Friday, December 29, 2006

Fleshbot and New Reading

This week’s Sex Blog Roundup at Fleshbot kicks off the New Year by getting acquainted with toys accumulated over the holiday season—including a few toys of the living and breathing variety. Have fun, kids, before the new wears off.

My thanks to the ever-shining brilliance of Madeline for the inspiration.

And speaking of new, I’ve got some new reading material for you.

First of all, I’ve compiled my posts on Dark Odyssey (a.k.a. “sex camp”) so that you can read them straight through as one continuous narrative. That’s right: all twenty-one posts, every last leaf of two-hundred-and-forty-seven pages of first-person smut, gathered under one cover. You’ll find it just a click away at:

Sex Camp

Catchy title, right? No need to thank me—this is what I do.

Now, as if that wasn’t enough, may I introduce another writer? Lily is an aspiring novelist who recently decided that she could use a bit more zip in her sex life. So she began to recruit a posse of men to help her along in her new undertaking.

I could relate to that. I met her over drinks to hear all about it. I was instantly taken in.

“You’re charming, smart and adorable,” I said, sizing her up as I sipped my Bass. “You’ll do well with this project of yours. You should blog about it.”

“Oh,” she smiled, stirring her third gin and tonic. “I already do.”

Living Somewhat Dangerously

Of course I fucked her. How could I do otherwise?

You’ll find me lurking in her accounts of sex by the numbers.

Ah, sex. I remember sex. I used to really enjoy it. Now, with family coming and going, I just can’t get it the way I would like. Why, this past week, I went six days without sex. Six days! Dang, with a dry spell like that, I might just as well be married.

Mind you, I did manage to sneak in a quickie before hitting the dreaded benchmark of a fuckless week. I’m smart, so I planned ahead for the holidays. I’ve tucked booty calls all over this town, the way a drunk hides his bottles.

When the lack of loving gets to me, I can also keep my eye on the prize of next month’s annual birthday week of wall-to-wall sex.

Which reminds me: thanks to everyone who sent gifts for the holidays. It really meant a lot to me, and I’ll think of you as I read, watch films and dance.

I’ve left in place the Amazon wish list for those of you who want to share the love for my birthday. If, for example, you thought that there should be more Bing in my life—for example.

Now to apply myself to house cleaning. I’ve sent one guest packing, and two more are presently in a cab on the way to my door.

Hmm, maybe I should’ve hidden a few bottles as well.

My Wish List


Josh Jasper said...

Lily's got educated tastes in wine. I like her already.

Anonymous said...

6 Days? Oh you poor thing. Pff- 17 days and counting...

brunette babe said...

Hi Jefferson,

I hope you survived eXmas relatively unscathed.

Thank you for a year of great reading - may 2007 bring you everything you hope for.


Madeline Glass said...

I suggest you start referring to it as your birthday "week" of wall-to-wall sex.

It's really not that different from any other week, now, is it?

Except maybe for the blowjobs.