Monday, December 04, 2006

Red Wrapping

Look friends, I don’t mean to keep raising the bar.

I posted snapshots of a spontaneous lesbian orgy that was inspired by Marcus and me. That, in turn, inspired me to send out a call for sexy holiday-themed photographs.

Almost immediately, I posted another photo of a friend of mine who dropped trou in his Santa suit to hoist a gift that ain’t never fitting down my chimney.

You may be thinking, well gosh, if answering this call for submissions means showboating girl-on-girl action or swinging dicks the size of baseball bats, then this may be out of your league.

Why, nothing could be further from the truth.

Your contribution can be just as modest as you wish. It would be wonderful just to see you as you are, just, you know, being you.

Nothing fancy or too over-the-top is required. Okay? Are we good on that?


So here’s the next contribution to our set of happy holiday photographs—and yeah, it’s another doozy.

Remember the lovely couple mentioned in my naked appeal of few months back? She’s the gorgeous wife of a generous man who enjoys sending me bourbon—as well as his photos of the aforementioned gorgeous wife.

You know what gets me going about these photos? Yes, she’s sexy, and yes, she knows how to model lingerie. But what I find most alluring is that her husband is so intently aroused by her. That’s pretty hot stuff.

I can’t show you her face, so let me just add that she’s brunette with lips that make my mouth water. Each batch of pictures to arrive has me pricing airfares to their hometown.

These folks are so sweet to me, I’d love to repay the favor by fucking that pretty wife while her husband snaps to his shutterbug’s delight.

Perhaps one day. For now, you can join me in imagining that lucky man’s joy in unwrapping this package on Christmas morning.

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Shutterbug said...

When one is fortunate enough to be blessed with a union such as ours, one should feel compelled to share that joy with whomever is willing to appreciate it. I'm the shutterbug... and damn proud of it. Sir, your words are kind. The raspberry baby-doll is thrilled to be on your mind; I suspect she dreams of being someplace deeper someday. We could both only be so lucky...

Viviane said...

She's very hot. Lucky couple.