Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Josh Joins In

“Welcome back—sorry about the weather. It should improve tomorrow.”

The doorman, like everyone on the hotel staff, seems to take personal responsibility for the passing hurricane.

“Oh thanks,” Bridget said. “But it’s not your fault!”

“Thank you. I hope you and your husband have a pleasant stay.”

We smiled.

In the elevator, Bridget pulled me close. “What, no smooches? On our honeymoon?”

“I didn’t realize the doorman was a justice of the peace,” I smiled, kissing her.

We had slept in late on our first full day in Miami, recuperating from the travel and a long night of sex. Now, after a late afternoon brunch, we were back in the room.

I looked out the window at the coconut trees bending in the wind. The waves were choppy and the beach largely abandoned. The red flags at the lifeguard stands were bright by contrast to the gray atmosphere.

I was tired. Life had been pretty active in the preceding weeks, with so many people coming and going at my place. Before the trip, I realized—with some horror—that my schedule was so packed with children, sleepovers and visitors that I would not have a night to myself for well over a month.

Now, on vacation in Miami, my circadian clock was skewed.

And I was with Bridget, among the most nocturnal of the Lord’s creatures.

“Another rainy afternoon,” she said. “Any thoughts on how to pass the time—she asked, batting her eyes?”

She asked, batting her eyes.

I had a few thoughts.

We fell to kissing. Our clothes fell away.

She pointed to her lips and I scrambled to sit on her chest, feeding my cock to her insatiable mouth.

She moaned deep in her throat, her eyes looking up. I ran my hands over her face, and held her cheeks.

Her legs squirmed, her hip turned.

My fingers confirmed what I knew. She was wet.

I raised an eyebrow. My cock still in her mouth, I leaned to the nightstand and opened the drawer.

I held up a condom. I held up Josh.

She gave a gutteral moan.

“Josh” is the name Bridget gave to the new purple vibrator that joined us on the trip south. It is named for singer/songwriter Josh Rouse, on the short list of men for whom Bridget would toss me in a New York minute.

I twisted Josh’s base, watching her eyes as it whirred through different settings.

“Hmm-hmmrph,” she moaned.

“That one, huh?” I took my cock from her mouth and turned my body.

“God yes. Do me. Do me!”

“You are too damn loud,” I chastised her, turning. My cock soon had her gagged again.

I now faced down her body.

Josh trailed down her flesh, finding her slit.

She writhed as Josh entered her.

I sank my teeth into her lower abdomen.

I wasn’t fooling around. I was mining for orgasms.

Josh directed his head up as I pressed down. Together, we collected a few orgasms in short order.

I kept my cock moving in her mouth, holding it deep for long stretches.

Enough of Josh, I decided. He exited her body slowly, reluctantly.


“Time for me to fuck you, Bridget.” I pulled out of her mouth.

“God yes,” she gasped for air. “Please fuck me!”

She is so loud.

I am so quiet.

I opened the package and rolled the condom onto my cock. I crouched between her legs, guiding myself into her.

“Higher,” she directed. “Higher . . . oh yes, God, that’s it! Fuck me!”

Bridget is a big girl with a very tight pussy. I leaned forward, easing my way deep into her.

I offered a few slow thrusts.

She came.

I took her nipples into firm pinching fingers. They are very sensitive, and as I pressed, her moans became howls.

I sank my teeth into a breast.

“Oh yes, mark me! Own me!”

I pulled up. I plunged my teeth into more flesh.

“Jefferson!” she shouted. “You own me! Own meeeee!”

Better we are doing this in the afternoon than the night. At this early hour, Bridget can open up and shout it out.

I pulled out my cock.

“Don’t stop, please!”

“I’m not stopping,” I said. “I’m changing. Look at me.”

Her eyes met mine as two of my fingers met her g-spot.

“Jefferson! Jefferson!”

I watched her face as her body twisted through orgasms. She cums so easily, I thought, smiling. That is so very hot.

It’s also hot when I cum.

We were back to the blowjob, previously in progress.

When we mean business, we like it when she is on her side as I fuck her face.

I hold her head tight and go hard.

She gloated when business was concluded.

I held her in my arms afterwards. I was spent.

In time, her body began to go limp.

“All done?” I asked. She nodded, faintly.

I pulled back, resting on my heels. I leaned forward to kiss her belly. I nibbled.

I stood, heading to the bathroom to wash.

She had already succumbed to snores when I returned.

Bridget has an odd relationship to sleep. It takes her over when the sensations mount.

I sat for a few moments, watching her sleep.

I was tired. I contemplated a nap. It was nearly six.

Eh, I thought. If I have a moment to myself, I’d rather write. I opened the laptop and poured a bourbon.

I would only write for a bit, I thought, taking a sip.

We had big plans ahead.

That night, we were going to a sex club.


Viviane said...

You guys are hot together!

Josh Jasper said...

I did? Dang. I missed the whole thing.