Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I Feel Myself

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When you subscribe to I Feel Myself, I Shot Myself and/or Beautiful Agony via this site, you help to support One Life, Take Two.

When I decided that One Life, Take Two would no longer be strictly “safe for work”—oh, did I fail to mention that One Life, Take Two will no longer be strictly “safe for work?”—I polled my friends to ask what porn sites they most enjoyed. I figured that you might get a kick from the dirty pictures that most get us going; that way, when you get off elsewhere, you’re still getting off with us.

You know you’re never alone when you cum with us.

Imagine my surprise when Jake revealed that at the top of his favorites was a site of such beauty as I Feel Myself. Jake—he of the foot-long dick and spine-breaking jackhammer fuck—goes for videos of women masturbating. And these aren’t your run-of-the-mill finger-flicking features.


I Feel Myself focuses on “real” women (as opposed to professional models or actresses) pleasuring themselves in artfully filmed scenes, with subtle lighting and lingering edits.

Behind the scenes are female filmmakers and editors who, now and then, take a turn in front of the camera to interview their subjects or to indulge in a little finger fucking of their own.

Listen closely if you like orgasms with an Australian accent, as these scenes of the joys down there come from the land down under.

The same folks are behind Beautiful Agony, which also includes male wankers, and I Shot Myself, which puts a camera in the free hand of those enthusiastic clit diddlers.


Take a look and tell ‘em Jefferson sent you.

You might want to put fresh double A’s in the vibrator before you do.


elise said...

I've never paid to watch videos on any of those sites but I've seen the previews and they are awesome. Major turn on!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes. Me likey.

Chrissy said...

I always thought is was not work friendly, maybe that was just me although I do miss reading your escapade through life during the day.

I'm still wondering, did you get the present yet?

Josh Jasper said...

I Feel Myself focuses on “real” women (as opposed to professional models or actresses)

Psst. I think they're called "amateurs".

The thing about those pages that gets me is that they look really honest. We've got no way of knowing if they're faking, but they help the fantasy a lot more than standard porn.

Have you reviewed the Kink dot com sites yet? They work that honesty (or really good faking) a lot too.

Anonymous said...

I second Josh Jasper. I myself am a big fan of the collection...

Sex and Submission is one of my faves. If you wanna do a review, e-mail me and I'll send you my login info. (I also have it for, lol, which is a behind the scenes look at how they make their sites.)

marcus said...

"i made a bit of a mess... but that's ok"