Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Back to School


“Good morning! Time to wa-aa-ake uu-uu-up! It’s Monday and back to school time!”

“Unhhhh . . .”

“Lillie, wake up, baby. Your teacher is going to be so happy to see you! You missed a lot of school last week. Wake up, baby!”

“Dad, I don’t have any socks.”

“Take a pair from your brother’s drawer. They are the same size.”

“I brushed my teeth already. You can smell my breath if you don’t believe me.”

“I believe you. Now get dressed while I finish making lunches.”

“Did you make egg salad?”

“Yes I did! Now hop to it; we need to get out of here soon.”


“Good morning, Lillie! We missed you!”

“I was sick. Like this: cough, cough.”

“I know! Is she feeling better, Daddy?”

“She’s fine. No fever for a few days. Still has a nasty sounding cough, but it is very infrequent.”

“Good. You know, we had ten kids absent last week.”

“Good grief!”

“Hopefully, this virus has done it’s worst. Okay, Lillie, say goodbye to Daddy.”

“Bye Daddy!”

“Bye honey. Have a good day. I’ll call you at your mom’s tonight.”

“Okay Daddy. I love you.”

“I love you too baby.”


“Good morning, Jefferson. You catch me just getting out of the shower.”

“Is that so, Mitzi? Or have you been lounging in that towel, just for the effect of opening the door wearing it?”

“You see right through me.”

“I want to see all of you. Lose the towel.”


“I like that you play with your clit when I’m fucking you.”

“I can’t help myself . . . you know, this weekend I made a little trip to Toys in Babeland . . .”

“And what did you procure from said establishment?”

“Let me just show you, from my box of tricks . . .”

“Can you reach it while I’m inside you?”

“Yes, I keep it close for that reason. Let’s see here . . .”

“Ah! The Rabbit!

“Yes, I am still getting acquainted with Mister Rabbit. And there’s this . . .”

“Okay, cute butt plug.

“And I believe you are familiar with this?”

“Oh yes, the Silver Bullet. We like the Silver Bullet. May I?”

“Yes please.”

“Let me get a condom on that bad boy. It’s going in your ass while I suck your clit.”

“Thank you!”


“Mind if I suck your cock?”

“Please, enjoy.”

“You are so good to me.”


“Unh, unh . . .”

“Yes, cum for me!”


“Umph . . .”

“Sorry sweet, I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“I didn’t know I was asleep.”

“We both dozed off for a moment. I’m afraid I need to get to work. Can I take a quick shower?”

“Of course. I’ll get you a towel.”

“I can use the one you were wearing.”

“I won’t hear of it. You get a fresh one.”


“So Jefferson, I’ve been thinking about your group sex parties . . .”

“Oh yeah?”

“You think I would do well there?”

“Honey, I know you would. I would take care of you. And heck, after your gangbang, you know a few of the folks already.”

“That’s true . . . well, maybe I will come tomorrow night.”

“You would be welcome. Come early and we’ll hang out beforehand.”

“I’d like that.”

“Me too, Mitzi.”


Anonymous said...

This... ...was also part of the purchase. Let's be complete about these thing shall we?


Madeline Glass said...

heh, heh. You said "butt plug."

Jefferson said...

Thanks for setting the record straight, Mitzi. Get back to us with a report on the Rabbit, 10-4 good buddy?

And Madeline, what are the odds that you and I would be posting about butt plus in the same 24 hours?

Well, actually, I guess the odds are pretty good, considering.

Nadia said...

Mitzi, you just have to get this toy:
As you can see, I took the time to review it there on the Babeland website! Highly recommended. Nice to meet you last night - hope to see you again. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Why Miss. Nadia, thank you for the tip... I did indeed take a good long look at the Rock Chick during my restock this past weekend. Ultimately, I decided to stick to the plan of replenishing tride and true supply. Upon your recomendation, I shall make it a point of bringing it home next...Nice to meet you to!

Viviane said...

Gee, I live within a short distance...perhaps you'd make a house call, with bacon?