Monday, March 07, 2005

Monday Dessert

“How was the orgy?” Shelby kissed me.

We talked as we walked to my bedroom. “Not bad, about the usual. How was Todd?”

“He’s fine. His kittens are very cute. We got high and watched anime.”

“No sex?” I asked, pulling off my shirt.

“I told him I was too sore. I’ve been having sex all day! So he said, ‘Fine, then you can just blow me.’ Which of course I did.”

“Of course. Well, too bad you are so sore, ‘cause we’re going to have sex now.”

“That’s fine, I think I’ve recovered. Anyway, I have yet to have the multiple O.”

I put on a condom and slipped into her. This was not the quickest route to the multiple O, but it is how I like to start the journey.

I took her nice and slow, enjoying a leisurely missionary fuck. As she got into the groove, I withdrew.

I went down on her, fingers working her g spot as she squirmed and wriggled her way through several deep orgasms.

After she had enough, I wanted to push the boundaries, to do something more daring than either of us had done all day.

I wanted her feet.

Shelby is convinced she had the freakiest feet on earth. I see them as part of this pretty woman who treats me so well.

Over her objections, I massaged her feet. She gradually relaxed and gave into it. At last: we can add that to our repertoire!

The next day, as we sat talking, I massaged her feet. She took mine and massaged them. Progress sometimes comes in baby steps.

But that was tomorrow. Tonight, we were bushed. We curled up and dozed off.

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