Saturday, December 30, 2006

Canuck Canoodle

Bianca is A Curious Girl.

One day, her curiosity got the better of her. When she just couldn’t stand it anymore, Bianca got in her car and drove. She headed south, crossed the border, and drove some more.

Fourteen hours later, she arrived at my door.

I gave her chicken salad and a massage. In between, my friends and I gave her a full night of our best sex.

She napped and then was off the next morning, her car logging more miles as her mind sorted out the memories of her first orgy.

Visit her blog to read about the detour that got her naked with yours truly.

But don't go before you enjoy the self-portraits of this twenty-one-year-old raven-haired zaftig cutie who sits on an open invitation back to Gotham.

She asked me to wish y'all a bonne année, with a special nod to the foot fetishists out there.


Cdk said...

What a way to wind up '06!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm a little bit curious about you, but not that curious, thank God, cos I'd have to drive for four days to meet you and frankly I think I'd be too pooped to orgy!! lol

Happy New Year!! Great Blog!

dirtylittlegirl said...

Nothing like going out with a bang ;) Happy New Year!

Bianca said...

Ahhh, I have such good memories of that trip. I can't wait to see you again but I think next time I'll look into getting a plane ticket.

Meg said...

ohh, i remember her.

and that super cute voice of hers.

(well, among other things.)

Jefferson said...

You never know, Bianca. Perhaps one of our readers will cough up the frequent flyers miles to bring you back for more.

Yeah, Meg, I recall that you were fond of our velvet-voiced find.