Monday, December 04, 2006

Things Happen

This story is also told by Lolita.

Marcus was splayed across a mattress, stroking his cock and chatting with Selina, when he was suddenly seized by a thought.

“Jefferson, didn’t Barry say something about a list of people who wanted to suck my dick?”

“Did he?” I asked, draping an arm on Selina’s nude waist. “I don’t recall that.”

“Yes, you do,” Marcus said. “Remember right after we got back here from the hospital? At the car? Barry said there was a list of people who wanted to suck my dick.”

“He did? That’s awesome. I wouldn’t doubt it—you’re famous now, thanks to your busted knee.”

“Yeah, this is working to my advantage, much better than I thought.” He gave his balls a stern twist. “Well look, I can’t move. Would you go find Barry and tell him to bring me his list?”

“Maybe he doesn’t have a list per se,” Selina said. “Maybe he just meant it, like, you know, everyone is glad you’re okay.”

“That sounds about right,” I agreed. “Kind of like saying ‘let me be the first to shake your hand,’ but in sex camp slang.”

Marcus’s brow furrowed. “Look, the two of you, I know what Barry said. He has a list of people who want to suck my dick, and right now, I’d like some people to suck my dick. So can you go find him, please?”

“I don’t mind looking,” I said, reaching for my shorts. “Though it’s been a while since the last time I saw him. He was fucking Femcar in the grass a while ago.”

Marcus’s eyes lit up. “Yeah, bring Femcar, too. I can use her. She’d like that.”

“Let me see what I can do,” I said, zipping up. “Back in a flash.”

“The list,” Marcus repeated, stroking himself. “The list and Femcar.”

“Got it.” I closed the screen door and stepped onto the porch.

The Garden was deserted. It must’ve been around four in the morning.

Barry had stayed up all night on Friday, as I had, so perhaps I could find him even at so late an hour. Like Selina, I doubted he possessed any such list. But I knew how Marcus could be when he is fixated on a notion. In his mind, Barry had petitioned the campers—very likely, with a clipboard in hand—and compiled an inventory of potential cocksuckers.

Marcus would not rest until Barry produced the list. And so he couldn’t let me rest until I produced Barry.

At any rate, if I did find Barry, he would take care of Marcus. He had fallen for my boyfriend’s charm and, in an endearing way, he was drawn to Marcus’s gift for taking charge of a situation.

That afternoon, as we walked back toward the cabin following Femcar’s presentation, Marcus mentioned that he needed to take a leak.

“Yeah, me too,” Barry said.

“Let’s not waste this opportunity,” Marcus told him. “Come with me.”

He took Barry into the cabin’s communal restroom and opened a stall door. “Okay,” he ordered. “Bend over and put your head in the toilet.”

“Okay,” Barry agreed, with all insouciance. He crouched beside the toilet and lowered his head into the bowl. “Like this?” he asked, looking up.

“Perfect. Now, don’t move.” Marcus unzipped his shorts and soon released a steady stream of urine over Barry’s head and shoulders, soaking his hair and wetting his shirt.

“Ahhhhhh.” Marcus finished and gave it a good shake.

“Awesome,” Barry said, piss streaming from his face.

“Yeah, that was great,” Marcus said. “Okay, now it’s my turn."

The two men switched positions and a moment later, Marcus was similarly drenched.

As they showered afterwards, Barry soaped Marcus and told him that he was glad they met. “It’s so awesome that you are in DC,” he gushed. “Now I’ll finally have a cool guy to hang out with.”

“That’s sweet of you to say, Barry,” Marcus smiled. “Now bend over. I want to look at your ass.”

“Sure!” Barry grinned, turning to bend forward.

After that, Marcus had injured his knee, leaving Barry at a loss for his cool new friend.

If I could find Barry, the boys could be reunited to new adventures and I might finally get to sleep.

The brothel was empty, the make-out room was empty, and all the objects in the objectification room had been put away.

I found Lolita talking with a couple of guys I recognized as well-known doms. She was crouched and leaning her arms against a porch railing. The men were standing on the grass below.

“Jefferson, Jefferson, Jefferson,” she grinned. “Have you met my friends? This is Daddy D, and that is Sir B.”

“Nice to meet such prominent dominants,” I nodded. “I hope I’m not interrupting?”

“No, in fact, you should join us,” Lolita said, wriggling her eyebrows suggestively.

“I’d like to, but I’m on something of a mission,” I said, running a hand through my hair. “A fool’s errand, maybe. Have you seen Barry?”

“Not for a while,” Lolita said. “Why?”

“Well, supposedly he has this list of people who want to blow Marcus, and the gimp needs his joint moistened.”

“He what?” Lolita asked.

“Marcus wants a blowjob,” Sir B translated.

“Oh!” Lolita stood. “Well, I’ll go suck him off then.”

“Would you, please?” I smiled. “That would be really great.”

“Of course! I’m glad to make it happen. I’ll be back. You talk to the guys.”

With that, Lolita headed to the orgy room, stepping quickly toward her goal.

“You ever see Lolita suck dick?” Sir B asked Daddy D.

“Oh, sure. She’s pretty good.”

“She does enjoy it,” Sir B nodded. He turned to me. “So aren’t you and Marcus bi? Why don’t you suck him off?”

I shrugged. “He didn’t ask. Anyway, who wants to get the same old blowjob at sex camp? That’s like fucking your own wife. Where’s the sport in that?”

“I can see your point,” Daddy D laughed.

“I think that’s great that you guys take care of each other,” Sir B said. “More guys should blow their friends.”

“I’ll have to agree with you there,” I said. “What’s a little cocksucking between friends?”

A screen door slammed. We looked over to see Lolita heading our way.

“Back so soon?” Daddy D called.

“Wow, you are good,” Sir B echoed.

Lolita shook her head and jerked a thumb over her shoulder. “Someone beat me to it. He’s already getting his . . . what did you say? His ‘joint moistened.’”

“Whew,” I said, facetiously wiping my brow. “That gets me off the hook. Let me go check on him real quick. Back in a few.”

Lolita resumed her crouching conversation at the porch railing.

Sure enough, Marcus was getting blown. A silver-mustached man in a leather vest was giving it his all. His wife watched as she talked to Selina.

“This is a real treat for him,” the wife effused. “He never gets to suck dick at home.”

“That’s too bad,” Selina said. “Do you have a strap-on? Because today, we were at Nina’s class on strap ons, which was very instructive, and she said . . .”

“Sorry to interrupt,” I said. “Do we think the princess is going to be okay for now?”

Selina nodded. “He looks content.”

“Jefferson!” Marcus bellowed. “Did you find Barry?”

I shook my head. Selina wagged her finger. “You just let that go,” she suggested. “You’re getting very good head. Let Jefferson alone.”

The man slurped hungrily up and down Marcus’s shaft.

“Whatever,” Marcus rolled his eyes. “Just, let me know if you find Barry, okay?”

“Will do,” I said. “Again, sorry for the interruption. I’m going back outside.”

“Right,” Selina replied. “Now wait, where were we?”

“The strap-on class,” the wife said. “Strap-ons and blowjobs, I think?”

“Oh, right,” Selina nodded. I left as she resumed her explanation.

I returned to Lolita and her friends to find that our conversation had continued without me.

“My thing is, I’ve never sucked dick at all,” Sir B said. “But if I did, it would have to be with a friend.”

“Right,” Lolita said. “And that makes sense for you.”

“I’m not into men at all,” Daddy D said. “So if a guy were to do me, I’d want it to be someone I knew.”

“Perfectly understandable,” Lolita nodded.

I could all but smell the oil from the gears whirring in her mind.

“The truth is,” Lolita went on. “You two are such good friends.”

“I think D is probably my best friend,” Sir B allowed.

“Thanks, B,” Daddy D smiled. His teeth gleamed between his moustache and soul patch. “That’s a very nice thing to say.”

“Well, people should say those things, I think,” Sir B said.

“D, you have the smoothest skin of any man I know,” Lolita said. “Do you mind if I unbutton your shirt?”

“Hmmm? Oh sure, that’s fine,” he said. Lolita reached forward and moved her fingers down his torso. Sir B watched as his friend’s body came into view. “I just love running my fingers on that body,” Lolita said, lightly grazing his flesh.

“That feels great,” Daddy D grinned. I hadn’t really noticed before, but when he smiled, he was a very handsome man.

Sir B’s eyes followed Lolita’s fingers. She talked, filling the night air with her easy laughter. She casually began to toy with Daddy D’s jeans.

With studied ease, Lolita unzipped Daddy D and took his cock in hand. Her words flowed in my ears as I watched her knead him to hardness.

I bit my lip. By touching one cock, Lolita was making two hard.

Apparently, Sir B was feeling it as well.

“I don’t know why I get all the fun,” Lolita smiled. “Sir B, do you want to touch your friend?”

Sir B looked in Daddy D’s eyes. “Is that okay?”

His friend nodded. “Sure man, it’s cool.”

Sir B stepped forward slightly and, tentatively, took his friend’s cock from Lolita’s hand.

“Feels awesome, man,” Sir B said, stroking the erection in his palm.

“Sure does,” Daddy D nodded.

Sir B moved his hand up and down the shaft. Lolita was quiet now, watching.

Sir B’s hand moved to his friend’s ass. Lolita produced a glove and lube. Sir B’s fingers found Daddy’s D’s hole.

I stroked Lolita’s hair. I didn’t want to say anything that might disrupt the moment, so I had to rely on touch to tell her that I liked the way she treated people. Your smile turns me on, I thought, and your affection gets me hard.

She looked back to me and grinned.

I had known her for all of two days. It felt much longer.

“I think I could suck you, if that’s okay.” Sir B’s voice was low and hoarse, almost a whisper.

“It’s okay,” Daddy D said, putting a hand on Sir B’s shoulder. “I’d like that.”

I put a hand on Lolita’s shoulder.

Sir B reached into his pocket and pulled out a condom. He tore open the package, chatting nervously as he rolled it onto his friend’s cock.

Sir B bent forward and took his friend’s cock into his mouth.

Sir B dropped to his knees. His head moved in uncertain jerks before settling into a rhythmic pattern. He relaxed as he got the hang of it.

“That’s so good, Sir B,” Daddy D sighed.

“Very good, Sir B,” Lolita echoed.

I was just meeting Lolita’s friends for the first time, so I missed part of the significance of this blowjob. Sir B was a female-to-male transgender. Back in the day, he had been a lesbian. Nowadays, he’s very much one for the ladies.

He wasn’t sucking dick for kicks. He was feeling the love for his friends.

I would spend more time with Sir B the next day. This blowjob was a nice icebreaker. I thought he was a cool fellow.

I also thought he looked damned hot sucking cock.

Lolita watched me watching.

“C’mere,” she said. “I want to play with you.”

“I thought you would never ask.” I stood, assuming that she wanted to take me someplace. Instead, she reached forward and unfastened my shorts.

They fell fast.

I leaned against a post as Lolita swallowed my cock.

I had fucked her face during our roll in the grass the night before. Now, I let her take the lead.

She took full advantage.

Lolita grunted and snorted as she devoured me. Drool accumulated at the corners of her mouth.

“Fuck me, girl,” I gasped. “That’s something!”

It really was something. Lolita treated my cock like her last meal, gulping it deep and fast.

I decided to give it to her the way she wanted. I grabbed her hair and fucked her face, giving her my nastiest, harshest thrusts.

“Damn,” Daddy D said.

Sir B looked up. “Fuck yeah, Lolita, you suck that cock.”

“God damn,” I barked. “Mother fuck!

“Fuck her, man,” Daddy D called.

Lolita gagged and gurgled as I pounded in her throat.

It was after four in the morning. I was deep in that mouth, that mouth with the sexy smile, that mouth that kissed me so deeply.

I looked down into those eyes, those brown eyes that laughed easily, those eyes now tearing as she gave herself to me.

Some people walked by. They said something.

Sir B and Daddy D hollered at us. They encouraged me to use their friend, encouraged her to take that fucking cock, to take that fucking, to take me whole, to take me.

“Shit,” I gasped. “Shitshitshit . . .”

“Yeah, man, do it,” Sir B said.

“Fuck yeah, man,” Daddy D said.

Lolita kept her eyes on me.

I pushed her off me. She fell back slightly.

I came. I came with a force and velocity pent up from two days of consistent arousal. I gave up the orgasm that had eluded me as I sucked fresh cock and fingered and fucked women I would never see again.

My legs buckled and my spine twitched. I was dizzy. I swallowed air, my groans pushing back.

Finally I was able to draw a full breath. I panted.

I opened my eyes.

Lolita’s hair was gummed to her face. Sugary icing dripped from her eyes and nose. Her black shirt and leather jacket were soaked.

She was laughing.

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Anonymous said...

No comments??

Shit...see what happens when I stop commenting? I guess I gotta get the ball rolling...

Hot story babe.

Josh Jasper said...

I think it captures the emotional vulnerability that shown here on occasion how Lolita was the one to set you over the edge, not anonymous people, but someone to whome you had a connection with, someone who you reached out to and who you really liked.

Also, she's really fucking hot :-)