Monday, July 18, 2005

Brandon's Eyes

Around seven thirty on a Monday evening, there was a knock on my door.

“Hey baby, how are you?” Marcus shifted his shoulder bag as he kissed me.

“Hey hon. You’re traveling light.”

“You think? I’m only going to be here for a few days. Where should I put my bag?”

“Drop it in my room; you’ll be sleeping with me.”

“Yeah? What’s in your wallet?” He grinned and ambled back to my room.

He found six naked men waiting.

“Hey guys, how’s it going?” he greeted them.

A few of the men nodded, a few others were already busy sucking cock. Marcus put his bag in a corner and smiled again on his way out of the room.

He found me in the kitchen.

“Jefferson, did you know there are naked men having sex in your bedroom?”

“Yes baby, the party started right on time.”

Marcus has arranged his schedule to attend some of this summer’s sex parties at my place.

First up: the monthly all-male orgy, on the last Monday in June, the day after Gay Pride.

I introduced him to Jimmy, who organizes the event.

“Nice to meet you, doll. Jefferson has told me all about you.”

“Same here,” Marcus fibbed. “It’s great to finally meet you. Fuck, those guys are so quiet! I thought no one was here until I saw them all.”

“It’s a quiet group,” I agreed.

“What do they have to talk about?” Jimmy rolled his eyes. “They are naked horny boys. What else do they need to know?

“I was just telling Jefferson about the blonde bottom,” he continued. “I told him all about our favorite quiet dom, Jefferson. So be sure to give him the magic touch.”

“Thanks Jimmy, you are such a yenta.”

“Which one is he?” Marcus asked.

“Um, kinda buff, blonde, goatee,” Jimmy said. He looked at the pile of garbage bags against the wall, each marked with the name of the man whose clothes it contained. “His name is . . . Rob. You can’t miss him.”

“Yeah?” Marcus looked at me. “Let’s go check him out.”

“All right, let’s.” I hopped down from the counter.

“Have fun, boys,” Jimmy smiled, shooing us off.

Marcus and I undressed in my bedroom. The main action had shifted to the other bedroom.

He kissed me again now that we were nude.

“It’s so good to see you!” he said, smiling.

I hugged him, pressing close. “I’m so glad to have you here. Now, let’s go check out the bottom.”

Men were gathered in the back room, jerking, touching and watching as a muscular older man fucked someone bent over the taco futon.

My eyes were drawn to the fucking that captivated the room. Marcus checked out the men and leaned to me. “That’s Rob the bottom getting fucked.”

“He looks busy. Bad timing for us.”

Marcus moved among the men. I settled back on bed to watch the action.

My cock was getting hard.

Marcus said a few words to Rob and the guy fucking him. Whatever Rob said in reply made Marcus laugh.

Marcus crouched on the floor and reached between the top’s legs. He took Rob’s balls in hand and set to work.

Rob squirmed and moaned as he was worked by Marcus and the top.

In time, the top stood aside. Marcus took a condom and whispered a few more words to Rob.

Marcus entered him, slowly, holding Rob steady with a hand on his lower spine.

Rob soon got Marcus at fill throttle.

I thought I might join Marcus at his task, but I was soon distracted by a familiar cock sucker .

I caught up with Marcus again as he washed up in the bathroom.

I stood in the hallway, talking to him through the door.

“How was Rob?” I asked.

“Pretty good,” he shurgged, rubbing a washcloth on his cock. “Not much reaction. You know. So how many men do you know here?”

I looked to one side, cataloguing the faces in my memory. “Well, I have seen about, let’s say, two thirds of them before. The best ones I know for us are the long-haired tall guy—he’s cute and likes a tough fuck—and the guy with the shaved head—he’s a dynamite cock sucker who gets fucked well. Lots of eye contact.”

“Good to know,” he said, joining me in the hall doorway.

As we talked, someone brushed by, squeezing my cock as he passed.

At a gay orgy, I guess that is the equivalent of getting pinned.

I turned to look at him. He looked back at me—young, with dark hair, side burns and eyes that bored into mine. His body was naturally tan and lithe.

He flashed a smile as the walked into my bedroom.

“Huh!” Marcus said. “You know him?”

“Not like I soon will.”

I followed the boy into my room. He had settled onto my empty bed.

Everyone else in the room was standing about or settled in chairs.

I glanced at the group as I made my way to the bed. The hazel-eyed boy and I leaned against the pillows, side by side.

“Hey,” he said.

“Hey there.”

“So this is your place?”

“Yeah. Welcome.”

“Thanks. I’m Brandon.” His hand reached over to my cock in greeting.

“Jefferson. Nice to meet you.”

Brandon kissed me.

I kissed Brandon, and took his cock in my hand.

Men standing around gathered closer to watch, tugging their cocks.

One fellow kneeled next to me, jerking near my hips. I looked up. It was what’s-his-name, that guy with the cute face and bubble butt.

Brandon moved to suck my cock. He soon alternated between mine and the other one being offered.

With one hand, I held our cocks to Brandon’s mouth as my other hand rubbed his slender muscled body.

I looked up to see Marcus’s hands on Brandon’s legs and dick. He lifted Brandon’s legs up, which pushed his ass back and up.

“You know, Brandon,” Marcus offered, looking down at the boy folded under him. “I can fuck you with my balls.”

Brandon took my cock from his mouth, still gripping the other fellow’s. “That would be a first,” he replied, calmly. “How does it work?”

“Simple. I put my balls in you, one at a time, and then I put my cock in you. And then, you know, I fuck you.”

“I’ve seen it done,” I said by way of recommendation. “He’s good.”

“Cool, then, let’s do it.”

Brandon smiled at the other guy, relieving him of duty. He fell back among the other wankers, who had circled in for a closer look.

“Okay. Jefferson, could you hand me that lube, and hold Brandon’s leg up?”

“May I hold the other?” a wanker asked.

“That would be helpful, thanks.” He gave Brandon’s leg over. He looked down. “Brandon, you ready? Relaxed?”

“Ready as I’ll ever be.”

“Okay, good. Good!” Marcus had put on a condom, lubing his shaft and balls. He positioned himself over Brandon’s ass, leaning in slightly.

He lowered his left nut to the waiting sphincter. He pressed it into Brandon.

He opened Brandon’s hole with a finger, then replaced the finger with his right nut.

“Now, my balls are in you.”

Brandon craned his neck to see. “Wow, that’s cool.”

“Here comes the amazing part,” I said.

Marcus leaned back on his heels, slightly shifting his angle. This tugged his sack just a bit, without disturbing the placement of his balls.

He folded his semi-erect cock over on itself.

He guided his cock into Brandon, leaning forward as he entered him.

He shifted, pushing his weight down and onto Brandon, sealing his cock and balls into place.

“That’s it, I’m in you.”

“That’s impressive,” Brandon admired.

“Thanks. I’ll take that now,” Marcus said, taking the leg from the helpful wanker.

Marcus thrust, hard.

Brandon gasped.

And just like that, Marcus was fucking Brandon.

I held the other leg and turned so that I was feeding Brandon as Marcus fucked him.

As Marcus fucked him, Brandon’s body went limp as a rag doll. Marcus toughed up on his ass. I did the same on his mouth.

Brandon’s eyes moved back and forth between us, expectantly.

We got rougher, fucking his holes harder, cruder. We talked as though he wasn’t there.

“You are giving it to him good, Marcus.”

“Unh, yeah.”

“Nice ass?”

“Yeah, how’s his face hole?”

The wankers around us enjoyed the show. Brandon played his part well, his eyes expressive, his throat full of gutteral moans.

After a sound pounding, Marcus slowed to shift his weight.

“Hey, can I fuck him now, Marcus?” I asked.

“No,” he scoffed. He thought for a moment, then pulled out. “Sure, take some.”

I took my cock from Brandon’s mouth. We turned his body as though he were on a lazy Susan. It would have been easier, I suppose, to simply switch positions. But instinct told us otherwise, and I liked this: it reinforced the notion that Brandon’s personality was vacated from his body.

He was just meat for us to fuck.

He liked it too. As I entered him, he set his eyes on mine. His face was intense, yet smiling.

Marcus scruffed Brandon’s hair and kissed him goodbye. He was off to scrub up and fuck other men.

Marcus had worked Brandon over with rough, rapid thrusts. I thought I might try a different tact, going deep and long.

Brandon is a kisser. I wanted to take advantage of that.

I held him close, kissing him and holding his face as we fucked. His lean body sweated under me, his hands holding me close.

His romantic gaze, with his deep brown eyes, was a great turn on.

I pulled up to look at him, and in spite of my intentions otherwise, I was fucking him hard and deep.

His jerked his cock, his mouth open for air.

His eyes never left mine, as he came.

He convulsed, my cock in him as he shot over his torso.

As he panted his release, I leaned over to kiss him, with all the ardor of our earlier kisses.

Beside us, one of the wankers came.

We disengaged and walked to the bathroom to clean up. The wankers dispersed in search of other visuals.

We rinsed at the sink. Brandon was soaked in cum and sweat. I offered him the shower and a fresh towel.

He said he would like that. I turned on the water and readied his shower.

After that romantic eye contact, I would have made him a bath of milk and rose petals.

But this was a party pick up.

We had just had some damned fine crowd-pleasing sex, exchanging only a few words in the process.

In this context, that’s a nice how-do-you-do, nothing more.

Who knew if we would, you know, actually enjoy getting acquainted.

There was no obligation to do more. Still, we chatted as he showered and toweled. Our conversation followed us into the living room.

On the couch, I learned he was an artist. We were soon talking about art schools and galleries . Our nudity and the sex party around us fell away just a little.

“You are an artist. So what do you do for a living?” I asked.

“The usual stuff to get by,” he said. “And make some porn.”

Marcus soon joined us. He also liked it that Brandon, the meat we had fucked, was so cool and conversant.

“Isn’t that funny, Jefferson?” he said. “At the mixed party you host, everyone talks for a while and then has sex. At this one, you have sex, and then maybe talk.”

“Gay men and girls, I guess. Different strokes.”

“You do other parties?” Brandon asked.

I told him about our usual gang. I invited him to check it out.

“That would be nice,” he said. “I’ve never been with a girl—curious about it, though.”

We traded contacts.

“I do have a super-secret sex blog,” I mentioned. “You’re hot, and I’d like to write about meeting you. Do you want me to use a pseudonym, or your real porn name?”

“You can use my name, that’s fine. Use my picture if you want.”

He was soon off to meet friends.

It was just a little before nine.

Our threesome with Brandon had made popular tops of Marcus and me. For the rest of the evening, we were in high demand.

We traded a few bottoms back and forth.

We fucked other subs on our own.

But that night, as we traded notes over a late supper, our conversation kept coming back to Brandon Aguilar.


Meg said...

ohhh, he is pretty. evern prettier in those pictures than the card you showed me. i can't believe i forgot to check out his website after i scribbled down the address on my bookmark.

Shelby said...

what an insanely nice looking man! why haven't I heard about him before? ;)

Jefferson said...

Ain't he purty?

Perhaps we'll see more of him, gals.

Though, if you head over to his website, you see about all of him there is to see.

marcus said...

you know, its always helpful to read about what ive done. thank you for that, jefferson.

for instance, i do remember fucking, and sucking, and domming lots of guys that night. but i had forgotten that i had shurgged then, too. i dont think ive ever done that before!

[marcus leans closer, and whispers: i'm not even sure i know what that IS]

Introspectre said...

Wow. Thanks for a peek into a world I would never see (not being a man). That was wild and crazy and foreign to me, but incredibly hot.

Marcus is a funny one. "Shurgged" *giggles*

Viviane said...

I read this and thought, 'what is the term for this?!' Thanks for letting me know.

Perhaps we can start promoting its usage, so that it enters the language. I'm thinking of when Dan Savage, the sex columnist started promoting the use of 'santorum' (yes after the homophobic and asinine senator) to denote the 'frothy mix of lube and fecal matter that is sometime the product of anal sex.'

On Google, the top search result for 'santorum' is:

Think about it, Marcus!

But really, we need to put up a better site for you. I'm just saying.

Jefferson said...

I write my heart out, and you bitches get all uppity about a typo. Honestly, I don't know why I bother with the lot of you.

Marcus, in this post, you not only "shurg," you also "scruff" and "scrub." Is there no end to your talents?

If we have a verb (to shurg) in need of action, may I offer this detail I neglected in my post?

When Brandon took my cock in his mouth, he flitted his tongue on the head in greeting. As I went deeper, his tongue receded, luring me in.

"That's hot," I said. "You need to patent that."

His reply sounded like "Mmmrff," but maybe he said "shurg."

Grace said...
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ThreeOliveMartini said...

oh my .. brandon is beautiful..

you and marcus are lucky bastards!..

AND you have madeline too .. man .. some guys have all the luck

Madeline Glass said...

I have a question.

Is it a different term when cock and balls are in a pussy as opposed to an ass?

You know, cos I just wondered.

And what do we call it when Marcus and his friend fuck each other AT THE SAME TIME??

There's your call for a revamping of the sexicon.

Viviane said...

Maddie, having only read about this and not witnessed it, I would probably argue that the presence of *both* the penis and testicles in the same passage (either fore or aft) could be defined as 'shurgging.'

And as for Marcus and his friend fucking each other at the same time... what would you call it?

marcus said...

ok, i am happy to accept the term "shurgg" for when i fuck someone with my balls and my cock. thank you, everyone involved, for helping to coin the phrase. special thanks to jefferson for not paying attention in the first place - if he were ALWAYS his observant self, the typo would never have occurred.

madeline, maybe if im fucking you with my whole package (or any cunt, for that matter!) we can call it "shurgge" - same pronounciation, but different spelling?

as for me fucking a guy who's simultaneously fucking me... i have only done this once, with my buddy john in dc. so i dont know if the world is ready for a term for this. i nod to viviane for her insight here. by the way, darling, i have always loved the santorum term. well, i mean, ever since dan savage created it.

now, i need some help. i've heard that some other guys can fuck with their balls too... but has anyone ever heard/scene in porn/read about two guys fucking at the same time? feel free to comment to me directly; my email is on the same webpage as my pix...