Thursday, July 14, 2005


“I’m terrible with names,” Tina whispered, leaning close to my ear. “Can you help me out?”

“Yes, of course.”

“The fellow to the right, who looks like Christian Bale?”

“That’s Mark”

“And the one sitting next to him, the Alan Cummings lookalike?”

“That’s John.”

“Okay. And John is talking to Theresa, and Theresa is next to Shelby. Right?”


“Okay. Mark, John, Theresa, Shelby.”

“You got it.”

“And I’m Todd,” smiled Todd. Tina sat between us on the couch.

“Oh, I remember you, Todd,” she squeezed his thigh. “I remember you very well.”

It has been a few months since Tina was at my place.

She had caught wind of our parties, and sent regrets that her job prevented her from attending on the usual nights. After we corresponded for a while, I offered to arrange a little dinner party so she could meet our gang.

She had been very impressed.

The feeling had been mutual.

Now she was back for more.

Tina must do well in most social situations. She is naturally curious about people, and an easy conversationalist. She’s attractive—athletic, brunette, late thirties—and successful in a high-stakes field that requires a good mix of smarts, charm and diplomacy.

Attributes that carry over well to sex parties.

“Todd, Jefferson,” Tina began, her voice low and conspiratorial. “I want to tell about this fantasy of mine, because it involves both of you.”

Any confession that begins with that sentence can only go well.

She had our attention.

“I have this pseudo-boyfriend, and I like him. He’s not bad at all. But he’s just a little . . . possessive. He know I am free to see anyone I want, and he accepts that. But he clearly wants me all to himself.’

“That can be a problem,” Todd agreed.

“Been there myself,” I nodded sympathetically.

“So I have this fantasy. He knows about it, and he wants to see it happen. See, the idea is to have a gangbang. I would invite a few guys I have dated or had sex with, and he will be forced to watch as these men have sex with me. Then afterwards, when all the men are gone, he will be allowed to have sex with me too.

“The idea is to show him that I can have any man I want—and he knows this—but I choose to be with him.”

“That’s pretty hot,” I said. “A little cuckoldry. Would he be tied to his seat as he watched?”

“Ropes might be a good thing,” Todd acknowledged. “But I think the biggest thing would be him seeing how each of these men knows how to get you off. He might learn some things about what you like.”

“See,” she nodded, sipping her wine. “I knew you two would understand the spirit of this thing. And you contribute good ideas.”

“Well, we have done this a few times,” Todd laughed.

“Yeah, gangbangs-r-us,” I admitted. “Looks like we are in.”

“Good,” she said. “It’s a lot of schedules to coordinate, but I will try to arrange this soon.”

“Cool,” Todd said. “Maybe we should try it out now?”

“I was just thinking the same thing,” she said. He stood and took her hand. I nodded to Shelby as I followed them to my bedroom.

The last light of evening filled the room, cool and gray against the candlelight.

It was the summer solstice, the end of the longest day of the year.

It was a warm night.

Todd and Tina kissed as he undressed her.

I removed my shirt and stood at her back, pressing her between Todd and me, lifting her hair to kiss the nape of her neck.

I removed her bra. One breast was in my mouth, another in Todd’s lips.

She sat back on the bed, looking up at Todd as he removed his pants. Her eyes lowered to his cock. He offered it to her mouth.

I lost my pants and busied myself with kissing her breasts, her arms, her legs. Her legs are long for her frame, and strong from running and scuba. I extended them to admire her musculature.

She leaned back on the bed to focus on blowing Todd. His moans had her excited; she spread her legs to my mouth.

I tasted the red lace of her panties. They were soaked.

I kissed and licked, moving the panties aside as I maneuvered to the smooth flesh of her labia. I recalled that her g spot was newly discovered at the last dinner party. I wanted to get reacquainted with that—after renewing my taste for her easy clitoral response.

With my mouth on her clit, and Todd in her mouth, Tina panted into her first orgasm of the night.

She’s loud, I remembered.

“Hmmm,” she sat forward to kiss me. “May I return the favor?”

“You may indeed,” I smiled, kissing her lips, her cheeks, her eyes.

“You really are a sweet one,” she murmured.

“That’s right,” I whispered into her ear. “Now suck my cock.”

I scooted myself to the top of the bed, and lay back in the pillows. Tina turned and crawled forward to bring her mouth to my dick.

She looked at my eyes as she swallowed me whole.

She raised her ass to Todd, who stroked himself hard. A condom later, he was in her.

The three of us had fucked for the first time months earlier. Now we were back at it, so easily, as if we had worked out every movement in advance.

This is why, I thought, sex is fun with people who know what they are doing.

Shelby joined us, followed by Mark and John. She plopped herself into a chair and smiled at me. She was still dressed.

“How often do I get to watch you start a party?” she teased.

“A first for everything.” I bit my lip, my voice fading as I responded to her.

“This is so fucking hot,” Shelby said.

“You enjoy the show, baby.”

Todd concurred. “You never get to watch—you are usually too busy fucking. Enjoy!” He spanked Tina’s ass for emphasis.

Tina got the best we had to offer.

Mark and John were nude, jerking one another as they watched.

Todd decided he needed a break. Shelby decided to avail herself of Todd’s availability.

They were soon off.

Tina took my cock from her mouth and surveyed the room. “Is that Mark?” she asked.

“’Tis I,” Mark replied.

“Can you fuck me, please?” Tina remained where Todd had left her, ass high in the air.

“Happy to oblige.” He stepped to my nightstand to fetch a condom.

“Why aren’t you sucking cock?” I asked Tina. She returned to her task.

I stroked her hair as Mark mounted her from behind, just as Todd had done.

Like Tina, Mark is an athlete and very limber. In a few moments, they had found a strong forceful rhythm that worked for both of them.

Tina grunted and sighed as he pushed her forward and back.

It was all I could do to keep my dick deep in her mouth.

Mark began to move rapidly. Tina pressed back into him, her strong body matching his, thrust for thrust.

I pressed my palms to her head, holding her on me, my grip light but firm.

“Fuck,” she shouted into my cock. “Gah dab id!” Her body convulsed in orgasm.

“Nice, nice!” I commended, releasing her, petting her.

Mark’s eyes were on me.

“I’m cumming too,” he announced. He pushed forward and back, rapidly pulsing his thrusts as he came inside her.

“God damn,” Tina panted as he pulled out, her face sweaty and resting on my pubic hair. “That was so fucking hot.”

We were so worked up. Our vocabularies were spent. Our educations meant nothing, our bodies were in command. “God damn” and “fucking hot” would have to suffice.

Mark stood and kissed her face. “I’ll see you in a bit,” he said. “I need to clean up.”

“Uh huh,” she gasped. “Later.”

We were alone in my bedroom. I stroked Tina’s hair, pulling it from the sweat on her brow. She smiled in appreciation.

She works so hard, I thought. She handles huge accounts all day, dealing with difficult situations and other people’s money, for a company that owns you during working hours.

She had managed to leave that behind just now, to be in her own body.

“Feels good to be in charge of yourself, huh?” I whispered.

She looked up at me.

She wasn’t done yet.

“I think you need to fuck me,” she said.

“I know, I do.” She rolled off me onto her back, pulling her hair back with her hands. She palmed the sweat from her torso as I pulled on a condom. She looked about before wiping her palms on the sheets.

“Sorry, I’m just soaked.”

I wiped her brow with a tissue. “Sweat all you want. They are just sheets. You ready?”

She nodded.

I lifted her legs back and entered her.

She relaxed as I held back her hands.

After the strong fuckings she had taken from Todd and Mark, I was giving it to her easy.

But I knew she wanted me in charge.

I kept my cock low, pushing up as I entered her. If her g spot is still a novelty, I wanted to explore it.

“Unh, what are you doing?” she asked.

“Does it feel good?”

“God, yes.”

I pushed her legs further back, keeping my cock shallow and aiming upward with my thrusts.

“Like this?”

“Don’t stop, please . . .”

I kept at it, teasing her with variations.

When she was poised to cum, I kept it steady and sure.

She gave up a noisy orgasm, her body twisting under my firm grip.

“God, Jefferson,” she breathed as she caught her breath. “Thank you.”

“Thank you, Tina. It is such a privilege to please you.”

“Sweet man, I want to give you pleasure too.”

I had no intention of cumming so soon into the party. Shelby and I had a date with Mark for later; she had yet to be with the boy we all favor. While Mark can cum and cum again, I can typically rely only on one big release. I needed to hold out.

Still, I was happy to give Tina another run.

We sprinted fast and furious until she called a break.

“I am just too damn sweaty,” she said. “I need to pause.”

“Damn, what is with you? Three men give you a tough fucking, and you have to quit?” I teased. “How will you handle a gangbang?”

“Believe me, you boys are more than a gangbang of ten men.” She looked towards the door. “Can I add Mark to my request from your group? I want him in my gangbang”

“I’ll see if he is game.”

“Thanks! And, uh, can I owe you that orgasm for now?”

“It’s on your tab. Plus, I have something special for you.”


“Meet me in the kitchen.”

I pulled out. She tugged on her panties and followed me.

“What’s the surprise?” she smiled, her eyebrows raised.

“Voila.” I opened my freezer.

I had an array of frozen Flav-R-Ice.

“You are shitting me!” she gasped.

“Help yourself!”

She took the flavor “green.” I snipped the plastic tip with scissors.

We joined Mark and Todd on the terrace. There was warm breeze.

We talked and had drinks as Tina sucked her frozen ice.

“Can I tell you boys a secret?” she asked.

“Yeah?” Todd replied.

“I can see my boyfriend’s apartment from here. That’s where we will have my gangbang.”

We laughed.

I asked her to indicate the building and count up the floors so I knew which apartment was that of her boyfriend.

After a while, Shelby poked her head outside.

“Mark? Jefferson? Can I see you in here?”


Viviane said...

Ah, Jefferson's back, with another super fres, piping hot and smokin' post. Welcome back, godfaddah.

Anonymous said...

I discovered you about 2 weeks ago, and have read every post. I've become addicted to your posts and missed them the last few days. Glad your back!

Frenchy said...

j'ai adore ton style d'exprression on this one. HUGE yummy! thanks!

Josh Jasper said...

Ooh. A cliffhanger!

j said...

ahhh jeffe...

such a studmuffin.

am needing to meet some of these lovely people.

let me know man. i am sure one of my days could be "outside" the apt.

Introspectre said...

I've never been brave enough for multiple partners but damn it's great to read about those that are.
Very nice. I'll be back!

Anonymous said...

Next party, jello shots with vodka?