e-mail me

hell, if anyone has any suggestions let me know.